5 Artists to Inspire Your Wedding Decor Look

So, I’m on a one woman mission (well, Mayra is on board, so it’s a two woman mission) to stop everyone’s weddings from looking the same. Now that you are newly engaged and thinking about your wedding look and feel, we want to invite you to separate ADMIRATION for weddings that have already happened that appear on Pinterest and Blogs and INSPIRATION, taking a nugget of an idea and using it as a jump off point for something even more cool! To quote Andy Cohen, Here’s What: in our studio, when we take on a new client and ask them for inspiration photos we request that they NOT be wedding photos.. at least not to start! We want to see pictures of hotels and restaurants they love, Movie Posters they are into, book covers, furniture, paintings, vintage photographs, movies themselves…. whatever!

Sometimes, even for the most creative couple, figuring out WHAT is inspiring to them can be tricky.. So, for the next couple of weeks, we’re going to give you IDEAS of places to turn towards TOGETHER to get inspiration points. I’m not suggesting a THEME per se, but perhaps a look, a feel, a color palette, fonts,or just an overall style.

Today’s tip: Why not take a weekend stroll through your local art museum. An artist or a particular painting (or sculpture) can be a FANTASTIC starting point to help focus your ideas, and make wading through all that pretty on Pinterest and blogs a bit easier and more focused.  Here are 5 artists to get your wheels turning!

1. Toulouse Lautrec Image via Daily Artist.

Toulouse Lautrec' Marcelle Lender Dancing the Bolero in "Chilpéric" 1896 via Daily ArtistToulouse Lautrec is perfect for a coule seeking some romance, BUT a lot of festivity.  His work largely depicts the wild café seens of Paris in the mid 19th Century, and his drawings and poster art offer a treasure trove of inspiring graphics, fonts and more.  Below an awesome photo booth created for the launch of a Lautrec exhibit at the National Gallery of Australia.

Lautrec Photo Booth!2. Wayne Thiebaud.  Images via Gallery Guy.

If you love whimsy, a little wink with your smile and sun drenched Americana, nothing will float your boat or make you smile like Wayne Theibaud. From colors to themes to desserts, his work is a font of fun!

Wayne ThiebaudBelow, a great replica of his famous Cakes done in real life for a wedding. Via Green Wedding Shoes.

Theibaud Inspired Cakes3. Jackson Pollock Image of Painting No. 1 Via the National Gallery of Art.

Pollocks’ abstraction may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the wild, patterns and passionate paint drips are a great motif for the couple with an edgier side.

Jackson PollockBelow, a creative, colorful variations that he inspired for this Pollock Inspired Shoot that we styled shot by Heather Waraska with runner by Original Runner Co and cake by Ron Ben Israel at the Hudson Hotel.

Pollock Inspiration4. Puvis de Chavannes Le Bois de Sacre via National Gallery of Victoria.

Chavannes was a highly lauded artist in his time, though his work was unusual, even compared to his peers. He focused largely on Fresco Paintings and had a highly 2 dimensional, almost eerie quality about his figurative paintings and subject matter… because of his medium, his body of work has a near pastel like quality of color.

Puvis de Chavannes Le Sacre Bois

I was so excited when Rae and Noah sent me one of his images for inspiration.  We didn’t interpet it literally, but instead used it as a reference point for color palette.  More images of this wedding here.City Fall 6:designed by AaB Creates5. Henri Rousseau. 

For those who want something Bold, Dramatic, Exotic and maybe a bit bizarre, look no further than the work of Henri Rousseau.  He was also really into painting celebrations, like carnivals and this Wedding Party below.  (Via National Gallery of Victoria)

Henri Rousseau's The Wedding Party

For the bold, dramatic and exotic, look no further than Preston Bailey. Love this jungle table. (Via Preston Bailey Inspirations)

Preston Bailey Jungle LookSo here’s to seeking new, fun inspirations.  What, if any Artists work inspires you? I’d love to hear about it!

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    January 10, 2013

    That Pollock cake is blowing my mind. LOVE it.


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