5 Golden Globe Hair Looks to Inspire Your Wedding Look

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So, last night was (obv.) the Golden Globes and, hard to believe it, but I missed the ENTIRE red carpet!  Jake Gyllenhal and I had tickets to see the Brooklyn Nets. And by that I mean that I had tickets at my house and he, coincidentally ALSO had tickets and so both of us were in the same very large stadium at the same time.

Thankfully, due to the wonders of the internet, I was able to see nearly every single red carpet look, for better or for worse, without having to endure Juliana Rancic’s awkward banter or grown, adult, non-90’s alternative band member Kelly Osborne and her purple hair make fun of other people’s fashion sense. Huh. Maybe there is something to this whole skipping the red carpet coverage.

In any case, I trolled the internet to bring you 5 inspiring hair looks to take to your hair trial.  In my opinion, these would BEST translate to bridal and I’ve included a couple of bonus looks to inspire your Rehearsal Dinner hair.

Amanda's long, wavy "natural" hair. PERFECT for a floral crown or veil! 1. The “au natural” loose and wavy as done by Amanda Seifreid.   I basically loved this because she looks like herself and it’s romantic and flowing… but it’s “done” and it doesn’t look messy or “DIY”… I could show you some  other women who looked totally lovely and natural, (Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson), but they also look like I came over and did their hair. It was totally nice, but not necessarily better than one might look as a GUEST at a wedding. SO a kudos to Amanda for looking soft, natural and yes, purposefully pristine. It’s also a fabulous look for anyone who is looking to wear a fabulous floral crown or veil.   A great hair look for a gown with a long lace sleeve, or even something more bohemian like a Claire Pettibone look. Her eye make up is a lovely mash up of smoldering and yet sweet.  A nice even handed dose of sexy.  I wasn’t a fan of the lipstick (a tad corpsey for my taste) but overall a pretty inspiring look. I’d also kill someone for her eyebrows.

2. Big Sexy Texas Hair a la Claire Danes.  Claire Danes for a natural, but sexy look Adore this big, high volume do Claire Danes wore.  For a bride bearing arms in a bias cut sheath, or I’m even thinking a Romona Keveza or any kind of mermaid gown, this hair is killer.  It’s easy enough to wear with a veil for the ceremony, but totally glam for a sexy reception look.

3. Side Swept waves a la Jessica Alba.

I adored everything about Jessica Alba’s look last night. I just loved how soft, romantic and polished this look was. It was glamorous, without being at all severe and it showed off that strapless dress while not competing with her accessories.  I am showing it side by side with J.Lo’s version of the same look, which I didn’t like as much and here’s why (because the difference is subtle, but important)… it’s tighter, and higher with the side sweep and therefore is more “updo” and, in my opinion dated.  I wore my hair like this to my Junior High prom and it involved a comb with baby’s breath attached to it.

JessicaAlba love her side swept do

4. I never thought I’d say this, but Taylor Swift gets my vote for best up do AND best “bang solution”. Taylor Swift fixes her bangs

I thought was this was a really great solution for bangs when you don’t want them. The little twist gave it a retro, polished look.  Also, the side knot was just slightly off to the side (vs. Amy Poehler’s ‘do, which was a little distracting it was almost on her shoulder).  Chances are, this is the first and last time you’ll see Taylor Swift on this blog… unless she decides to marry Prince Harry, of course.

5. Lucy  Liu’s amazing braid.  This is a great, fun fabulous look for anyone looking to eschew the typical veil or isn’t digging the formal updo.  It’s also something fun to consider for your also important rehearsal dinner look.  It’s interesting, detailed and yet totally, totally unique. Love it!

Lucy Liu's braidWhat Golden Globe hair did you like best?  Lots of thanks to Glamour, Elle, Huffington Post and Temptalia for these great images.   Definitely check out their amazing Globes fashion and beauty coverage.



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    January 15, 2013

    I love Amanda Seifreid’s look! The combination of the color and the waves really makes it look divine.

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    January 21, 2013

    great styles good info thanks

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      January 21, 2013

      thanks for visiting!


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