A Thanksgiving Wedding

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It’s so nice to see the city start to get into the excitement of the Holiday season as we all scatter and gather in whatever place means family to us!  Mayra is off on the West Coast with her near and dear ones, while I’ll be heading down to southern New Jersey to Grandma’s house before gathering with some friends to trim my tree (SOOOO excited!!!).

The whole process of getting ready for the holiday got me thinking so much about weddings.  Despite the amount of work and preparation and yes, even expense, to put together a wonderful holiday gathering, they are always worth while as it’s one of the few times of year that we are really able to sit down with our families and catch up, share an experience and enjoy one another.  And while it can be stressful- working on a deadline, or sometimes a budget- it’s very rare that when the guests have all arrived, and the music is playing, that we are thinking “my goodness the Turkey was DRY” or ” I wish that I would have splurged on MORE desserts”.  More often, we are taking what’s before us and living in the moment…. at least in the best cases.

I think it’s a good thing to remember, especially when wedding planning gets revved up again post-holiday, that your wedding day can be the Greatest Thanksgiving of All Time… only it can happen in April or July or September or whenever.  Imagine if  and your soon-to be husband could host  all your favorite friends and family all under one roof to share some food, and laughs and music and fun?  And you didn’t even have to do all the cooking.  Well, that’s exactly what happens on your wedding day!  Would it be less stressful with less DIY projects? Maybe.  Do you want each place setting to look “just so”? Of Course you do!  You are a bride after-all.  But when the going gets tough, try not to get stressed and lose site of the bigger picture.  The fabulous thing about your wedding is that it’s like a warm and fuzzy holiday all of your own creation!

So, enough with the sappy talk. Here is some lovely eye candy from Amy Atlas, photographed by Allan Zepeda for Mel Barlow Photography. More pics can be found on Amy’s blog.

This is my last post for the week… At least until I announce the winners of the Name Change certificate contest (still taking comments!) Happy Thanksgiving!fulltable


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    November 28, 2009

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