All Gold Everything: A Trinidad James Inspiration Board

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I was on the phone with a friend of mine from college, debating the state of music today, when the topic of the Trinidad James video “All Gold Everything” came up. I confessed I had never seen it nor heard of it, pulled it up on my Ipad and was promptly mesmerized by the gilded ignorance and magic that landed this guy a $2million dollar record deal. I’m not 100% sure what the song is even about, but I immediately texted Mayra to watch it since it seemed to me like something we’d imagine together after drinking too much at the wine bar. Me: And then you’ll ride on a bike Mayra: And the bike will be gold! Me: And then you’ll push a shopping cart. Mayra: And the shopping cart will be gold! Me: Can we put a puppy in it? Mayra: only if we have a Panda mask with cute little ears.

Mayra’s own love of “All Gold Everything” has been well documented here (and at her wedding), so as I predicted, go crazy. She also was moved to do a mood board, (which I’m sharing here today)
All Gold Everything
She also started a All Gold Everything Pinterest board that you should follow b/c she’s got the Midas touch over here and can’t stop adding stuff to it.
In the meantime, from top right to left we have Paper Mache Bowls, DIY dusted feathers, a very Caesar headband, Golden Girl manicure, golden mirrored headboard, gold striped glassses, fabulous flowers in golden pot, a gold dusted buttercream cake from our friends at 9, rocky nugget bracelet, Oscar de la Renta gown , Glam invites from Atelier Isabey , gold brocade Kotur purse, hot hot hot pumps, golden Maison Martin Margiela  pants, monogram Oneklace necklaces, gilded doors and Mayra’s own molten place setting from her wedding. And, of course, in case you are NOT one of the 5.5 MILLION people who have watched this video and are feeling a little lost, here I present to you the golden insanity that is the “All Gold Everything” video.  I’m fairly sure that this is the Grand Opening/Grand Closing of  Trinidad Jones’ wedding blog appearances, but it’s safe to say he has officially lost “edge”.
OMG! WARNING! this is NOT for playing at the office unless it’s on mute (which, frankly, is maybe just as entertaining)



  1. Annette, Wedditalia
    January 31, 2013

    Love this moodboard. The placesetting is gorgeous – and the flower arrangement in the golden urn…fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing – from now on I’ll keep popping in to check on you regularly!

    • The Blogsmaid
      January 31, 2013

      Yes, please do and thanks so much for visiting!


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