A Salute to Veteran's in Love

Today is Veteran’s Day, so hug (or at least just say thank you) to someone you know who has served in the Armed Forces or supports a man or woman in the Armed Forces. Growing up, Veterans Day always seemed a holiday for the greatest generation, but now, after 10 years of being at war, Veteran’s Day is just as much a day for the young… and for those getting married!

There’s nothing quite as stunning as a military wedding… it’s the uniform, I’m sure. But behind the striking tradition and celebration is often a lot of stress and anxiety of dealing with wedding plans combined with the strains of serving, or returning from service. Please enjoy our board of Military Weddings through the years…. Your service and courage is greatly appreciated.

(credits from left to right: Aaron Watson Photography, Jennifer Weems via The Knot’s Military Weddings Channel, Brooke Courtney Photography, Vintage postcard, Vintage unnamed WW2 couple, Lisa Schaffer Photography, Dana Goodson Photography, and 1919 Military Couple.)

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