Adoring the Ballet Flat

I was going through some wedding photos of past clients this week when I saw our lovely bride Marie’s photos and stopped to re-admire her shoes. Marie is such a chic woman and, as she works for a fabulous designer, she always has the most awesome shoes. And with her awesomely ethereal custom made gown she chose these lovely Roger Vivier ballet flats, that I just adored.

Despite being only 5′ tall, I just love, love, love ballet flats. I think they look so cute, and I adore the fact that they allow the bride to be super comfortable on her wedding day. True, the Latin girl in me knows that there is nothing quite like a high heel, but look at all these adorable brides in their fabulous flats.

Images from Left to Right (top to bottom) courtesy Frolic for the Bride, Weddings by Color, The Bridal Bar , 10th Muse Photography and Jen Curtis Photography.

4 thoughts on “Adoring the Ballet Flat

  1. ClassiclyAmber

    Yes!! So cute ‘n chic! I also wore ballet flats for my evening Christmas wedding – – nearly 13 years ago and do not regret being comfy the whole time. Perfect choice!

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