Finalist #8: 57 Grand Bridesmaid Dress Giveaway

We are ALMOST there Ladies!!! #8 is a double header!  I love it… especially the 2nd one.  And I now MUST get those Seychelles shoes.  If this dress can’t be worn again, what can?

Hello my name is Ann and the top three reasons I would like to win are:

1. My #1 goal in choosing a bridesmaid dress was for it to be rewearable
2. My bridesmaids are awesome and to be able to give them their dresses would be amazing and they deserve it!
3. I am making the jewelry and hair pieces for my maids and would be so excited to have the 57 Grand dresses as a jumping off point.

Our wedding is completely homespun with tons of personal touches from growing sunflowers for bouquets and writing own ceremony to screen printing our invitations.  We are having an outdoor wedding in a California beach town on July 31, 2010 with guests traveling from NYC, Chicago, Maine and Seattle.  The colors and textures of the California coastline (and the grey summertime fog) have influenced the theme of my wedding and inspiration boards!   Thank you!  -Ann


6 thoughts on “Finalist #8: 57 Grand Bridesmaid Dress Giveaway

  1. Rebecca

    I love everything about the second look. The bright blue and yellow with the gold touches on the jewlery and shoes are perfect together. I want to buy everything and wear this whole look tonight!

  2. Laura

    Love this one! Especially the blues with sunny yellow. I’m lusting after those Seychelles shoes as well. What a beautiful wedding this will be!

  3. Kristin

    These inspiration boards just scream Coastal Cali chic! Love the incorporation of sunglasses, a must-have accessory at any summer wedding, especially at the beach. The Hobo clutch is to die for!


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