More What They Did Right: Dario & Aisyah

So, we can help people plan anything, and come up with cool and fun ideas, but it’s always AWESOME when people bring their own ideas to the table.  Dario & Aisyah wanted to celebrate Spring in New York and had a lot of ideas about what they meant to them.  From streaming butterflies from the ceiling at Smack Mellon to these amazing flowers from Ovando, it was just stunning to see.  Robert Stark Lighting did an awesome job with all the hanging as well as the beautiful gobos and the film projected onto the massive wall at Smack Mellon.  Once again, Leslie at Marcey Brownstein did a fabulous job with all of the food!

dawed2Dario & Aisyah LOVED all of the street performers around New York. So, we brought some of them in as part of the celebration.  They showered their guests with gifts of I Love New York T Shirts, books, and a LAVISH, colorful candy bar.  They hired a great DJ from One Oak who kept the crowd going until 3:30 in the morning!!dawed3

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