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One week ago, Xochitl and I awoke to the sound of nothing (she says she heard birds, I say otherwise) at the crack of dawn to watch The Royal Wedding. After months of countdown and endless speculation and press releases, we finally got to see “commoner” Kate Middleton walk down the aisle to greet her actual prince. Now, have you ever seen someone who looked more like royalty? I have not. She was stunning in her Alexander McQueen gown!

Below are a few trends that will spring up thanks to the royals:

1. The Age of the Covered Up Dress-The Dutchess of Cambridge taught us how to be sexy, while keeping it covered up. I see a slew of sleeves making their way to a bridal shop near you.

2. Speaking of Dresses, how about 2 of them??- The trend of the “reception dress” has been increasing popular, but this might help speed it along.
3. Bridesmaids in white- I think everyone will agree that Pippa stole the show. HOW you do that as your sister is marrying a prince and you are relegated to carrying her train is anyone’s guess…but she did it! More importantly, she showed the world that a bridesmaid can rock a white dress.

4. Military attire- So, while  it might be a tough sell to get your groom into a military outfit unless he is ACTUALLY in the military, what I do see happening is putting your ring bearer in one! As soon as I saw those children I could see one of my cousins calling and asking me, “girl, do you think I can put them in little military outfits like the royals?” This will be an instant trend. Also, I will support it. How cute did these kids look?!

5. The Secret Garden- Xochitl and I have been into the garden look for a while, so we were beyond thrilled to see trees filling the church. Lush and fresh without being too fussy. LOVE IT! Now, the main problem here is that this look is NOT cheap, just a different look, so I hope brides fall for it because they love the way it looks and not because they think it will save them money.

What trends would you like to see hit the wedding world?


1 Comment

  1. Prosklitiria Gamou Baptisis
    May 7, 2011

    Long lace sleeved wedding dress and bridesmaids in white is definately the new IT


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