A Bright Way To Shop For Wedding Odds & Ends: Edisen

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Have I ever told you that Mayra is really cheap?  Oh. My. Goodness. She practically squeaks!  And, while it’s good for business (“What’s wrong with the calculator we’ve got? “That’s a great idea, Xochitl, but you’re going over their budget, so… NO.”). It’s admirable and annoying all at the same time: admirable, because I am completely lured in my “luxury” anything, and her ability to see if something is “worth it” or not, is fantastic.  Annoying, because when planning her wedding she gave me Phaedra Parks Side Eye over every little freakin’ thing I wanted to “add on” to the wedding.

And, actually, her wedding was an enlightening process for me because, I had almost forgotten how, no matter much you prep and plan, the last few weeks before the Big Day you remember about a hundred tiny details that all can add up to another few hundred or even thousands of dollars.  Special Earrings, the BAG you are going to carry, flutes you want to toast with, how you will display your cake.  So, I often have recommended on this blog $800 earrings or (just last week) a $4,000 clutch bag….but as Mayra said to me during her wedding planning “You know what Xochitl, I’m tired of spending money and I frankly don’t care if I have a photo of Christian Laboutins, so please shut it.”

All of this is to say that when I started getting little email blasts from Edisen, and I would notice these fabulous accessories, shoes, hair pieces and delightful entertaining items, I made a mental note to check it out.  Then, the other day, I saw this amazing little pin of a hot hair balloon, clicked to open the site and was STUNNED at the prices!  Not just for the little adorable pin, but of nearly everything on the site.  The designs, style and simplicity of their offerings make it the perfect place to stock up on little “extras” that you maybe don’t want to break the bank on, but you also care about not looking cheap or trashy.  Here are a few of my favorite finds! And when I tell you, the PRICES! The clutch, $48; The hair clip $16.. even the shoes are less than $100! If only I would have discovered this site before Mayra got married….

Fantastic, right?  Totally “pin” worthy!  Speaking, of, starting today, you can find our items from the blog on our Pinterest Board “On Always a Blogsmaid”, to make for easy Re-pinning! So be sure to follow us, or follow our board!

1 Comment

  1. AC
    May 3, 2012

    What a great post! I love love love those sculptural candle holders. They’d be great on a rustic table.


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