Black & Yellow Inspiration: An Amber Rose, Wiz Kalifah Inspired Moodboard

Yes, Wiz Kalifah and Amber Rose are engaged. And, YES- we went for the low lying fruit today with the obvious thought that their color scheme will surely be “Black and Yellow”.

I know that they are no Royals, they are no Beyonce and Jay-Z, or Kate Moss and whoever was in those photos with her. It’s possible that unless you pay a lot of attention to hip-hop, Media Take Out or that ADORABLE Bing commercial, you might not be sure WHO Wiz and Amber are… but I assure you YOU WILL. As a matter of fact, I have not been this excited about a hip-hop union since Nas married Kelis in a SEA of Green. (which didn’t really end well, but, whatever… no risk no reward). Wiz and Amber seemed extremely in love at the Grammy’s this year and frankly, she’s stunning and will simply ROCK any wedding gown that hits her body.
If you aren’t familiar, Amber Rose is a model/ hostess/ spokesperson/ the ex of a VERY famous rapper. Wiz Kalifah is the man that every Pittsburgh Steelers fan must want to hug- the rapper/ artist who made the song “Black and Yellow“. He also absolutely, charmingly is featured in the aforementioned BING ad, which makes me think very little of BING, but very well of Wiz.
Their wedding: Mayra has imagined them in a landscape mixing drama, modern style and artistic minimalism. Perhaps this board will be the first thing that Amber Rose adds to her Pinterest. :-)

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