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I never get tired of telling people that I am a native Californian. Or that I grew up in a teeny town in the Central Valley (frankly the only valley) surrounded by farmland. Xochitl and my fiance tease me about how often I can bring up a fruit reference. The thing that I miss the most about my hometown (besides the people) is being surrounded by an abundance of fruits and vegetables. My favorite time of year was always the end of summer where the tears grew peaches, apricots and nectarines. When it came time to pick wedding colors, the choice was obvious!

Now, the great thing about planning a wedding when this is your profession (and trust me there are a also a few bad things) is that I knew exactly what I wanted and who to call to help me with it. I turned to Meredith at Regas NY to help me create something unique and personal. Meredith works with us constantly and after helping us design our AAB Logo, she knows what I am drawn to and like. Now, it wasn’t easy! I knew that I wanted the invite to have the information within a “frame”, but was unsure about the pattern that I wanted surrounding it. Meredith was so patient as she presented us with a few different options. We wanted to see Mexican lace, abstract patterns and floral motifs, which all made the invite look different.

After a few rounds we were not quite sold on any pattern. While staring at all of the versions, Xochitl suggested that since we were having our ceremony at his alma mater, we should incorporate the Van Wickle Gates from my alma mater into the pattern. I feel in love as soon as I saw the design. I thought it looked a little like the human genome sequence, and that sold me! The fact that this is what it made me think of is what sold my fiance, and our invite was set!

But there was a problem. The other thing about growing up, was that everyone around me spoke Spanish. It was my first language and until I left for college, it was the main language that I spoke. It was only at school that I spoke English and Spanglish with friends. So, when it came time to choose invitations, I was at a bit of a loss. I could not accept that my invites would only be in English. However, how does one do a bi-lingual invite well? Should I make a fold over card? Should I print on both sides? Should I clutter the main invite with both versions? How to do this without making it look silly OR cleaning out the bank? Meredith presented me with the perfect option…a belly band!

The one thing that clients often have a hard time with, is the fact that when you are ordering invites you don’t get to see the actual invite before you approve your proof. This makes the process of custom very difficult for some people, as there are no versions that you can see before you order. I can tell you that as much as I loved my proof, I was blown away when the invites arrived at my door. The images below were taken with an Iphone, so they don’t quite reflect how lovely they are in person, but they exceeded my expectations.

And last but not least, I think that everything about your wedding can have a touch of your personality. Now that doesn’t mean that everything has to be expensive! I have used my lovely monogram on everything, so I decided not to use it on a stamp for the invites. Instead I choose a duo of Tejano star Selena alongside John H. Johnson, founder of Ebony and Johnson Publications.

Now, this process was a little more difficult than walking into a store and ordering out of a book, but I guarantee you that it was worth the process.

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  1. Wedding Invitations
    May 18, 2012

    So very very pretty. Love the pattern and the pink!


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