Reader Question: Red & Grey Inspiration

The Q: Hi,I’m getting married Feb. next year and am considering a red and gray theme. I have however noticed that the combination is not so popular and as such there are too few ideas to gleam off of the internet. Do you have any ideas on the color combo (esp. for maid-of-honour and bridesmaids’ dresses as well as hall deco?

I’m also toying with the idea of wearing a pair of red shoes instead of the traditional sliver/white. Problem is, i have always wanted to wear a balled wedding gown but that obscure my red shoes. Sooooo…I’m thinking of a gown that’s just shy of my ankles. What do you think of this? Any ideas or suggestions on this?

The A:  This comment actually came in as a comment on the blog, and I thought the color combo sounded so pretty… it’s Winter like, but not too Valentine’s day.  I asked Jordan, our intern, to put together an inspiration board in this color scheme to get you inspired. I thought this was rich and wintery and totally inspiring of the color palette.

In terms of IDEAS for the venue, may I suggest that you skip the silver or grey linen, and go for a more BOLD, rich red, as it will increase the drama. You can then bring in accents of grey with silver charger plates, napkins, mercury glass containers and more. Or, if you are going with a grey linen as the base of your tables, think of something with light and sparkle, like this dress above. It will reflect light and offer a rich base for more colorful, red and ruby colored florals. Avoid too many metallics and go with rich, dark wood chairs instead of silver ballroom chairs or black. It will keep things elegant, but more rich looking. On a silver or grey linen, consider silver petit four trays filled with tiny red macaroons, or chocolate and red candies. Don’t just rely on floral to add color. And avoid monochromatic red arrangements… add in some organic “grey” elements like dusty miller or lambs ear.

In terms of your dress, I think going a little short is great, BUT don’t crop a ballgown! Go tea length if that’s the look you want. But ballgowns are typically meant to skirt the ground and, yes, give guests a peek at your shoes while you walk or dance.

In terms of your


  1. Amber
    August 29, 2011

    Red velvet whoopie pies!! Yes please! I LOVE the drama of these colors

  2. Rebecca
    August 29, 2011

    I think it would be really cool to have your groomsmen in gray tuxes with red boutiners (or however you spell it) and give your groom a red tie and/or vest. You could also either do red bridesmaid dresses with gray accents and shoes, like ribbon belts, or (my preference) gray dresses with red bouquets, red ribbon belts, red lipstick and red shoes.

    I love the idea of your red shoes! Get the ones you want, and then bring them with you when you try on dresses so that you can see how much they show. It would also be cool if you did red flowers as part of your headpiece/veil, or had red jewelry, and you should DEFINITELY do red lipstick and nails.

    I love red, and generally feel like it works better as an accent, so I’m thinking you should do a gray base (tablecloths, etc), with red plates, red ribbon accents, and red flowers.

  3. Rebecca
    August 29, 2011

    It would also probably look really good to have most of your bridesmaids in gray and then your maid/matron of honor in red and then have the best man just have a red tie. That way they’re distinguished from the groom, but still have something special.

  4. Wedding Invitations Australia
    September 1, 2011

    I LOVE IT! The red and grey combo just goes so well together! I’m just trying to figure out whats happening in that last picture :S

  5. Leagh@bunchesdirect
    October 23, 2011

    Gray and red look strong, vigorous, elegant and beautiful together!Very interesting combination!I am thinking about large red gerberas or red roses and carnations in vintage silver vases…Thank you for sharing!

  6. Kelly Marie
    October 25, 2011

    I love this gray and red. It is stunning for a wedding but I would love my house done in these dramatic colors. Thanks for sharing!


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