Why I heart my vendors, Vendors- Part 2

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In Part 2 I will take on all of the visual candy:)

I decided on New Years Day, after Carolyn & Scott’s fabulous wedding, that I needed to get my own show on the road. So, after many pre-planning breakdowns, we choose a date and were on our way. Our wedding date gave us 3 months to plan, which I thought was perfect since we wouldn’t over-think things, but still have enough time to make things happen for our small wedding. In retrospect, we were being a bit ambitious, but I do love a challenge!

As I have said many times before, I am a gold aficionado.  Years ago we worked on a Style Me Pretty shoot that featured a gold cake by Nine Cakes. I was in love.

So when it was my wedding turn, not only did I know who to call, I pretty much knew what I wanted. I asked her to keep it all gold, but to make it just different enough so that I could feel it was my own. Wow, did she outdo herself…..

Gold CakeIt actually blew my mind. The best part? It was YUMMY! It was so good that on my anniversary I will force my husband to buy a smaller version so that we can celebrate. Here it is in all of it’s glory!

But that wasn’t all we had in mind for Betsy at Nine Cakes. Xochitl and I believe that there is nothing better at a wedding than an edible favor. Does that mean that we like to eat? Maybe, but all I know is that people are always stoked when they reach receive a delicious favor at the end of the night.I wanted them to say something about us, so after a few thoughts we settled on Mexican Wedding Cookies. We knew we would display them on the cake stands, but thought that they should be packaged with a twist. After a trip to the fabric store, Xochitl brought back a couple that she thought I might like. Betsy was kind enough to wrap them up for us and attach our monogrammed tag. It was exactly what I had in mind!!

There was one thing that started our design for the wedding…the linen. I fell in love with it at the Nuage showroom and pouted when I was told that they didn’t have it. Luckily they made it work and Xochitl had a base for her magic:) We had them specially cut so that the corners of the wooden table would show through and let the table shine. Now, if you read our site, you know that we are big lovers of the farm table. So much so that Xochitl is thinking of retiring it! But all I want for home is a wood table with clear chairs, but since my husband won’t go for it, Xochitl added them to her design. I love how the linen shines through the chairNow, when it came to flowers, I knew who to call. The fabulous Melarosa! I love Melanie and she always gets Mayra and Xochitl language, which makes me love her more. I wanted simple and colorful. We obsessed over containers, until a friend told us about a selection of vintage containers and cake stands that she owned…exactly the thing that was missing! Also, it was important to me that there be fruits on the tables. I know, I take the fruit too far…but you would too if you were raised in farmland!

For as much as I love fruit, I am also guilty of loving fatty foods. Aja and I (although more him than me) love buffalo wings and he proposed on a weekend when we were up in Buffalo for the wing festival…although not at the actual event:) So when we were thinking of ideas for our tables, and since we only had 3, we decided that they would be animals to represent us. So obviously we had to include a buffalo! I am a horse lover, so I got to have a horse table, and then we threw in the elephant with an upturned trunk for good luck! The flowers were so soft and gorgeous, that it allowed us to be a little playful with the elements on the table. Amazing job Melanie!

Now, the last piece of this is something relatively small, but something that people have been loving. Since the wedding was small, and in a small space, Xochitl felt that the bar needed to be special. So she had a runner made at Original Runner Company with our monogram to drape over her hand stitched (or on her own sewing machine:) linen. That small detail drew you to the bar and made the whole room look finished!

Now last but not least, we have been working with our lighting company since we began our business. They have seen our company grow and have come along for the ride. I honestly see them more than I do my family. They came in and did for me what they have done for our clients all these years…they made things better. Not only giving us an amber glow, they added a chandelier that added a soft and romantic touch. Luminous Lighting, you are lighting geniuses!

Now, we would not be able to share these photos were it not for the amazing eyes of Heather Waraksa and Dave Robbins. If you would like to see more shots of the wedding, you can visit each of their blogs! I know, 2 days in and still not done thanking people! I will conclude my vendor wrap-up in Part 3:)


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    May 25, 2012

    That gold cake is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  2. kat
    May 28, 2012

    Love the cake and the color combination of the flowers..but you can also check beautiful wedding garters from ….

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