Inspired By: Where's My Chauffeur and Beyond Cozy

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Ah, the Thanksgiving Break! How fabulous! I finally was able to go and get a Post-Marathon Pedicure and I, of course had polish envy with the girl next to me. She was getting a “Where’s My Chauffeur?” pedicure and a “Beyond Cozy” Mani, the newest colors from Essie... (I went for glitter polish… again.. Play it again Sam, why am I so boring with my polish?)

I realized I loved the colors so much because they reminded me of being at the Beach in the winter. I spent Thanksgiving at my cousins’ beach house down in Bradley Beach and we took some of the kids on a long, Thanksgiving walk on the somewhat ravaged boardwalk. But not even Sandy’s damage could take away from the beauty of the beach and grey blue ocean that only happens in the winter… What could distract from that was a tragic end to a 5 year old playing “Penguin” and ending up with a scraped up little nose, but I digress. (To quote the injured party “At least this time I didn’t need stitches.”… Here! Here!) So, here is my homage to Where’s My Chauffeur… I imagine it textured, beachy but cozy, with lots of romance…

Image sources: Accuweather Photo Gallery, Etsy Vintage Book Decor. Illuminated Initials from Aukland Gallery, Fabulous entry and cozy winter bedding via Finishing Touch Interiors. Gilded acorns and Lamb’s Ear via AAB Creates tabletop competition, Amazing Aqua gown via Pinterest. Glass plates and crystal from our newly debuted Crystal Collection (we unveiled it at a Bar Mitzvah we designed last week- isn’t it pretty?) Carpet via


  1. Anna
    November 28, 2012

    You definitely described those colors best- winter beach time! Absolutely love it.

  2. Jen
    December 2, 2012

    I have fond memories of the blue-gray ocean too. It’s only around for a few weeks before winter really sets in, and the sky looks the same as the water (only darker.)


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