Transforming Chair Covers

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Lately, when I wonder around the city on my errands, I’m blown away by the resurgence of trends of my youth walking the streets: Doc Marten Boots, Neon Hair… And yet it’s cool to see the new spin on things that these old styles are taking AND even cooler to see how fashion will always reach back and quite literally make everything old new again… And so it is with weddings!

When Mayra and I were just starting out, the Chair Cover was all the rage… At the time they were more like white satin bags that would get a bow slapped across the back, but it was a good solution to an ugly banquet chair and a way to “whiten” out a room if a bride wanted a more “white on white” kind of look.  SO, it was actually to my own great surprise that when with one of my clients a few months ago discussing their ceremony room and the rather distracting hardwood floor in the space- I found myself suggesting a chair cover!  It was almost like I’d forgotten about an old and useful friend.   Of course, what I knew was how far the world of chair backs and chair covers had come.  It wasn’t just any chair cover I had in mind, it was a sequin chair back from Nuage… perfect for a winter wedding celebration.

It not only freshened up a kind of boring chair, but it distracted from the kind of boring floor. Chair covers needn’t only bring the glamour however, they can also be bold and fun!  I love these two patterned options, also from Nuage.

If you are into a more vintage or crafty look, these hand tied ribbon chair treatments are fantastic and fun, albeit time consuming!
I grabbed this picture from Intimate Weddings    I think it’s a fantastic way to dress up a folding chair!

If you are looking for an added bit of Glam though, look no further than these new chair covers from Cloth Connection– it’s like the sexy sister to the old fashioned white slip cover!

Hope that offered up a bit of inspiration to you as you contemplate your wedding look! Remember, a chair is like a pair of shoes on a great outfit… switching them up can make the same dress look totally different.


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    Lovely solutions for otherwise boring or ugly chairs!


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