Trends for 2010: Yellow, White & Silver

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I spent the last few days in Indianapolis at the Association of Bridal Consultant’s annual conference.  It was a fantastic experience because I got to hear about what wedding trends and traditions were like all over the country  AND we got to hear some great speakers including Emily Post (Yes, I wrote Emily Post, who died in 1960 something….. I’m tired. Sorry Emily) Peggy Post of the Post Institute.

Peggy told us to expect to see (for better or for worse) more digital invitations (on the downside) and more colored gowns (on the upside).

The BIG trend report was the colors for 2010: We’ll be on the lookout for Yellow, White & Silver as the pallete of the year.  As Yellow is MY FAVORITE color (and I wear it all the time!) I was so excited.  And when I started trolling the internet for pictures, I found LOTS OF 2010  brides asking for help gathering images and things.  So, here is one inspiration boards that I found on Brendas Wedding Blog.


These other boards are from a great forum from Canadian Bride.  I don’t know where she sourced all of her images, but aren’t these great?

A+Room+Reveals+A+Wedding-black,+white,+grey,+yellowYELLOW+&+GREENSo , what do you think about this new trend for weddings?

I have to say, we have long been fans of this color combo- in fact we were just reminiscing the other day about a disastrous photos  shoot that we did with Dante Williams involving Ice Sculptures and an un-air conditioned room with a table in this pallete….. I should post the video. It’s pretty funny.

Tomorrow, Mayra’s recap of her trip to Amelia Island…. I saw wedding planners, but she got to see a GIRAFFE!!!!

17 thoughts on “Trends for 2010: Yellow, White & Silver

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  3. Olivia

    Yellow and silver are beautiful color combinations- I love it! Yellow is an attention grabber without being too overbearing or dark. Plus it’s a color that brings feelings of happiness…like smiley faces and sunshine! :)

    P.S. I want the yellow and silver flats on the second collage!

  4. Cheryl

    This combo is brilliant, literally;) I have a friend who thought of this combo before we started reading everywhere that it was going to be “it” so I hope she and others don’t forego it just b/c it’s going to be popular as it’s beautiful! Love the storyboards!

  5. Winnie

    Nice! I was thinking of having something similar. Do you gals think adding a berry purple into the palette would mess it up? :)

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