Short Hair Solutions

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Style | 2 Comments

I spend a lot of time thinking about my hair. Now, that doesn’t mean that I spend time DOING my hair, only that I THINK about it. I am extremely knowledgable about hair straighteners, hair products, and above all curling irons (nothing beats a Conair 1.5″ barrel. So cheap, yet so amazing!) . Xochitl mocks […]

WPW: What we can all learn from the Kardashians

Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Blog, Business Advice | One Comment

Anyone who knows us knows about our obsession with the Kardashians. I must admit that I was the one that dragged Xochitl into this guilty pleasure. They were just too fabulous for me to watch alone! I think I have always been obsessed with them because in so many ways they are just like my […]

Couture Itineraries with Sonar Travel

With all of this wedding planning, are you having a hard time planning your honeymoon? Just trying to sneak away for a weekend to relax from the stress of planning…or maybe just stress? For all of you that know exactly where you want to go, but just don’t know what to do once you get […]

Sweet Dreams

When all the guests are gone, and the top layer of the cake has been stored in your freezer, obviously you and your spouse will lay in bed talking about all the fun that was had and what it felt like when you saw each other for the first time that day and how amazing […]

Happy Day of Love & Friendship!

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I remember being in grade school (go KCES Coyotes!) and being so excited about Valentines Day. All of the red cupcakes, hearts, and super sugary punch for our class parties made me jump out of bed excited to get the day started. It sometimes feels like the older we get, the more we lose that […]