WPW: ‘Cause You’ve Got To Have Friends

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WPW: Cause You’ve Got to Have Friends Last night we were delighted to leave our beloved Brooklyn and head over to Chelsea to help warm the stunningly beautiful, brand spanking new Regas Studio. It was amazing to see the ladies and their letterpress settled into such a stylish, chic and creative space. It was also […]

Red Carpet Re-Cap: Bows and Bridal at the Emmy’s

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Somehow I basically forgot all about the Emmy awards.  Monday nights at the tail end of August were so much more made for sipping Rose in a garden somewhere than for being glued to the TV set. So, I recapped the red carpet this morning via the magic of the internet.  While the New York […]

Run Your Business to Sell It: And Other Lessons Learned at Sage Wedding Pros

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Mayra and I had the best time speaking at Be Sage Conference  last week in Chicago.  It was our first time doing a speaking gig as a Duo and I must tell you it was a lot of fun.  A recap of some of our talk can be found here, but I thought I’d take […]

WPW: When Wedding Pros…Divorce?

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I am just back from the truly fabulous Sage Wedding Pros conference (full recap coming up!) and a conversation that I had there inspired this slightly more personal-subject post.  Someone I met was telling me about a friend/colleague who was getting a divorce and was worried news getting out would hurt her business… I assured […]

WPW: Are you Prepared for Change?

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This past weekend one of our clients caused quite the stir on the internets when she decided to NOT wear a dress that was designated by a designer as a “wedding dress” and instead rock a gown that she felt (and looked) amazing in.   The selection of her dress happened so organically and so […]