WPW: Making Room

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Sometimes my own natural optimism is annoying, even to me. I can’t help it, I naturally reset to happy. The really great thing about this mindset is that it builds on itself and you rarely see anything as a loss, because you inevitably realize after observing a few cycles of losing things/not getting gigs/breaking up […]

Aerial Inspirations

If you are looking for a way to transform a space, it sometimes helps to look up for inspiration!  Lately, some of our most favorite events have involved decorating from up above and bringing the decor over head.    It’s a way to create an ethereal, totally immersive atmosphere for your guests and depending on […]

WPW: You Are What You Sell

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Though I feel (literally) like I just got off a plane coming from Colorado and the amazing Camp Engage! at the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch, somehow the calendar tells me that actually happened 4 months ago and that in a little less than a month I will be donning a bathing suit and taking the stage […]

Beauty Product Roundup: Oily Skin Makeup Must Haves

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Ah Friends, what a long strange trip it’s been since I last wrote. Unexpected business took us on a Californian adventure, where we wandered into the netherworlds of Cali, lingered too long in Los Angeles and ended with a wine tour of Santa Ynez. There were some good times (being hosted by the lovely Harmony […]

WPW: ‘Cause You’ve Got To Have Friends

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WPW: Cause You’ve Got to Have Friends Last night we were delighted to leave our beloved Brooklyn and head over to Chelsea to help warm the stunningly beautiful, brand spanking new Regas Studio. It was amazing to see the ladies and their letterpress settled into such a stylish, chic and creative space. It was also […]