WPW: Charging What Your Worth with Ceci Johnson

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One of the biggest challenges for not only women business owners, but for creative professionals generally, is finding the confidence to charge what you know that you are worth… particularly if you provide a highly couture and time intensive service or product.   As part of our most recent Besties in Business interview, we sat […]

Pink Stripes and Floral: Inspired by and Engage! ing Moment

One of the best parts about Engage! is that there is some built in down time that allows you to really meet new people and reconnect with ones you might already know but not get to hang out with that often. I had one such moment by the beach with our beloved Marcy Blum, Liene […]

WPW Engage!14 Cayman Recap and being Thankful

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It’s the eve of Thanksgiving and in addition to the fact that I think I have some of the greatest Framily on the planet (my chosen family) I am coming off of two of possibly the biggest/craziest/most amazing weeks not only of this year but in a long time. I left my apartment on Nov. […]

WPW: Making Room

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Sometimes my own natural optimism is annoying, even to me. I can’t help it, I naturally reset to happy. The really great thing about this mindset is that it builds on itself and you rarely see anything as a loss, because you inevitably realize after observing a few cycles of losing things/not getting gigs/breaking up […]

Aerial Inspirations

If you are looking for a way to transform a space, it sometimes helps to look up for inspiration!  Lately, some of our most favorite events have involved decorating from up above and bringing the decor over head.    It’s a way to create an ethereal, totally immersive atmosphere for your guests and depending on […]