DoC vs. Month-of Planner vs. A Rose By Any Other Name

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There is a great FB group that I’m a part of (there are a few, but this is a great group of planner alums from Engage!) and a colleague started a very thoughtful thread about petitioning the Bridal Media to STOP using the misleading term, “Day-Of” Coordinator.  I so think that “Day-of” is a trick […]

Is it Time for Change (in Your Business): Our Engage!15 Talk Recap

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Hola !  We are freshly back from Engage!15 Nizuc *which was stunning*  and where Mayra and I were delightfully given the opportunity to lead a break out session that despite the lure of the beach and giant infinity pool, somehow was still totally FULL!  Throughout Engage! the topics of surviving in an increasingly competitive landscape and […]

Remember: It Isn’t About You

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Ah, this strange world that we work in, where the creation of our “art” is done in the name (and fueled by the dollar) of someone else’s life event.    As creators (and marketers of our own work) we are all inclined to want what we offer/do/produce/create to shine as brightly as possible.  We want […]

Trendsetter: Julie Sabatino, Founder of The Stylish Bride

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Today, the idea of having a stylist for even your every day life isn’t such a crazy concept, so of course enlisting one to assist with creating “the most important” look of a ladies’ life seems like a no-brainer. A dozen years ago, however, nothing like a Bridal Stylist existed… the closest you would get […]

Contract Negotiations and Client Insights: Let the Seller Beware

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The famous quote is of course, Let the Buyer Beware, but in the wedding business, oftentimes many of us feel the opposite- Let the Seller Beware. As most of us own and operate small businesses vs. large companies or corporations, the relationship we have with our clients can have huge impacts on not only our […]