Trendsetter: Julie Sabatino, Founder of The Stylish Bride

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Today, the idea of having a stylist for even your every day life isn’t such a crazy concept, so of course enlisting one to assist with creating “the most important” look of a ladies’ life seems like a no-brainer. A dozen years ago, however, nothing like a Bridal Stylist existed… the closest you would get […]

Contract Negotiations and Client Insights: Let the Seller Beware

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The famous quote is of course, Let the Buyer Beware, but in the wedding business, oftentimes many of us feel the opposite- Let the Seller Beware. As most of us own and operate small businesses vs. large companies or corporations, the relationship we have with our clients can have huge impacts on not only our […]

Trendsetters: Meredith Waga Perez of Belle Fleur New York

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Nearly twenty years ago, Meredith Waga Perez and her mother Marilyn Waga set out to launch a boutique floral and event business. More than just setting up a shop though, Meredith knew that she wanted to create a brand- more specifically the kind of understated luxury that brands like her formal employer, Calvin Klein embodied. […]

Shorthand Guide to Bridal Fashion Week (Spring 2016)

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Unless you are Julie Sabatino or Jackie Weppner, the chances are that passing a fashion exam on all the newest trends at the most recent Bridal Fashion Week (showing Spring 2016) isn’t going to have deep impact on your bottom line. Still, you are a wedding professional and you want to seem “with it” and […]

Is it time to Hire a New Employee? (Part 1)

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I had a client a few years ago who we adored and was a total smarty pants and she told me about the concept of False Pattern Recognition. The idea that we think something is EVERYWHERE, but in reality we are just hyper-aware and are noticing that something more often. So, for me, the topic […]