New Idea Ladies: Work Like a Man

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Around this time last year I read an article about why women in Tech tend to get less funding than men do when they go out to pitch investors, and was astonished and appalled when I read that women tend to be extremely prepared, which comes across as “rehearsed”, while men tend to “wing-it” which […]

A Refresher Course: Jerks Get Married Too.

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I had a chat with a colleague recently about a challenging interaction with a client that they had had.  We spent a decent amount of time breaking down what might be causing them to be so… challenging.  Was it pre-marital stress?  Was it financial woe?  Was it a parent giving them behind-the-scenes grief?  Possibly. But […]

Earn More Revenue with PWM: Questions Answered!

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Last week we got such great feedback and so many questions from our post with Brooke Keegan  about PWM (Percentage with Minimum method of charging that we decided to have a google hangout to answer all of your amazing questions including: how to position this to the client? How much do you give away?  Could […]

Brooke Keegan Just Gave Your Business a Quarter-Million Dollar Present

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The best part about that click-baitish blog title is that it’s more or less actually true, provided that you keep on reading and then actually implement some of what I’m about to share with you, which Brooke Keegan shared with me late last year while we were on a Fam trip together at the Andaz […]

The Amazing Joys of Being a Quitter

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Vince Lombardi famously said “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” For years, there are few sayings I would take more earnestly to heart than this and I think I can speak for Mayra as well.  From a workout to a relationship to a job, I’ve never had an easy time calling it quits, even […]