Drafting a Strong Destination Wedding Contract

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Hmmm. At the tender age of 22, I somehow found myself as the Director of Special Events at the Clio Awards. My charmingly cantankerous former boss made a big show of presenting me with a present (wrapped as such) that turned out to be a giant, spiral bound tomb with the un-sexy title of “The […]

Why Required Vendors Are Bad Busines

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About a decade ago, it was fairly common for venues to have a list of “Required Vendors”, often this was specific to lighting companies, but sometimes could go as far as required caterers, florists and more. This was smart business for the old model of wedding planning. First of all, brides and their mothers (who […]

Trendsetter: Floral Genius Sarah Ryhanen at Saipua

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I got excited about the re-launch of the blog because the wedding industry focus allows us to resurrect an old wedding industry concept that Modern Bride used to do which was profiling “Trendsetters”… I never knew if brides actually gave a crap about that distinction, but I knew that I certainly did and dreamed of […]

Wedding Photographers Biggest Marketing Fail

Dear Wedding Photographers: We love you. We really do. Which is why we are want to let you in on a giant secret:  we hate your mailed collateral pieces.  Hate might be a strong word, but they invoke a range of emotions that include stress, guilt, anxiety and sadness. When I open up my mailbox […]

How Wedding Vendors Can Make Client Pinterest Boards Useful

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Ah, Pinterest!  It lives for most of us like the machines in the Matrix… a great innovation that we thought would liberate us and instead has made us slaves to it… left to execute the same Pinned wedding details again and again and again.   It has been the torture of event planners, designers, bakers […]