Red Carpet Re-Cap: Bows and Bridal at the Emmy’s

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in Style | One Comment

Somehow I basically forgot all about the Emmy awards.  Monday nights at the tail end of August were so much more made for sipping Rose in a garden somewhere than for being glued to the TV set. So, I recapped the red carpet this morning via the magic of the internet.  While the New York […]

Run Your Business to Sell It: And Other Lessons Learned at Sage Wedding Pros

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Mayra and I had the best time speaking at Be Sage Conference  last week in Chicago.  It was our first time doing a speaking gig as a Duo and I must tell you it was a lot of fun.  A recap of some of our talk can be found here, but I thought I’d take […]

WPW: When Wedding Pros…Divorce?

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I am just back from the truly fabulous Sage Wedding Pros conference (full recap coming up!) and a conversation that I had there inspired this slightly more personal-subject post.  Someone I met was telling me about a friend/colleague who was getting a divorce and was worried news getting out would hurt her business… I assured […]

WPW: Are you Prepared for Change?

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This past weekend one of our clients caused quite the stir on the internets when she decided to NOT wear a dress that was designated by a designer as a “wedding dress” and instead rock a gown that she felt (and looked) amazing in.   The selection of her dress happened so organically and so […]

Inspired By: Poetry

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Every couple strives to have a “personal” wedding- and in many respects, of course it’s personal- it’s the two of your wedding and the people there are your collective friends and family- but most people want to take that further.  Yet, often, beyond serving up your favorite cocktails and coming up with a clever monogram, […]