Shorthand Guide to Bridal Fashion Week (Spring 2016)

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Unless you are Julie Sabatino or Jackie Weppner, the chances are that passing a fashion exam on all the newest trends at the most recent Bridal Fashion Week (showing Spring 2016) isn’t going to have deep impact on your bottom line. Still, you are a wedding professional and you want to seem “with it” and […]

Is it time to Hire a New Employee? (Part 1)

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I had a client a few years ago who we adored and was a total smarty pants and she told me about the concept of False Pattern Recognition. The idea that we think something is EVERYWHERE, but in reality we are just hyper-aware and are noticing that something more often. So, for me, the topic […]

Maintaining Healthy Client Relationships: Lessons from a PR Pro

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A great (but lightening fast) week here since I was up in Toronto to speak at the Business of Weddings on Monday and Tuesday with Todd Fiscus, Marcy Blum, the wonderful Rebecca Grinnals of Engaging Concepts and Engage! , Angela Desveaux of WedLuxe Magazine and the elegant Ines Di Santo. There was so much amazing […]

Drafting a Strong Destination Wedding Contract

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Hmmm. At the tender age of 22, I somehow found myself as the Director of Special Events at the Clio Awards. My charmingly cantankerous former boss made a big show of presenting me with a present (wrapped as such) that turned out to be a giant, spiral bound tomb with the un-sexy title of “The […]

Why Required Vendors Are Bad Busines

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About a decade ago, it was fairly common for venues to have a list of “Required Vendors”, often this was specific to lighting companies, but sometimes could go as far as required caterers, florists and more. This was smart business for the old model of wedding planning. First of all, brides and their mothers (who […]