Inspired By: Poetry

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Every couple strives to have a “personal” wedding- and in many respects, of course it’s personal- it’s the two of your wedding and the people there are your collective friends and family- but most people want to take that further.  Yet, often, beyond serving up your favorite cocktails and coming up with a clever monogram, […]

WPW: Going with your Gut

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I recently was invited to go somewhere, and when I received the invitation I was less than elated.  Everything in me said that I should just decline the invite, mainly because my heart wasn’t in it and attending required quite a bit of effort.  Yet, I paused because I didn’t want to hurt the hosts […]

Inspired By: Fall Couture

I’m always super inspired by the Paris Couture shows… Not so much by the clothes (which, of course, are inspiring) but the Couture shows always really bring it in the Set Design department, which can be really helpful sources for inspiration when it comes to event design. A few years ago I was totally obsessed […]

WPW: Taking Charge of Client Relationships

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I’m finally getting back in the swing of things after a few weeks of non-stop events and travel that started at the top of April. It’s nice to be back in Brooklyn and have a rare wedding industry lull during the start of summer. It’s particularly enjoyable after winding things down at Engage! in Beaver […]

Orange is the New Awesome

So, I have been resisting the Orange is the New Black phenomenon mainly because I just hate getting into new TV shows.  It’s such a commitment and what with the weather getting so nice and all this stuff we have going on, I don’t need one more thing to obsess about .  Yet, after my […]