On Personal Priorities: A Metrics for Time Evaulation

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I started writing this blog back in 2005- for an amazing 10 years- and it’s interests have always mirrored the interests that have been both my own, as well as those of our business and what I sometimes call me and Mayra’s “collective mind”. There have been times where I’ve felt uninspired, pushed through to […]

Beware Wedding Instagram Charlatans

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FACT:  Having an awesome instagram and being good and professional at your job are NOT the same thing.   They aren’t mutually exclusive, but maintaining awesome social media has zero correlation to someone’s ability to be an excellent wedding _________. In some ways, this statement that is SO painfully obvious, it shouldn’t need to be […]

TLC’s Extreme I Do’s and AaB Creates

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Don’t forget to set your DVR as we are getting ready to take over your TV (or you DVR) at 10PM this Thursday (July 30th) when Mayra and I appear on Extreme I Do’s!  The 1 hour special follows three couples and their wedding planners trying to have the most extreme destination weddings they can […]

Listening and Learning

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We had a really fascinating conversation last week with some colleagues in the wedding business in Japan about how one trains someone to be a “great” wedding planner/ event designer when so much of what marks people who are quite good at this (let’s say, Marcy Blum or Michelle Rago or Todd Fiscus, for instance) […]

DoC vs. Month-of Planner vs. A Rose By Any Other Name

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There is a great FB group that I’m a part of (there are a few, but this is a great group of planner alums from Engage!) and a colleague started a very thoughtful thread about petitioning the Bridal Media to STOP using the misleading term, “Day-Of” Coordinator.  I so think that “Day-of” is a trick […]