Baby’s Got Back: Rear Row Ceremony Decor

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I saw this photo the other day and I literally had an “Aha” moment (if such things can be attributed to things like to wedding photographs) of “WHY have we not been doing this!” This was the photo (from Green Wedding shoes)

I think I was kicking myself because for years we have been decorating ceremony spaces with Aisle Markers, which never show up in photos really and are often so ‘meh’ in execution when all this time we had been overlooking a great opportunity for a bit of excitement in the back! It was another reminder (here is where the Aha moment comes in) that no matter how innovative or open we think we are, we must be diligent at not just doing things because we have “always done them that way”. So, basically, seeing rear row ceremony decor threw me into an existential life crisis. Go figure.
Wreaths on Chair Backs last row - Via Green Wedding Shoes









Anyway, it also solves the dilemma of no one wanting to sit in the back… because people always want to sit in the fancy, decorated seats.  So, here is to getting a bit Kim Kardashian with our ceremony decor and celebrating our rears!!

Here are some other ideas for celebrating being in the back! I love this garland. It shows how effective rear row decor can be in a photo! (via Bridal Guide)
Loved these paper garlands! So very sweet. Via I Love SW
Paper Garland rear row
Talk about having fun in the cheap seats!!! And they mirrored their canopy decor. Love this. Via Ruffled.
Multi Colored decorations for ceremony last row
So, hopefully, this will get you thinking about the oft-neglected last row. Just because they arrived a little late, doesn’t mean their chairs can’t be fancy :-)
And, just because it’s Friday and it’s actually hilarious (and I don’t find these things that hilarious) here is Randi Fanoli and the editorial team at TheKnot doing the Harlem Shake. It’s really a TGIF


  1. Grace Pamer
    February 22, 2013

    Don’t have an existential life crisis! LOL. I know what you mean though. Sometimes a slight change of perspective is the best way to switch that light bulb on. I get mine more often that not by going for a long walk on the beach when time affords. Sometimes you just need that time to let your brain break out of a cycle and see the wood for the trees.

    Love the TGIF end to the week! Have a great weekend all,

  2. Unique Wedding Invitations
    March 3, 2013

    Gorgeous paper garlands – love them!


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