Bailey & Blum: A Mentoring Weekend

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Living in NY, I’m not one to be star-struck (except for that time a few weeks ago when I chased down Andrew McCarthy and told him he was the crush of my teenage years), however there were a few Wederatti that I admired from afar since the early days of our business and Marcy Blum, was one of them. When Mayra and I met Marcy we were at a small-ish dinner event for 30, we spent the entire next day saying “I can’t believe we met Marcy Blum!”

marcy-headshotSince then, Mayra and I have gotten to hang out with Marcy many times and in addition to her being truly Legendary (ISES recently honored her with a LEGEND award) at her work, our time with her is ALWAYS educational.  We literally can point to things that Marcy has schooled us on and how it vastly improved our business. So, if some of you who are reading this are ALSO wedding professionals, Marcy Blum and Preston Bailey have announced another Bailey & Blum mentoring weekend. It’s an intimate weekend of study here in New York where you not only learn from the two masters, but you will experience some amazing social opportunities as well.  Is it cheap? No. Is it Invaluable? Absolutely . I recently asked the Eventiste a bit more about the weekend.

X: Marcy, you coined the phrase “Eventiste”, which we at AAB love.  Why? and what’s the difference between that and a wedding planner?

M: An “eventiste’ has to own the entire event  rather than just be the vendor liaison or spread sheet producer. Every aspect of the event should fall under their auspisces. I started using ‘eventiste” as a tongue and cheek description bc I hated the term planner so much.  But I’ve come to like it because it’s as amorphous as my job really is-a a designer, definitely a conceptualist, an orchestrator,a bit of a logistician and a general contractor.

main-left-imageX: When I was a young planner and even today when I meet young or new wedding planners, I often find that they are so in love with weddings that they forget that they are running a business and that businesses need to be profitable.  Do you agree and do you and Preston address this in your Bailey and Blum seminars?

M: We definitely address the realities of running a business of this kind, one where the emotional attachments to the client sometimes outweigh the realities of making a profit.  We are very into the pragmatics as well as the art .

X: You and Preston have been collaborating for years on fantasy, multi-million dollar weddings. Can some of the secrets of your successes be passed on to professionals who AREN’T working with clients at that price point?

M: The reason that we decided to hold these Bailey& Blum weekends, is exactly that-to show colleagues that all the same rules pertain no matter what the clients budget is (well, within reason of course) and to give them the tools to get to those budgets. The weekend is for anyone in our business who wants to get the most out of their career-our attendees particularly enjoyed the one on ones with each of us, as we were able to give them very specific ideas for their businesses.

bakeryoverviewX: One of the things I most admire about your weddings a is that there is always the insertion of a very clever, very original take on something… say, like your breakfast bar .  What inspires these moments of Eventiste genius?

Why thank you sweetheart, I’m flattered. I try to be open to all ideas when I’m out and about (which I am a lot) and not look for things so wedding-centric. In that way you are not putting boundaries on your creative process by placing boundaries on what’s “appropriate for a wedding” before the idea has even gelled.

Bailey & Blum will be held August 6-8, 2010 in NYC.


  1. Mark Kingsdorf- The Queen of Hearts
    July 9, 2010

    GREAT interview Xochitl!

  2. Lacy Branch
    July 9, 2010

    Great job!

  3. Tim O'Neill
    July 9, 2010

    Loved reading this! Hope all is great with you :)

  4. Bancroft Potter
    July 9, 2010

    Great interview. You & Mayra have your figures on the pulse of this industry. It was fantastic meeting both of you this Spring. I too hope to meet Marcy and play a role in one of her spectacular productions. Hope your season is going well and you both are thriving.

  5. Phyllis Cheung
    July 10, 2010

    Loved this interview Xochitl! There are times like these when I wish I lived in NYC!


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