Best of NSS Weddings: A Buyer's Eye

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To conclude our National Stationery Show coverage for the week, I thought I’d bring you the four lines I thought were the freshest, shiniest and newest wedding collections at NSS this year. For the brides out there, here’s a little primer:  NSS isn’t just a showcase for new trends in paper, it’s also a marketplace for wholesalers (bookstores, gift stores, stationery retailers) who then in turn sell ladies like you pretty paper products.  Essentially, we apply to be “dealers” for lines that strike our fancy, buy those lovely albums that you go through and then are able to retail the stationery to you.  So, while I was happy to don my newsboy cap (not literally, btw. I don’t look good in hats, my head is too small.) I was also there with a strict budget and instructions from my General (Mayra) to not just buy stuff that I liked, but that I thought was different, and salable.

Obviously, what’s salable to our client isn’t what’s appropriate for everyone, so, as always take this with a grain of salt that it’s just MY OPINION. But as I browsed through all of the many, many aisles, here were my four favorites (and in full disclosure, we DID do some purchasing!). Two lines that made their NSS debut that I just LOVED, loved, LOVED were

1. Gilah Press. Based in Baltimore, Gilah Press‘ letterpress line was not only stunning, but absolutely fresh.  So often with some letterpress lines, the design can get a little too heavy handed, or almost “themey” , but Kat and her team have kept their invitations delicate and light.  The fonts and filigree work are so delicate, that it’s absolutely like a breath of fresh air.  Add to this that the customization options are seemingly endless- they offers dozens of inks and papers and a slew of add-on options (like the stitching details I mentioned on Monday).  Everything is priced out as a base package, with add ons for things like 2 color printing, edge painting and more. I just really loved this line, it is great for the couple who loves great, clean design, fonts and colors.

2. Regas New York I couldn’t be more thrilled that our absolutely FAVORITE couture stationery designer launched her “ready to order” collection at NSS.  We’ve been collaborating with Meredith and her team on our clients’ custom stationery projects for some time, and I am so excited that not brides everywhere will be able to access Meredith’s amazingly thoughtful, intelligent designs via her Regas collection.  I might be biased (since a few of our clients’ couture pieces did get reinterpreted  into the collection) BUT, honestly Regas’ line offers variety, a quality of design and fun fonts and just amazing detail.  Meredith also worked with some new techniques in her collection where she creates an almost “ENGRAVED” texture via letterpress. For a paper lover, it was so lovely and fresh.  Her collection isn’t up on her website yet, but here are a couple of screen shots of two of her couture pieces that made the “cut” into her gorgeous album.

My last two stand outs from the show were actually not “New” at all, but rather two favorites who have been updating, improving and freshening everything up, proving to me why they are both such standouts in the wedding stationery landscape as it is.

3. Dauphine’s Wedding Collection II. We’ve long been fans of Dauphine’s letterpress collections, but we were simply blown away when we got their stunning pre-NSS stationery show mailing announcing the debut of their new Wedding Collection II album.  In addition to some stunning designs, this collection adds new embellishments and options like metallic foil into letterpress as well as edge painting.  I think that for all of the texture and luxury of the rich paper that letterpress offers, here to for, for the glamour girl bride, letterpress sometimes had a bit of a “crafty” feel to it… perhaps a little less elegant.  Well, not with this new Dauphine collection. It’s all accessible glamour all the way.  And without being heavy handed.  It’s a little frilly, but not indulgent and I am just in love!

4. Bella Figura is now a collection offered by Retailers! We are very proud to be Smock dealers, and have created amazing stationery suites for clients with their highly customizable line.  We’ve also long been fans of their sister company, Bella Figura, which, until very recently was only offered for retail via their website.  So, like a moth to a flame I found myself drawn to the Smock booth because I noticed some designs I hadn’t seen before only to discover that they were from the Bella Figura collection for retailers. So now, brides can come to a stationer, feel the papers and see the colors and get the guidance that they might want at (get this) a slightly lower price point than their Smock sister!  So exciting.  And the Bella Figura designs are so gorgeous, artistic and (because they have a team of so many designers) varied, that they offer something for everyone. Very exciting!

If you stopped by NSS, which lines were your favorites? I’d love to hear!


  1. Gloria @ I Do Venues
    May 19, 2011

    Your stationary is the first thing people will see regarding your wedding, it is a great way to make a statement or express your style-

    Just remember, don’t give too much away- you want to have the Ohhh Ahhhhh factor at the wedding!!

  2. aga
    May 21, 2011

    exquisite, adore all of these.

  3. Wedding Invitations Australia
    May 23, 2011

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Lisa
    May 24, 2011

    I love the modern stationery designs, so smart.


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