Best Wedding Dresses from 2013 Oscars

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Obviously, following every awards show, Mayra and I try (humbly) to distill which gowns will spawn trends that we will make their way from the red carpet to the white Aisle. This year the Stars made it easier than ever as there seemed (to me) an unprecedented number of gowns that could have gone straight from the Vanity Fair party over to a chapel in Vegas!
First, I think that pale pinks/ bush gowns are finally going to really make color “take off” because they are barely blush. And, as we’ve been seeing, rich textures are surely going to be heading to a Here is Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture. I think it’s a Damask? I want to start with saying that while I think she looks gorgeous, she never, not for one minute looked comfortable. So if there is a lesson to be learned here: buy a wedding gown that you love to look at AND to be in and CAN be in. Pobre Jennifer, she was fussing with the train on the red carpet, she couldn’t lean forward to the E! Mani Cam and the… the tumble. BUT she is amazing and gorgeous and that’s the last I’ll ever say about that.
Next, Charlize Theron in Dior, who truly razzle dazzled! First, if you are shopping for wedding gowns for next year, there WILL be beading. That much we can all be certain of. Next, I think the Peblum is here to stay! For certain, more structured silhouettes are going to be in. Also, can I just say no one has done as much for the Pixie cut since Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby!
Charlize in Dior!
After Strapless domination of bridal necklines for nearly a decade, we are finally starting to see new options such as sleeves and off the shoulder looks. So, I am hoping that Amanda Seyfried’s quasi-halter neckline might make it’s way into the wedding world as well! The keyhole may not need to come along with it, but overall, it’s a flattering style. Alexander McQueen.
Finally, while it saddens me to say this, I unfortunately think that Zoe Saldana’s dress (which basically puts every single wedding trend on pinterest- laser cutting, ombre- onto one garment) is going to make it’s way into the bridal world. Sigh. Alexis Mabille. I find it a bit busy, but I seem to be in the minority.
Alexis Mabillet
So ladies, which gown was your favorite?


  1. Grace Pamer
    February 25, 2013

    I’m with you, I think Zoe Saldana’s dress is overcomplicated and doesn’t work well together. If you scroll your browser window to the bottom half of the dress and then scroll up there doesn’t seem to be a balance sadly. It’s a half and half dress… almost like someone came in over night and switched the top half with another dress!

    And yes, of the four, Charlize Theron’s number looked effortless, elogant and stunning all at the same time. Hats of to Dior for that masterpiece.

    Have a great week ladies,

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    In LOVE with charlize theron’s stunning white gown! The silhouette is just fabulous!

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