Summer Beauty Round-Up

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As wedding season wears on and things are getting hotter and more humid every day, and our days seem to be non-stop, it’s a great time of year to give our make up regimens a boost. Here are four products that have been saving our lives for the past few weeks as we’ve gone from office to party and event set-up to wedding.   Since Kate Middleton did her own make up, (I still don’t believe it!) I know more and more of you  have been toying with DIY faces for the big day as well.. So, here are some products that we are loving.

1.  My ABSOLUTELY favorite new product is certainly Naturapathic Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum.  The Naturapathic people sent us over a bottle and frankly, Mayra and I were duking it out over who would take the bottle home. We must get a hundred emails a week with girls writing to us who want to be wedding planners, what they don’t know is that right around March we cease sleeping soundly and instead wake up in the middle of the night  thinking about Emily’s fitting and Molly’s pies and whether Rascal the Pony will show up on time. So, by May, the idea of a brightening eye serum doesn’t just sound like a good idea, it looks like a necessity. Anyway, I started using it two or three weeks ago and less than a miracle cream, it really acts like an all natural concealer.  I’ve frankly even dabbed it on a couple of zits and I think it totally worked.  It’s not cheap, but since my bottle was free, I can say clearly that it was worth it.

2.  I have greasy eyelids.  Apparently this is part of what keeps me getting carded at bars (apparently my oily skin is good for fighting wrinkles!) but it is truly a disaster when it comes to eye make up.  It slides right off.  To try and prevent this I have been over-applying to drag proportions  in the morning and then lugging my makeup around to re-apply at night… So, Mayra wisely suggested that I buy myself some “primer” ,which apparently everyone in the office already had heard of and used, I selected Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease and it has CHANGED MY LIFE.  For only $17 I can actually just put on normal amounts of make up and not worry that I won’t still be wearing it three hours later.

3. Last year I got some swag that I just loved at Engage, the Smashbox O-glow Cheek Tint.  I fell in love with it and it is certainly my go to staple for color in the warmer months.   I have no clue how to apply make up and this makes it nearly impossible to give myself clown cheeks.  It also feels like nothing and doesn’t melt at all.  I now can say I am a convert and this is a staple of my make up case.

4.  Mayra got a present in the mail a couple of weeks ago- It was the Urban Decay “Urban Bride” package. They had put this together as a promo to coincide with Bridesmaids coming out but it was a TON of products intended to help your bridesmaids keep a polished look on the big day and (theoretically) a great gift for your bridesmaids.  It included Razor Sharp Ultra-Definition Finishing Powder, Eyeshadow Primer (which Mayra loved) Supercurl Curling Mascara (another thumbs up for the mascara!)
Lip Junkie Lipgloss and   All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, which Mayra swears by and says has been keeping her make up in place during these sticky summer days we’ve been having.  They claim it will help make up stay put for 16 incredible hours.  It also had an edible Marshmallow Sparkling Lickable Body Powder, which sounds kinky, but good. It retails for $42, so it’s actually a pretty good deal.

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  1. Mayra Castillo
    June 10, 2011

    I can’t say enough good things about my kit! I thought it would be a gimmick-y kind of make-up kit, but instead of that is meant more to make the make-up you already have last longer. I will TOTALLY re-buy when my free kit runs low.


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