WPW: What we can all learn from the Kardashians

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Anyone who knows us knows about our obsession with the Kardashians. I must admit that I was the one that dragged Xochitl into this guilty pleasure. They were just too fabulous for me to watch alone! I think I have always been obsessed with them because in so many ways they are just like my family…only with a whole lot more money! They are obsessed with each other, masterfully use guilt as an emotional tool, and are always bickering….yet still always on top of each other.

The other reason that I am obsessed is because I respect their business hustle. Say what you will, they have turned a leaked “home video” into an empire. They may seem ditzy on camera, but these women have business smarts that we can all learn from. Don’t believe me?

1. Look for the Silver Lining- Who would have ever thought that a personal home video with Brandy’s brother would turn her into a household name. Rather than hide under a rock like most people would have, she and her mother parlayed that into a TV show. Sleazy? Maybe, but she could have also gone down as someone in a sex tape, PERIOD. We can all relate to this. I mean, not the video part of this (or maybe you can, to each their own!) but which of us hasn’t been in a bad place? We should always look to turn our negatives into a positive. I guarantee you that your negative is not quite as bad as having the world watch you in such an intimate setting.   Kardashian Lesson: If she can move on, so can you!

2. Know your strengths AND your weaknesses-  Now technically, this should have only been about Kim. However, if you watch the show you know that what makes her compelling is her dynamic with her family. As insane as her body is, and as amazing as those extensions and her make-up artists make her look, she is at her best when surrounded by her sisters. It is their bond that makes her America relate. Momager Kris Jenner is no fool, and I believe that she knew that as far as Kim could get alone, she would go further with her sisters along for the ride. Yet, that couldn’t have been easy on Kim’s ego. She has had to share the limelight, despite having been the one to suffer the humiliation of the tape that got them there in the first place. Yet sometimes it is important to put our ego away for the potential growth of your brand.  Kardashian Lesson: Be honest about your best path to success and put your ego away in order to follow that path.

3. There isn’t a Success Pie- The best thing about this family is that they really do try to bring everyone around for the ride. Every person in their immediate family has benefitted from Kim’s success. Kendell, who is even more stunning than Kim has used the show to launch a modeling career. Also, together with Kylie they have served as brand ambassadors for Seventeen Magazine and have an exclusive clothing collection with PacSun, which is perfect for their age demo. Not to mention Kris Jenner, who this week premiered her talk show Kris which is off to a solid start according to the Hollywood Reporter. Kardashian Lesson: The success of others doesn’t take away from your shine! Help others if you can.

4. You aren’t always a Magician- Try as they might, these ladies just can’t seem to rub their magic off on the men in their lives. It doesn’t matter how many times they try, Scott and Rob just can’t make anything stick. Every season we are tortured as they dabble from one business venture into another. Now, don’t get me wrong! I think Scott has talent, he is by far the best “actor” on this series.  Xochitl and I always shout “For your consideration, Scott Disiac” when we enters the scene. He makes everything better and is also the most likely to go off script, so he always makes things interesting. Yet, it seems that every season has him pursuing a new dream; Scott the restauranteur, the fashion designer, the race car driver. Not to mention Rob. I mean, I can’t even get started here. Yet the ladies seem to, for the most part, have a great attitude about it. They help, but other than help them with social media and encouragement they seem to stay out of the mix.  Kardashian Lesson: Everyone needs to play a role in their own success. Learn that your help with only do exactly that, help. Don’t take it personally when someone doesn’t maximize your help. They just may know how to do so. You did your part!

5. Not everything is a hit- Do you remember the Kardashian Kard? What about the Kardashian collaboration with Bebe? Ever purchase any jewelry from their Armenian inspired Virgin, Saint’s, & Angels collection? Nope? Yeah, you’re not alone. All of these three ventures (and frankly so many others I just don’t have the time to mention) were busts. On their road to their multi-million dollar brand in several niche markets, not every move has been a good fit. However, they are not afraid to throw themselves into new arenas and take their chances with products. I know that sometimes it is hard to stay positive when you feel that you are failing as often as you are succeeding, but it is important to know that the failures will only make you stronger and smarter. Something doesn’t work? You’ll know how to make it better the next time. The most important part is to never stop trying!  Kardashian Lesson: Don’t let a failure get in your way! We all win some and lose some. Just focus on getting back up and playing your best for the next W!


It takes a Village

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One of the most exciting things that we talk about with new clients is their venue. Before a venue is selected, your wedding feels a little lost. There is no set date, there are no parameters for a “look”, and there are no capacity issues. So while it is exciting that it can be whatever they want it to be, it is usually also stressful for the same reasons.

The one thing that people are always looking for (at least the people that talk to us:) is something that will feel different. They want their guests to join in their love, but they also want to provide their guests with their experience. For this reason Xochitl and I are always on the hunt for new venues.

So how excited was I when I sat down with our friends at Outstanding Italia, who specialize in Italian venues, and they showed me Matera? Very. I mean, we’ve all seen the typical Italian venues and villas (which by the way, are amazing) but they showed me a preserved historical village, located on top of the Apennine mountains, that rocked my world! I mean, can you imagine renting an entire preserved village? Now, I promise you that none of your guests would ever forget!

The village is divided into 18 rooms, as well as a common area and church. The photos speak for themselves.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.48.02 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.47.47 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.48.45 PM

This courtyard is amazing! What a perfect backdrop for one of your events!Village courtyard

The hotel rooms are built in amongst the caves, and will certainly be a special treat for your friends and family! It’s not every day that you get to be Batman like and sleep in a cave:)Hotel RoomNow, that is not to say that I don’t LOVE the more traditional Italian venues! I just wanted to share something that you might not find in other places. We try to bring you the new hotness:)


We Support Marriage Equality

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Here’s hoping our Supreme Court will as well.

“If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in government to the utmost.”- Aristotle

Sweet Dreams

When all the guests are gone, and the top layer of the cake has been stored in your freezer, obviously you and your spouse will lay in bed talking about all the fun that was had and what it felt like when you saw each other for the first time that day and how amazing starting your new life together is.

Which is why I just about lost my mind when I saw these amazing, elegant quilts from Comma Workshop. They will custom embroider your wedding vows, the story of how you met and, of course, you wedding date into their absolutely stunning and luxury quality custom quilts. These three different looks will blow you away. We are IN LOVE!Comma Workshop custom wedding blanket

Custom wedding blanket by Comma WorkshopLove the idea, but want to spend a little less to customize? What about these personalized pillowcases from UPPERCASES? These Egyptian cotton pillowcases are digitally printed with romantic messages and graphics. Below is the standard Mr. & Mrs. pillowcase, but you there are tons to choose from, or you can design your own! Mr. and Mrs. script personalizedI can’t get over these quilts! I have to post one more photo! commaworkshopSweet dreams everyone!

Happy Day of Love & Friendship!

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I remember being in grade school (go KCES Coyotes!) and being so excited about Valentines Day. All of the red cupcakes, hearts, and super sugary punch for our class parties made me jump out of bed excited to get the day started. It sometimes feels like the older we get, the more we lose that sense of excitement about the small things. Is Valentines Day a commercialized Hallmark-made holiday? Maybe, but one that at least makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Or at least it should! I think that of the problem has been that our Americanized version centers around romantic love, rather than just the love you feel for everyone around you. In Mexico, this day is called “Dia del Amor y la Amistad”, which is literally the day of love and friendship. I can never remember what my mom bought for my dad, but I do remember that she and all of her sisters exchanged cards and small gifts. They thanked each other for being friends and sisters through one more year of life.
I’ve got to tell you that this is something that I have an easier time getting down with. I am in love with my husband, and will do my hair and put on make-up today (which IS an effort for me) and buy him a gift. However, I hope that I also find the time to, at the very least send my friends/cousin/mom a note telling them what they mean to me. I work hard every day to show my husband with my actions and my words that I love him. Sadly, I don’t know that I make that effort with the ladies that fill my life with joy. Here are some last minute thoughts if you would like to do the same!!

Is a best friend necklace played out? What about the same sentiment in ring form? Check out this freaking awesome ring by Melody EhsaniBest Freaking Friends ring by Melody EhsaniThe greatest things about friends is that they know you forever! Xochitl and I were browsing around the bookstore the other day and saw this awesome 5 year journal. I hate journals, but this asked you to answer a question every day…for 5 years. So 5 years from now you can see how you felt about the same thing through the years. I want to give these to each of my friends. I can only imagine the laughs when we look back at our answers 5 years from now!    61TfKJP-ZdLWhat about something fun to match her fun style? What about this colorful necklace from JCrew?

Fan fringe NecklaceLast but not least, who can’t use a cheat day? These Sweetheart cookies from One Girl Cookies would make anyone’s day! One girl cookiesSo, have yourself a Happy Valentines Day! What will you be doing today?