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Greetings from Mexico!!! This whole blog writing from the beach thing totally rocks! Why don’t I do this more often?

As a younger gal, I would look at gorgeous catalogues and red carpet photos and wonder to myself “Why don’t I look like that when I wear this stuff?” Of course, the answer was later revealed to me (thanks to the wonders of reality TV) that behind every photo shoot and red carpet worthy event, there is a stylist… Steaming, pinning, positioning each garment and accessory… Posing the actress or model, JUST SO… Positioning the gowns and pouring, quaffing and generally overseeing perfection.

While we may not live a celebrity lifestyle, there is one day in every woman’s life (and in my case, hopefully two days!) where no star shines brighter: your wedding day! So, why not have someone on hand to give you the same red carpet treatment?

Bridal Fashion Stylist Julie Sabatino was wondering the same thing when’s he and her team decided to launch The Stylish Dresser.. Julie has been assisting brides in writing their fashion story by shopping and dressing glamorous gals for nearly a decade now at The Stylish Bride. Now, with The Stylish Dresser, her team of trained Stylists can ensure that the fashion story you’ve created for yourself and your maids is PERFECT.

20121203-080711.jpgFrom prepping and steaming and primping you, your mom and maids to overseeing the posing and staging of your formals (you know you only want your best side shown, of course!), The Stylish Dresser brings celebrity service to you (minus the paparazzi). It all begins with a consult, of course, and you can even add on a dresser for the groom so he looks as fab as you do!

You already have the two basic prongs of the “Glam Squad” trifecta (Hair and Makeup), and now you can complete the trilogy with The Stylish Dresser.

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  1. Anna
    December 3, 2012

    Wow, what a unique service! Definitely a very interesting and smart idea.


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