Gowns for Girls With a Lot Going On Up Top

For many women, to hear about the woes of the bride with a big bust is like reading Goop- who cares?  But, since our company could practically be called AaDoubleD, I can tell you first hand that “dealing with the girls” is a daily dilemma, especially on occasions when you want to be noticed for your other blessings.  So, it’s no surprise that, when it comes time to wear one of the most important gowns of your life (the other most important gown is the one you wear the first time you go to the Costume Institute Ball… but maybe that’s just something in MY head.)  So, today we thought we would feature Gowns for Girls with Ample Bosom.

Today, I turn to bridal styling expert, Julie Sabatino, owner of The Stylish Bride and The Stylish Dresser and recent bride Mayra, who tackled this issue first hand.   Below their selections and their reasons why…

Monique Gown for the Busty brideFirst pick, from Julie, is a stunning strapless ruched sweetheart dress from Monique Lhuillier.  A shocker to the average busty gal!  Says Julie, “When a busty bride walks into my office she invariably says that she does not want to wear a strapless dress (typically based on years of traumatic experiences with poorly fitting dresses!). But believe it or not, that bride almost always ends up wearing one! In addition to actually being very flattering, this is because a well-made wedding dress fits unlike most dresses she has worn before.  It is anchored at the waist and not at the bust, so it does not fall down. The structure of the bodice is to fit you body and carry the weight of the gown. My favorite for a busty bride is a dress with a built in corset, which really holds everything in place.  
The shape of the bodice is also an important thing to consider. Generally, dresses with a sweetheart neckline look good on an ample bust (as long as the V does not dip too low).

AmsaleJulie was right, because Mayra’s very first pick was chosen largely FOR it’s straps.  Mayra loves this Amsale dress because “the main thing is that I think that when you have big breasts, you always have to have the neck/decolletage exposed a little so that you don’t look like a gorda, but not so much that you look like a slut.”  And, of course, as Julie asserted, anything that seems that it will allow you to avoid the dreaded words “strapless bra” is also always a huge help.  So, this dress cut the muster for Mayra because “it seems almost as though you could get away with a kind of normal bra.”  Julie does advise that a thin strap or a V-neck is a busty girls friend.

The other concern, besides coverage of “the girls” is shape of the dress, because in the wrong cut an ample bosom can give the impression of fuller figure than you may have… Take it from me, personally, no matter how petite I may be, the large bust can give an overall “round” look.Ramona Keveza   Says Julie. “There are a few tricks of the trade that I will share with you if you are a bride who wants to minimize her bust:

1) Go for a style that has a cuff or pleating on the bodice. They are great camouflage.

2) A rushed bodice can have a minimizing effect.

3) Stay away from too much fabric. It makes the chest appear larger.

For Julie’s second pick she chose this gorgeous  Ramona Keveza that “is an example of the v-neck ruched bodice that would be flattering”
Mayra, who never met a v-neck that she didn’t like and says that because she’s so not used to ever wearing strapless, it makes her feel a little naked, was very drawn to this La Sposa lace number.
La Sposa
For Julie’s third and final pick, she selected the lighter than air, boldly red “Kimberly” Vera Wang gown. Say’s Julie “This gown is great for a larger bust because of the lace and the layered organza.”Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 12.23.08 PM

MoniqueFrankly, by Mayra’s third pick, she was a little frustrated.  “I feel like this is SO hard to even do online. The thing is, do all dress designers have little boobs?   UGH! No one cares us about us and our bounty.”  For her final pick Mayra eventually settled on a beaded Monique… with straps…. because psychological comfort is no small matter on your wedding day.  

If there is one main lesson that I believe both Mayra and Julie would agree on- if you know you have a full bust, it’s great to browse online, but you should shop with an OPEN MIND.  What actually works in reality with a wedding gown may be completely different than what you might find works in regular life.  And of course, you can shop knowing that if you start to feel frustrated, Julie is just a phone call away. Happy Shopping!!!

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