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The Q: Is there a major benefit to getting my hair and makeup done at a salon vs. having someone come to where I’m getting ready? I can save a lot of money by going to a salon but I’m wondering if there are major pros to having them come to you.

The A: If you set budget aside, I would say yes there are major benefits to having someone come to you. First, you eliminate traffic/ delays if that is a factor where you live. The most stressful part about the early portion of wedding days is keeping things on schedule and moving around always adds in time. Additionally you should probably think about season. In summer, with humidity and rain and such, it’s sometimes better to keep inside for as long as possible. So in terms of time and comfort, it’s a bit easier and often more relaxing. It’s usually pricier for a reason! But don’t fret. If you opt to head to the salon, bring bagels and coffee and make a morning of it! You’ll have as good of a time anywhere you go on your wedding day. What are other people doing? Hair on site or heading out to the salon?


  1. Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride
    September 16, 2008

    I think we will be heading to the salon because its not far from the location and while I get my hair done, my girls are getting pedicures – and pedicures are difficult for travel!

  2. Nicole
    September 16, 2008

    Doing hair and make-up myself.

  3. Paul and Helen
    October 13, 2008

    I would get to know a particular dresser. Become familiar with style and personality. Find out if they can cope with numbers you will be sending them. Ask to see example of work. A good stylist specialising in weddings should have pics of satisfied customers.


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