Hiding Some Ugly: DIY Room Dividers and “Masks”

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Decor & Details | 3 Comments

For many of you reading this, you are probably just getting into shopping around for your reception venue. The truth is, like a NYC apartment, there isn’t really the totally perfect place. There are just a series of places that are less imperfect than others and where you can “imagine” yourself being. Sometimes there is a venue that is otherwise amazing, but there is a wall or a hole or a doorway that you just can’t seem to get past. OR, you may need to make one big space feel like a few spaces. Here are some ideas of how you can mask a wall/split a space and still add some design interest.

For the rustic, but design minded couples, I love this idea of a stacked firewood divider (or speak with your designer about how to stage a look like this!). Via Fresh Design Blog.
Stacked wood divider
For the Whimsical, The trusty Ribbon Wall is a fan favorite here at AaB. Here we used a ribbon wall to mask a weird hole in the wall behind Mayra’s wedding cake. (Photo via Dave Robbins)
For the Industrial Minimalist, how about Re-purposing pallets? Via Dishfunctional Designs.
pallet room divider
Want something Graphic that you can re-purpose afterward? Pick an awesome Mod fabric and make an upholstered room divider. Via Design Sponge.
Upholstered Room Divider
Want something a little bit Nautical? Maybe a little bit preppy? Love these rope room dividers made with DOWELS. If you have some hanging points, this can totally work. Also, imagine this as an escort card display…Via Remodelista.
Rope Room Dividers
So, as you pound the pavement hunting for the perfect place, just remember you can always help it out a bit!


  1. Amanda Allen
    February 5, 2013

    Great ideas and so relevant for small city spaces:)

  2. darren
    March 1, 2013

    I picked up a yellow privacy screen from and tacked 50-60 old polaroids to it. It doesn’t have the cool homemade look, but it works.

  3. Double Glazing Nuneaton
    June 20, 2013

    There are many screen dividers featuring views of Paris Caf or paintings of famous artists or old European travel pictures. These screen will definitely make you race to the office and do work. Everyone would like greetings by a scene of their favorite picture every morning.


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