A (Flea) Bag of Tricks!

Each weekend in Brooklyn an event happens that has tremendous impact on you, dear reader.  Perhaps you are living in Kansas, or possibly even in Australia, or another land far from the Borough of Kings, BUT I promise that if you are interested in trends in weddings, home decor, entertaining or what not, you have felt the reverberations of The Brooklyn Flea in aesthetic, taste and style.   Brooklyn is, as has been well documented, a current hot bed for Creative Types (I will stop short of calling it a bougie version of Montmatre…but just a bit): It is literally lousy with writers, chefs, photographers, bakers, designers, fashion types, etc AND the Brooklyn Flea (or, “The Flea” as it’s referred to)  is a default “something to do” for all of us in the city on a weekend.   And so, “Flea Like Stuff” (as I like to think of it) has permeated the taste and style of so many things that we see on blogs (like this one), at weddings, in restaurants and more.  It’s a Flea Aesthetic (Urban and rustic, casual and highly designed, re-purposed and clever) all at the same time. And since The Flea (in it’s Fort Greene iteration) is a mere 3 blocks from my casa, I often find myself getting Flea-spiration.

Saturday, after landing from our trip to Maine, I hit up the flea for some picture frames for a client’s upcoming wedding.  Here, some items I could imagine seeing trending (or  have trended) in weddings, events and entertaining!

LOVE these industrial stools in multi-colors!

If you are a bride hunting for “something old”, nearly every week you can find an amazing vintage beaded clutch of some sort or another. This one caught my eye as a lovely “bridal bag”.

Hunters and Gatherers is a regular at the Flea. They have amazing taxidermy… but I am always impressed by his collection of brass animals…. Something that Mayra and I became MORE than a little obsessed with for her own wedding.

Roots in Rust, another Flea regular, along with Twig Terrarium (who were regulars, but since have gone on to HUGE things) started my obsession with terrariums, air plants and other things green and mossy being a part of event decor.  Here is an adorable hanging mini-terrarium.

And, of course, the frames that I was heading there to find. How did I know I would find them ? Because the “Frame Couple” (as I like to think of them in my head) are there weekly… possibly my FAVORITE staple… They have a collection of thousands of empty frames in all sorts of sizes and made out of brass, wood, and more. Too much fun if you are involved in a re-decorating project. Or just need some frames for around your event.

So, if you are looking for a little special “something” to add detail, or inspiration to your wedding or event, and are anywhere near Brooklyn on the weekends, definitely make The Flea a “to do” for yourself!


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