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I am so enamored by Ketubahs and have been since my very first  encounter. For those of you who may not be familiar, a Ketubah is essentially a marriage contract between a husband and wife – a tradition among Hebrew marriages dating back to ancient times. Typically the document outlines various responsibilities of both the bride and groom and formalizes the groom’s commitment to protect and take care of his wife, though more modern Ketubahs may reference equal rights and protection for both the husband and wife.

While many conjure images and thoughts of the familiar prenuptial agreement – and while there are a few similarities, the two documents do not run parallel. Quite the opposite of a classic pre-nup – which is typically not so pretty to look at much less display in your home, more often than not Ketubahs are beautiful hand written documents which are very often looked upon as works of art. In fact, it is not uncommon for a Ketubah to become an heirloom and be passed down to future generations. However, those who wish to partake in this long standing tradition may wish to tailor the process and design, and even the text of the standard Ketubah.

Ketubah Ketubah – now,  is an online gallery that features over 750 fine art limited edition Ketubahs and offers a wide variety of themes, texts and many other customization options.  A big fan of the road less traveled, I love the fact that gives couples the tools and options to tailor a Ketubah to their personal aesthetic, budget and religious preference. It is becoming more and more common for even those not of the Jewish faith to partake in the Ketubah tradition.

In celebration of Ketubah Ketubah’s re-branding to, this company which has provided more than 45,000 Ketubahs since its inception 14 years ago, will be giving away one Ketubah a week for the next 14 weeks, effective immediately. The 14 winners will be able to choose from 200 hundred Signature Collection Ketubahs up to a retail cost of $350. With prices starting at $100 this is an amazing giveaway that reaches much deeper than the usual freebie.

To enter and for more information, please visit: If you’d like to keep up with the contest – winners will be announced every Wednesday on’s Facebook page through the close of the giveaway on August 18th.

In the interim, here is just a small sampling of these stunning documents…


And yes, thanks to this post I am 100% sure that I will be compelled to type the work Ketubah at random on pretty much any document I create for the foreseeable future.  But it is absolutely worth it if one of our fantastic Blogsmaid followers walks away with one of their very own.




  1. Ribbons of Thought
    May 13, 2010

    About That…

    And while we are talking about the wedding ceremony…..
    Check out this contest being run by They will be giving away one Ketubah a week for the next 14 weeks. For those of you not familiar with this, a ketubah is essentially a Jewish…

  2. Daniel Sroka
    May 13, 2010

    Congratulations to on 14 years! I just wanted to remind your readers that if they are looking for truly unique ketubahs, they can do no better than working directly with the artists who create them. Searching “ketubah” on Google will reveal a number of us independent artists who have a lot of experience creating ketubahs that really capture the spirit of your wedding and marriage.

    Daniel Sroka
    Owner/Artist, Modern Ketubah

  3. Ashley Sue Allen
    May 14, 2010

    Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing this! The very day you posted this contest, I was volunteering at our art museum, and in the Jewish Art collection was an amazing Ketubah… and I thought that my heart began aching to have one made for our wedding this coming September! Today I checked my Google Reader, and voila, here you are with this amazing post and contest! I have entered, and will for the next thirteen weeks! Prayers are said!

    Thank you again!!! :)

  4. zeesi
    May 17, 2010

    ketubah ketubah has given many of us ketubah artists great exposure, with so much to understand when it comes to the ketubah text, an experienced artist who is familiar with the nuances really helps, living in jerusalem, there is plenty of rabbinic help on any questions that arise!


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