Love Mexico!

As I mentioned, I have been in Mexico all weekend/ week speaking at the Love Mexico conference…

Getting out the door was nothing short of disastrous. As I ran around my house at 3:30 in the morning half dressed, saving things on flash drives while I tried to find the “right sister” to my left neutral open toe pump (no such luck!) I thought to myself “If you were your Aunt Linda, your bag would have been packed last night and you’d be wearing a very jaunty scarf right now.”. I don’t know why it always goes this way….

The irony is that when it comes to weddings, I am always so ON IT… But maybe that’s why when it comes to things like dry cleaning pick up and shoe resole-ing, I’m so tragically out of luck! Packing/ trip prep fell behind because I, as I’m wont to do, was perfecting the images for my talk on Mexico as Inspiration.

I found so many new and delicious images, I had to share a couple of them with you. I love how this wedding used Mexican pottery for their reception! Via Snippet and Ink, more here

This couple had their wedding in a more remote, lush green area of Mexico and how fabulously rich are these runners of watercolor! And the turquoise napkin detail is to die for!

How gorgeous ! More of this wedding via pinterest

This color combo and talavera inspired detail on the program was perfection! Photo by Elizabeth Medina and more images here

But, my absolute FAVORITE is this amazing wedding canopy! From the color (perfect Mexican blue!) to the lace (like an amazing linen you’d see in a hacienda) to the papel picado trim and the piece de resistance: the sacred heart details!!! It couldn’t be anything BUT a wedding in Mexico. Sigh and swoon! Photo by el photo and more here

Tata for now, friends! I’ll be donning my turban and bikini briefs for some pool time later this afternoon, catching up on my Thomas Jefferson book… Assuming I remembered to pack my swimsuit…


  1. Nathan
    December 10, 2012

    Great photos – love the arch!

  2. Mishka
    December 31, 2012

    Hi! I have your site saved as one of my “pinterest” sites which means I scan through your blog every week or so – but with the holidays and a slew of events, I hadn’t been on in a while … only to find, to my delight, a picture of one of the maracas I designed in one picture (the yellow with the blue logo) and the chuppah (the blue one you love with the papel picado details) in another! Sweet! :)


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