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The Q:  I’ve been thinking about yellow as our main color, since we’ll be dancing to the  song Yellow, but I’m not sure how we can make that work.  What are some color combinations that might do well with Yellow.  We’re a late summer wedding.

The A:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE yellow (I own 4 pairs of yellow shoes!) so I’m always excited to see it as part of an event pallete.  It always stands out, even if it isn’t a MAIN color, but here are some looks that I think could work….

If you are thinking a more formal affair, yellow and grey are a gorgeous and sophisticated pallete.  This is a sample table we did with yellow tulips, yellow accents and yellow lighting.

For something more romantic, yellow and white is a classic.  This is courtesy Modern Bride from several years ago…

It can go monochromatic, like this very Mexican styled affair, where linens and fabrics set the tone.

Or as an accent color.  Here it’s a slight contrast with Pink and Orange against a taupe cloth.

And my final favorite, from Elegant Bride, circa, ’04.  Black and White with yellow accents! Awesome for bold daytime look.  (ps, why I love this so much is that from a rental perspective this is full of smart financial and design choices- folding chairs, standard linens in stripes and basic glassware!)


  1. SoireeLaura
    August 7, 2008

    I love yellow with black and white and I think you gave her some good ideas. The part that caught me was their first dance song….they’re dancing to Mellow Yellow? Isn’t it about vibrators?

  2. Ali G
    August 7, 2008

    I love the idea of a yellow wedding with that as the first song – the colors should mean something! Makes them cute!

  3. bildekor
    August 15, 2008

    Quite nicely written actually, i like it. :)


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