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The Q: I’m planning a bachelorete party for my sister and I’m totally at a loss for what to do.  My sister does not drink at all and she’s not at all into the stripper thing.  However, her bridal party is made up of my other sisters and cousins, who are a hard partying crowd.  I Know  can’t do the usual girls’ night out, running around town and drinking thing, but at the same time, I don’t want to do something so serene that  the other girls are bored.  Any suggestions at all would be super appreciated!

The A: That is a quandry.  First, you should know that bachelorete parties are NOT mandatory, though it is nice to get the gals together without the formalities of a shower.  That said, you need to remember that the most important guest is your sister, so while you want everyone to have fun, it’s mainly about what you think your sister would like.  Does that mean that you need to do pottery painting or something like that? No, not at all. But I think you should consider the degree to which you accomodate your more wild family members.  But enough with the scolding, how about I give you some real suggestions?

My first thought is to do something home based, with an activity around it. This way you can create a comfortable setting for the drinkers and non-drinkers a like.  Why not have someone come in and teach a cooking class?  THat’s a great treat for a new bride to be and everyone else will get a kick out of it.  The DJ Chef services the Northeast and looks like a ton of fun.
Bachparties Or, how about a make-up class from a make up artist.  The woman at My Hair and Makeup can come to your home here in the NY area and teach 6 or 8 women at a time all the tricks of the trade.

I think the best tip is to come up with an activity that has a class leader, this way it gives room to showcase your personalities, but it isn’t centered around an activity (like drinking or clubbing) that your sister wouldn’t be comfortable with.  Best of luck!


  1. Sara
    April 14, 2009

    For my sister’s bachelorette party we had a pottery painting party. We know a woman whose business is bringing the pottery party to your home. My sister picked out a dessert/appetizer sized plate, chose a few paint colors, and gave us all some general guidelines for design. Then each person used her own creativity to make a unique plate that became part of a collection of plates for the bride. My sister loves the plates and uses them all the time. They’re especially meaningful because they were made by her best friends on a fun night enjoyed by all.
    We’re doing the same thing for my bachelorette party in a few weeks! It’s the perfect evening for this over 30 bride and her friends!

  2. Accidental Housewife
    April 14, 2009

    I’m totally having a slumber party. Seriously. We’re going out for dinner and drinks and then to my girlfriend’s house for “shenanigans”, Dirty Dancing (the movie! just to clarify!) and Top Gun. Most of my friends are moms now and the novelty of going out clubbing is totally gone. As long as I’ve got my ladies, some wine, good music, and hilarious pranks I’m good to go!

  3. Wedding Belle
    April 15, 2009

    The last, and best, bachelorette party I attended was hosted at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education). We got instructed by top chefs and hands on experience cooking our own meal. During the meal, each course was paired with a wine (that’s optional). The crowd was eclectic (college friends, little sisters and grandmas) but we all had a blast!

  4. Pamela
    April 16, 2009

    Over 94% of brides-to-be are having (and enjoying) bachelorette parties. We’ve been working with them in the US since the beginning, end of the 80’s and so much has happened during that time in what we’ve created. The best part of what we do is we have all the gifts, ideas, contacts, and knowledge. We help groups create their own traditions that fit their personality. Some of the parties we recently launched as “mild” packages – massage/spa and pamper parties, comedy roasts & games, wine tastings, dance classes, dinner with a chef, and more. The best part about it is we’re available across the US with Bride’s Night Out, Inc. Party Consultants ready to help you at any time.

  5. Caitlyn
    March 9, 2010

    I planned a bachelorette party for my sister and we did DJ CHEFs’ Bachelorette Cooking Class Party. It was SO MUCH FUN! DJ CHEF had us dancing and singing all night long. He did really fun cooking routines with my sister that was so much better than the one I went to previously at a cooking school.(boring) He keep it fun the whole time. The food was super yummy too. The girls are still talking about.

  6. Sherry Stein
    August 15, 2010

    Yes DJ CHEF ROCKS! We had him for my bff’s bachelorette party in the Hamptons last years and its was hands down the best bachelorette party I’ve ever been to. The bride had the best time. Not only does DJ Chef make the cooking fun, he had us dancing and singing the whole night! She still talks about it to this day.


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