A Very Kardashian Take on Royal Wedding Trends.

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I am like a moth to a flame and when a Kardashian gets married I WANT so badly to not care or pay attention, but I JUST CAN’T STOP.  I need help.

Everyone goes on and on how much Kim is obsessed with Liz Taylor… but I can’t help but feel that it’s actually a Dutchess who most inspires KK.   Yes, I know it seems like the Royal wedding was years ago, but Kim hasn’t had a wedding in a few years and she didn’t have time to properly pay Homage at her last one…. of course in a very Kardashian way.. meaning overdone, over the top and usually a wee bit tacky. Here 4 (oops, make that 5) regal influences seen in all things Kimye Wedding.

1.  White Bridesmaids’ Attire.  As I’ve documented here, I have been, until now, a fan of the all white wedding party.  It’s soft and elegant and was boho and chic when I first saw this at one of my clients’ weddings in 2010. Revolutionary when it was done at the Royal Wedding back in April of 2011….less so when it was done for Kim Kardashian’s last wedding back in August 2011 and frankly, down right tired when Kim decided to not just play out the trend, but simply murder it through exhaustion by having her bridal party and her mother in white… again. (Ladies who had already selected all white bridesmaids gowns… don’t worry, I’m not talking to you… how would you have known that she would do it a 2nd time!?  Essentially now co-opting the Dutchess’ iconic choice and polluting it with Kimye-ness)

All White at Kim's 2011 Wedding

I realized that Kim’s sartorial selections for her maids’ back in 2011 were clearly inspired by the Dutchess of Cambridge, but for her 2014 nuptials, Kim had enough time to plan to incorporate even MORE ideas from the Royal wedding… but with her own Keeping Up with the Kardashian Spin.

Khloe's White bridesmaids' dress for Kim's 2014 Wedding

2. A “Modest” Gown.  Kate Middleton did for the sleeved wedding dress what Marilyn Monroe did for the White Halter Dress and Katherine Hepburn did for the LBD… instant iconic status.  After a tyrannic rule of a decade of strapless gowns, suddenly sleeves are everywhere.  Seemingly almost refreshing in their modest-ness. So of COURSE Kim’s most recent wedding dress was a sleeved Givenchy… with sheer back and waist…

Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.04.14 The Dutchess seems to have inspired Kim K's latest wedding dress

3.  Regal Locations.  Of course the Prince and his bride needed to marry in the land of which they are Sovereign.  Kimye need not be bound by nations, so they instead chose to up the ante by renting iconic national locales of not one, but TWO European countries.  A “casual” rehearsal dinner at Versailles followed by a wedding reception at the Forte de Belvedere in Florence- a fort once owned by the Medicis.

4.  Statement Ceremony Decor.  The Dutchess had blooming trees lining the aisle of Westminster Abbey- trees that would later be re-planted around their country.  Kimye had two walls  of over the top statement flowers inspired by his mother’s day gift to her… which are presumably dead. Stunning never the less.

Westminster Abbey With Statement Trees for 2011 Royal WeddingKimye Statement Decor(UPDATED) 5.  A Friggin’ Horse Drawn Carriage.  This one is so painfully obvious, I can’t waste sentences talking about it.  Pic of Carriage below.

Kimye's carriage

One thing that the Royal Wedding DID NOT have that Kimye’s did was an Epic episode of Fat Shaming between bride and sibling… (and if some stuff did go down between Pipa and Kate, we didn’t find out about it.  Because that’s not how real Royals roll.)


Inspired By: La Cienega Book Windows

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I took a glimpse at my instagram the other day and, I honestly gave myself a bit of whiplash. The last 6 weeks in summary: The 250th Anniversary of Brown (check), followed by a blowout wedding for Laura and Justin at a country club on Long Island that had a 4 day installation (check), followed by a quick trip to Mexico to attend their Tianguis Touristico, the largest tourism conference in Mexico (check), followed immediately by a 4 day design installation in Hudson for the ethereal, dreamy wedding of Kristen and Josh- which was doubly exciting because it was AaB Creates first job designing in collaboration with a planning team- and it was great (more on that soon!)
So I’m having the ultimate blogger frustration: I have SOOO much I want to share and I haven’t had the time to share it! Oh No! I will be back in full force after the holiday weekend, but for now- with Memorial Day upon us, you might be contemplating picking up (or downloading) a book for some lazy reading time. To inspire your reading selection (as well as your wedding design) I share with you these FABULOUS window designs from LA’s La Cienega Design District inspired by fabulous written works. Each book was assigned a different interior designer and some of the results are so stunning, they may not only inspire your wedding, but might want to knock off early and get lost in a great book as well. Below some of my favorites, and all 28 of the windows can be found on The Nest.

If you want something salacious- this window was inspired by Edie: Girl on Fire and is SOOO on points! Designed by Clements Design at Lee Stanton
Window Inspired by Edie: Girl On Fire
How fabulous is this window for 1,001 nights? Designed by Christian Mar at Woven Accents.
Window Inspired by 1,001 Nights
Frog and Toad was one of my favorite books as a kid, so I adore this window by Kylee Schaffer at Raffi’s.
Window Inspired by Frog and Toad
I don’t exactly think of The Bible as a book I’d like to curl up on a beach with, but you know what? It’s actually pretty stimulating stuff. And I just LOVE the window it inspired. Peep the snake! Design by Erin Martin at Jamal’s.
Window Inspired by The Bible
And of course, my favorite (because it involves Kitsch and I just LOVE kitsch!) Valley of the Dolls!
Window Inspired by Valley of the Dolls
Wishing you a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend filled with tons of time for pleasure reading and imagining!

WPW: What’s the Difference Between Planners and Designers Anyway?

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Anyone in this industry – in any capacity- knows that there are wedding planners  (or “party planners” as they are sometimes called) and there are event designers… but there are so few people (including those who provide both of those services) who truly understand the difference between the two and, even more rare, properly make the distinction.

For the last couple of years, as we’ve been transitioning away from being a “planning firm” to being a “design firm”, we’ve been wrestling with this ourselves- nothing really changed between thank we had been doing and what we are doing now except that we decided to CALL OURSELVES something different… but does that mean all planners are designers or does it just mean we weren’t properly identifying ourselves before.

So, we’re having a first time experience right now that has been interesting and enlightening and really not only helped crystalize what the difference between designing and planning is but also how we need to manage those services differently.

For the first time ever we were hired to design but the client had already hired another planner (who is very good at her job).  Here is what I’ve deciphered (and it might not make some of you happy).

To liken this to housing (a great analogy)- a great planner is like an architect.  They understand the client’s needs and desires and they translate that into something that has all the structure (and infrastructure ) to maximize the living experience for the client.

The event designer is more like the interior decorator… They take the base structure that was there and they infuse it with personality and warmth to make the structure more personal and pleasing.

Both jobs are valid, both involve logistics and production, both jobs are important, but they are simply… Different jobs. Some architects and designers make magic together- just as some planners and designers do. Others prefer to perform all the roles- also a valid choice- but as the lines get blurred and we need to clarify our validity to clients more and more, it’s important to know the distinction.

All White Everything: White Wedding Inspiration

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Sometimes there are trends in bridal that I am desperate to see make come backs… especially if done in a bigger and better way.  The All White Wedding was a trend maybe 7 or 8 years ago and I would LOVE to see a comeback.  It used to be either super modern- (think the Delano Hotel) or SUPER lavish (think lots of crystals and “princess” theme) but I think if we could make the White Wedding white hot again, it could take a number of turns.  If you are thinking your wedding colors might be no color at all- here is some all white everything white wedding inspiration!

Modern, with a touch of cool, lush greens!  (Image via Pinterest)

All White Inspiration:  Modern with a Touch of Green


If you want to go more industrial/contemporary, think a white washed wood table with ghost chairs and eames chairs.

All White Inspiration: Industrial Modern

Another fun thing to do with All White, is mix textures!  I love the lavish moulding against the minimal furniture and the textured faux sheepskin rugs! (Image via Vogue Living)

All White Romantic

All white can be the PERFECT combo for a beachfront wedding.  Love this weathered white wash table with the white fabric slipcovers on the chair.  Such an easily recreatable look with a capis shell chandy!

Beachy All White Inspiration

This All White look takes a page from Restoration Hardware but ups the character by incorporating the blue and white porcelein vases.  A fabulous way to add a hint of color  and texture while keeping the overall clean, cool white of the tabletop! Great look for a daytime wedding.  Via House Beautiful.

White with accents of blue


So, here’s to hoping some fabulous couple rings us soon wanting to create a magical all white environment for them… My wheels are already spinning!

WPW: Pick Our Brains at the Be Sage Conference

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Over the years, we’ve been been pretty open about our experiences with our business here: especially as we navigated the growth from awkward adolescent to young adult aware of where they want to go with our future. We share for two reasons. First, my chest is not a basement, and I can’t store things there. Second, because we always felt like a lot of the lessons we’ve learned along the way result from common problems amongst small business owners, wedding professionals and being women in business and if other people could learn from our issues, wouldn’t that be great?
So, we were particularly excited when the ladies from Sage Wedding Pros invited us to speak as a DUO at the Be Sage Conference in Chicago on August 4-5 on all topics close to our heart.  If you’ve been a fan of the blog and wanted to hear more about our journey growing our brand, and even ask more personal questions about your experiences, this is a great conference to get practical, real advice, not just from us, but from a host of other really magnificent business women speaking to real HOW DO I questions such as How do I expand my business? How do I retire?  How do I license a product or service?

Specific to Mayra and I we’ll be speaking to questions such as Can a partnership work for you and your business?  How can you stay luxury while expanding into lower price point services?  And even the counterintuitive, How do you expand your revenue while reducing your services?   This is going to be a couple of jam packed days by and for women who love the business of owning a business!  Hope to see you there and please leave us a comment if we will be seeing you!