V.I.P. Dinner in Blue and Gold

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I’m so excited to finally have these photos to show you!  We were tasked with designing a dreamy dinner during at the St. Regis Monarch Beach during the Bride’s Live Wedding for all of the sponsors of the event.  The intimate dinner for 35 was held in an Italian inspired garden, and we ran with that look for a glamorous dinner with tons of Florentine Flair.

Here are some of the images!  I’m still trying to pull my brains together after having my mind blown completely away at Engage13 this week, so please forgive the short post. I don’t think I can do much more than look at pretty things today!

Florentine VIP dinner by AaB CreatesLaura Hooper Calligraphy worked with us to design different patterned menu cards and table numbers. The patterns alternated.  We custom created these paper napkin bands out of florentine paper to add another layer of color and pattern and also, add some intrigue to a boring place card.  Amy Febinger provided the fabulous floral!

Place setting by AaB CreatesKey escort cards by Laura HooperSince the dinner was for all the people who supported the project, we loved the idea of these vintage keys for the escort cards. They were “Key” to our event’s success!

AaB CreatesBride's Live Wedding VIP Dinner by AAB CreatesSince it was a six course meal with wine pairings, we wanted everyone to be comfy, and these gorgeous chairs from Luxe were PERFECT.  Plus, they offset the stunning linens from Nuage. (OMG, I finally got to meet Pablo and it was amazing. I adore him.)

Brides Live Wedding VIP DinnerAnd, of course, we had some great tunes provided by Elan Artists.

Brides Live Wedding VIP dinnerAnd a giant thanks to Classic Party Rentals for coming in with these heaters (and our other gorgeous tabletop rentals!) It was chilly at night!!! Guests started the night off with cocktails and then moved over to dinner. It was dreamy out there.  Again, thanks to all of the amazing Creative Partners (Colin Cowie used that at Engage and I’m replacing vendors with Creative Partners from now on! Leave it to him to make us all more elegant!)

Inspired By: Amazing Book Covers

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First, if you don’t know me by now, you may never ever know me (yes, I quoted Harold Melvin): I’m a nerd. So is Mayra. People wonder what we talk about since we spend so much time together and the answer is: articles. When it’s not articles, it’s books. When it’s not books it’s Kimye. That’s just how we do.

So, yesterday I took part of the afternoon off to wander my lovely neighborhood bookstore and realized that a wealth of inspiration lay in book covers- the perfect source material for a nerd like me.  Here are some of the most love book covers going.  Hope they inspire you!

First, this edition of Thomas More’s Utopia- from Penguin (who just love fabulous book covers)

Thomas More's Utopia (Penguin)

Taking it more modern, in the “Mid Century” Mad Men direction. Love the hot color palette:

Chigaco!If you love repetitive patterns, this series of re-issued hard covered classics are divine.

Reissued Classics from Penguin
The Classic Silhouette has been a wedding trend for years, however I love this book cover as it makes it modern AND active. Very Kara Walker (but without all of the slavery and female subjugation):
The Chess Machine
At some point we’re going to shift away from Vintage… I love this cover because it melds vintage of sorts – this kind of Japanese wood block mountain vista) with modern graphic. delicious.
100 Hit Wonders
One more series, for you lovers of all things 70’s inspired- pattern, pattern, pattern!
Poetry Classics from Penguin
So, if you aren’t sure where to start with your wedding inspiration or motifs, take a trip to your favorite bookstore (they still exist) and see what might catch your eye! (images via Honey Lane, 86 Beautiful Book Covers and Petra Borner)

WPW: Morning Kindness

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Headshots By Heather WaraskaHappy Wednesday Everyone!  This year will mark out 10th in business- something that mildly blows my mind and feels somehow unreal.  However, it’s factually true and so it’s obviously had me reflecting on knowledge gained and knowledge shared.

I’m obsessed with Harper’s Bazaar (I prefer it to Vogue… I feel like I just confessed a horrible sin, but I just enjoy the way that they layout the fashion more) Anyway, Bazaar does this feature every month where they follow a fashion icon around for 24 hours and recently they profiled the legendary Diane von Furstenberg.  As you can imagine, her days are generally  interesting, but one very simple thing that she did struck me more than anything else: “I love life: That’s my motto. Then I start my day by sending an e-mail to do something nice for someone; sometimes it’s making an introduction or a suggestion or giving a nice compliment.”

In my experience, some of the most successful people that I’ve known, worked with, worked for, and admired from a distance have been the most generous: not only/necessarily financially, but emotionally and spiritually.  They have been giving of the gifts that their life experiences have bestowed upon them AND, in turn, I feel that they have been gifted right back.

No matter the stage of our careers or our lives we find ourselves, we all have knowledge, information or just a kind thought to share, but sometimes we can be emotional hoarders.  We fear sharing connections, we fear sharing information, we fear openly admiring people, we might even fear sharing general advice.. lest someone become as smart as you are without having “earned it”.  Usually we emotionally hoard information when we are insecure- just getting started, having an off year, whatever.  Sometimes we don’t realize that we’re even doing it.

I can only speak personally, but I am from the DVF school of thought and, since I read this, I’ve been more consistent to be sure I start my day doing one simple thing for someone.  Emotional generosity is a habit that has great benefits because when we can be giving to a colleague or a mentee or whomever, it reminds us that there have been instances where people have been giving to you… and that knowledge makes you see the world in a rosier way and, inspires more genuine kindness.  As people we all strive to be generally generous and kind (I hope), but as a business practice, it also has great value.  Are there ways you can incorporate further emotina

Speaking of kindess, the amazing Heather Waraksa took our new headshots recently (one of which is up above), and I can’t thank her enough. They look great and every day that we sit with them, I love them more and more.

Finally, I am thrilled to be speaking next week at Engage!13 (#Engage13) at the Biltmore NC on a roundtable moderated by Sean Lowe with Harmony Walton of the Bridal Bar and Anne Chertoff of Anne Chertoff Media. We’ll be talking about transitions and I’m sure it will be a lively discussion. Of course I will be TWEETING and INSTAGRAM-ing all the fabulous sound bites and pretty moments, so definitely follow along!

Inspired By: Stevie Nicks

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Mayra’s husband has two lady-loves in his life: Mayra (obviously) and a one Stephanie Lynn a.k.a. Stevie Nicks. So, it was with great delight that I discovered on Sunday that 30 years apart on exactly the same day, Mayra and Stevie Nicks were born.  Clearly Aja has a thing for Geminis.  In addition to making some of the best Rock and Roll songs, like, ever (Dreams! What!? Landslide!!!!) she is also arguably one of my favorite fashion icons with an often attempted but inimitable style. (image via LadyVille)

Stevie Nicks with a Bird
So, what if you want to be inspired by this gold dusty, witchy woman on your big day? Mayra and I present to you our favorite Stevie Inspired style selections for you wedding! Since I always think that there are two Stevies- angelic, witchy Stevie and then Dark Sorceress Stevie. We offer up two boards:
Bella Donna, White Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks Style Inspiration
Shoes and earrings: Net a Porter Dress: Dolce and Gabbana Purse: BHLDN Cake: Martha Stewart Weddings
Then, of course, there is Sorceress Stevie:

StevieSo for all of you inspired the more dark and brooding Stevie:

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 2.45.22 PMRing: Cat Bird Clutch: McQueen Wedding Images courtesy Angelica Glass of the fabulously witchy Heater Waraksa’s wedding, Shoes: Valentino on The Outnet

Hello Summer!

It’s a big overcast today, but that doesn’t mean that Summer isn’t beginning! Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day and hoping to inspire you with some images of our favorite Summer Weddings.

Summer Weddings by AaB Creates
Photos, clockwise from top: Jonas Peterson, Cappy Hotchkiss, Terry Gruber, Jonas Peterson, Terry Gruber, Cappy Hotchkiss and Stillmotion (center)