How to Pin a Boutonniere (video)

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It’s funny how things that seem second nature to us now are some of the things that other people are fascinated by.  One of these things is how to pin a boutonniere.  For some reason this confounds people every time, even the gals who freelance for us on wedding days.  Like, no one wants to get stuck with that job!  So, Mayra and I thought we would make some use of our You Tube channel and show everyone the proper way to pin a boutonniere so the wearer doesn’t look silly and no one gets hurt in the process.  Thanks to Mayra’s husband who generously loaned us his Tuxedo Jacket for the making of this video.  Thanks to my hair for adding an additional, crazy dimension to this quick tutorial.

WPW: Leaning In When You’re The Boss

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I read an article on startup blog Perfection Paradox that got me thinking about the message for today’s Wedding Pro Wednesday. The post looks at Sandberg’s book “Lean In” and how it relates to startups and I found myself wondering, how do you “Lean In” when you are already the boss?

Jonathan Brigham, in his post he highlights Sandberg’s advice that in order to succeed, she advises women to focus on “taking risks, choosing growth, challenging ourselves, and asking for promotions”.

I started thinking about my own career and how, when I worked at even my lightest lifting jobs (shop girl Ina dress store, costume shop assistant in college) I routinely asked for promotions: assistant manager, shop leader, etc.  when working side by side with peers, it was very easy to see my abilities and ask for opportunities to prove myself with confidence.  Similarly, when at my jobs producing events in the advertising world, it was easy to own my value to the company and showcase my growth potential and ability.  Mayra is a similar type – her husband jokingly says we have a results oriented lifestyle- which is what made us a good match.

Yet, one thing we have struggled with as our own bosses at times is asking OURSELVES for promotions, choosing growth and, in support of that taking risks.   How do you “promote” yourself?

I’m sure that answer is different for everybody and every businesses, but I will venture some possibilities.  Perhaps it means eliminating service offerings that are essentially “dead end jobs” and don’t lead you to greater opportunities. It may mean only taking jobs with minimum budgets, vs anyone willing to pay your fee.  Perhaps it’s taking the risk of raising your prices or taking on a challenging niche with growth opportunity like overseas destination weddings in a growing market.

Punk: Chaos to Couture to Wedding?

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So, last night, a bevy of stars walked the red carpet at the Met Museum Gala, which, as a girl growing up in New York was like a magical dream night for me. I would look to Page Six the next day and check out the Socialites and Ladies Who Lunched.  I held it as a pinnacle of social gatherings, where fashion and partying meet and generally, for at least my entire conscious life had gauged potential suitors as whether or not I could take them as a respectable date to the Costume Institute Ball should the opportunity to attend arise. (Insert Mayra’s side eye here) Then basically the “Ball” became a celebrity circus and THEN this happened and now I don’t know WHAT to believe in…  The Frick Collection Young Fellows Ball?

The Shade of it All: Who let her in this party?

The Shade of it All: Who let her in this party?

So, now that THAT is out of the way (I don’t need to talk about the outfit, do I? Because I like to stay positive on this blog) let’s get to the real fashion. What on earth do Punk and Weddings have to do with one another, you ask? About as much as Punk and Couture, BUT I think it’s really awesome that brides make their looks so personal, and it was a great chance to see hits and misses at looking simultaneously EDGY and yet elegant. I won’t harp on the fails, but here are some great ways to be your outrageous self on your wedding day while still looking like the little lady you are.
Taylor Swift looked stunning.
It takes a lot for me to compliment Taylor Swift, because, I don’t know… she irritates me for reasons I can’t explain. But, she looked stunning in J. Mendel, and I think, for a bold girl with a great body, this kind of bejeweled shoulder and sheer panel gown could work for wedding. It’s modern and “Gatsby” esque all at once.
Rooney Mara in Givenchy
Rooney Mara totally nailed it in this Givenchy. I think that we’re going to be seeing a lot more lace and a lot more sleeves coming into Bridal. We started to see it this season, but I do think it’s just the beginning. There’s something just a hint of 70’s about this and I love it.
Nicole Richie in Top Shop
And, as though to further prove my point, I love this semi-brocade long sleeve column gown that Nicole Wore. Though I hate her hair.. there was a fine line between “Inspired by” Punk and putting on Costumes that most celebrities seemed to cross with their hair and makeup. But.. whatever. (Like, it being in benefit for the Costume Institute and it being a Costume Party are not the same thing, Madonna) One final note, I had said after Bridal Market that There will Be Gloves returning to weddings and fashion and I am doubling down on this after last night’s creepy gloves worn by Beyonce and She Who Must Not Be Named amongst others.  Thanks to Huffington Post Style for the pics.

In other Fashion and Inspiration news, we went to an AMAZING party on Sunday afternoon (because “Brunch” in New York means dance all afternoon and don’t actually eat) and it was probably the most exciting Fashion experience I’ve had in ages. Any student of Fashion knows that Style trickles UP from the clubs and the streets. If last night was Punk with all the edge removed, way downtown TRUE Punk still lives! It just looks a lot different than old Punk.  It’s still creative, it’s wild and it was invigorating.  I won’t belabor you with a whole photo gallery, but just some of the creative Fashion awesomeness that we got to take in on Sunday.  You can check out more fabulosity on my Instagram and thanks to Kenny Rodriguez for a couple of these shots.

EveryPeople: Street Style Spring 2013

Cinco de Mayo Inspired

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Last year when I was speaking at Love Mexico I did a presentation entitled “Get Inspired by Mexico”, to encourage travel agents, Mexican venues and destination wedding planners to start SHOWCASING more Mexico when speaking to people about possibly getting married IN Mexico.  I thought it was ironic that people choose Mexico because they love it, but then when you look at photos from venues, etc, the pictures look like they could be from anywhere.

So, in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo AND the fact that I’ll be on a Panel at Love Mexico NYC on Monday, I thought that I’d share these gorgeous Ceci New York invitations that were featured in CeciStyle this week.  I just love them- they are Papel Picado inspired, totally modern and layered (literally) with color and details.


Remember, if you are planning a destination wedding you picked the location for a reason: use it to inspire your decor, your invitations, your menu and your cocktails!

In other news, my personal favorite Mexican, Mayra is now on twitter.  You can follow her at @aabMayra and if you aren’t on twitter, you can still enjoy her cuteness while you watch her make guacamole in 2 minutes flat  here.

Great Gatsby Inspiration Board

The Great Gatsby MovieObviously, the world is in a tizzy about The Great Gatsby movie’s impending release…. especially with the premiere party having happened at the Plaza last night.  And, in looking back, I realized I have been talking about The Great Gatsby for Evs on this blog.  So, below, a repost from Feb of 2011, and a remind, no matter how pretty the film is- read the book too :-)

After our post about the NYPL, Mayra and I started chatting about some of our truly favorite books. We thought it would be kind of fun to do “inspiration” boards around our favorite novels.. the only problem is I apparently don’t like any novel that actual has a happy ending or doesn’t end in death. So, since everything I loved was equally “chipper”, my deciding factor was a site visit that we had earlier this week to the de Seversky Center, a Gold Coast mansion now nestled on the campus of NYIT. It was so evocative of one of my favorite novels from my teenage years, The Great Gatsby, that I went home to try and find my beat up copy from Mr. Faciano’s Senior AP lit class. (A testament to his teaching skills, I actually remember EVERY single book that we read that year and I actually think I have all of my original books). Found it I did and only after skimming it did I remember, “wow, that ending is kind of a downer.” BUT, you know what isn’t a downer? Jazz Age Glam, bootlegging whiskey and fancy mansions!

So, from left to right, we have a Paris Society by Max Beckemann, Harlem Renaissance Wedding by James VanDerZee, the De Seversky Center exterior, Retro Glam headpiece and gown by Johanna Johnson via Ruffled Blog , Josephine Baker, a fabulous Art Deco table setting, roaring 20’s glam bride, 20’s cafe society couple in Chanel, “The Figure 5 in Gold” by Charles Demuth, Flowers by Saipua and photo by Heather Waraska from our SMP photoshoot, Retro 20’s textile design (20th Century Pattern Design by Lesley Jackson), Glam pink bouquets, Gorgeous Jenny Packham gown.