Baby’s Got Back: Rear Row Ceremony Decor

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I saw this photo the other day and I literally had an “Aha” moment (if such things can be attributed to things like to wedding photographs) of “WHY have we not been doing this!” This was the photo (from Green Wedding shoes)

I think I was kicking myself because for years we have been decorating ceremony spaces with Aisle Markers, which never show up in photos really and are often so ‘meh’ in execution when all this time we had been overlooking a great opportunity for a bit of excitement in the back! It was another reminder (here is where the Aha moment comes in) that no matter how innovative or open we think we are, we must be diligent at not just doing things because we have “always done them that way”. So, basically, seeing rear row ceremony decor threw me into an existential life crisis. Go figure.
Wreaths on Chair Backs last row - Via Green Wedding Shoes









Anyway, it also solves the dilemma of no one wanting to sit in the back… because people always want to sit in the fancy, decorated seats.  So, here is to getting a bit Kim Kardashian with our ceremony decor and celebrating our rears!!

Here are some other ideas for celebrating being in the back! I love this garland. It shows how effective rear row decor can be in a photo! (via Bridal Guide)
Loved these paper garlands! So very sweet. Via I Love SW
Paper Garland rear row
Talk about having fun in the cheap seats!!! And they mirrored their canopy decor. Love this. Via Ruffled.
Multi Colored decorations for ceremony last row
So, hopefully, this will get you thinking about the oft-neglected last row. Just because they arrived a little late, doesn’t mean their chairs can’t be fancy :-)
And, just because it’s Friday and it’s actually hilarious (and I don’t find these things that hilarious) here is Randi Fanoli and the editorial team at TheKnot doing the Harlem Shake. It’s really a TGIF

Classic New York Wedding/Rocking Party

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I thought I’d share a few of the Amazing shots of Teresa and Jonny’s fabulous New York wedding as photographed by Jonas Peterson- arguably one of the best photographers that we’ve had the privilege to work with.

Teresa and Jonny hosted a destination wedding for 75 people in the city where they met: New York.  We wanted to give their guests a relaxing, romantic and idyllic weekend in the city so we kicked things off with a cocktail party at the home of a friend, then hosted a sweet picnic uptown at the Morris Jumel Mansion, followed by cocktails at the BG restaurant (dreamy, dreamy!) and finally the big day itself.   Today I’m going to share some shots of the glamorous, gorgeous ceremony and reception held on the Upper East side in a fabulous mansion.  The totally raw space has amazing bones and we collaborated with the team at Saipua to dress the architectural details of the space with flora and fauna, including the amazing courtyard.   The bistro feel of the dinner was the perfectly elegant setting for a relaxed, but homey meal.  We put the team at Creative Edge to the test by serving up a raw bar course on trays of ice, table carved fish and meats rolled out on dining cards and a sumptuous cake by Ron Ben Israel.  Enjoy some Thursday eye candy of this gorgeous couple.NY Destination wedding by AaB Creates/ Photo by Jonas PetersonHow gorgeous are they in these stunning shots in Central Park? NY Destination Wedding by AaB Creates/Shot by Jonas PetersonThe stunning venue had a gorgeous courtyard that we draped in string lights.  Each bridesmaids’ gown was unique to her… and fabulous!

NY Destination wedding by AaB Creates shot by Jonas PetersonSome detail shots of this gorgeous dinner!  The cake is so very sweet.

Bistro style dining by AaB Creates/Photo by Jonas petersonVintage silverware/ AaB Creates/ Photo by Jonas PetersonDestination wedding by AaB Creates/ image by Jonas PetersonGorgeous cake by Ron Ben Israel/ AaB Creates/Photo by Jonas PetersonPhoto by Jonas PetersonAfter the cake cutting, the party REALLY got started… add Disco Ball and things went until 3AM.

Dance Party by AaB Creates/ Photos by Jonas PetersonFor more photos of this fabulous wedding, click here!   I just love the understated elegance of this fabulous party! What a privilege to design this experience for this fabulous couple.

Upper East Side reception by AaB Creates/ Image by Jonas Peterson


Accessorize Up a Roaring 20′s Look

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Short post today as we are rushing out to a meeting for the VERY much up coming Bride’s Live Wedding. BUT, I got these very pretty styled shots from Carasco Photography , and I just loved how perfectly they nailed this roaring 20′s look on the bride.   (It’s a dress from Bhldn, btw)

Roaring 20's look via

Truth be told, I find that very few brides really want to go so FULL Throttle for a theme look on their wedding day (when it borders on costume, it usually feels like “too much” to the average bride) BUT there is no reason why you can’t take elements of a look for your day OR why you can’t go totally “theme” with your look at the Rehearsal dinner. Here are 4 quick-shop accessories for you to go totally Gatsby one your wedding day.

Totally 20's Accessories
A must have is a glam, beaded bag. Of course we’d all want to find something vintage, but in lieu of not, this great clutch from BHLDN does the trick.
Next up- the right lips! I, am a makeup ninny. I run around Sephora like a chicken without a head and basically consult You Tube for any and every “experiment” that I might try. Sooo, after consulting every reputable beauty blog, this YSL Rouge Volupte in Red Temptation is THE lipstick for that perfect roaring 20′s pucker. You can never have enough DECO. These amazing costume earrings are from Erica Weiner. They are $350 and you will wear them for the rest of your life until your daughter- the little fox that she will grow up to be- sneaks them out of your jewelry box to wear to a party and never remembers to return them.(check out her amazing 1909 collection for more baubles to wear). Finally, every flapper has a headband. This gorgeous beaded number is from Johanna Johnson and I love it- because it doesn’t look cheap and it has the most gorgeous bead work.

Gorgeous Shark Pig Video of Vermont Destination Wedding

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Well, I am so excited about this video, I can barely contain myself to the morning to post it!  You’ve seen the invites.  We’ve shared some images, and now the amazing video.  Wade at Shark Pig captured the magic of our Vermont night time wedding, perfectly edited to The Faces Ooh La La.  From the lantern lighting to the amazing Horah to the dance off in the barn with disco ball, all the magic is captured here…   Doesn’t Hilary look amazing?  Luis Rodriguez came up from NY to do her make up and it is just natural and flawless.

Hilary & Mo // Dance Off from Wade! on Vimeo.

And, if that weren’t enough… The video of the weekend and the sooo, so moving, religious, spiritual, terribly gorgeous ceremony with floral by Bourgeon is up on our Facebook page, so check it out and give us a like (it’s a must watch if you love My Dearest Darling by Etta James)

More Amazing Fall Wedding Color Palettes from NY Fashion Week

I was so blown away by the fabulous colors on the runway this season at NYFW, and with about a million more shows that happened since I posted last, that I couldn’t help but make a few more color boards to try and inspire you newly-engaged brides to think out of the box with your color palettes.  Today, I actually wanted to revisit some formerly VERY popular palettes given a fresh, new take.

First, from J.Crew, an oldie but goodie:  Navy and Pink.  Please remember I said Navy and Pink, not Pink and Navy.  Typically this is a popular palette for a “Preppy Wedding”, but I think (as inspired by these fun dots) it can handle an edge.  Think marker writing and patterns… It has a modern edge- especially if you go heavy on the navy and light on the pops of pink.

Navy and PInk
Images: J.crew via The Cut, Cake via Pinterest, Louis Vuitton Grafitti Wallpaper via Photobucket, Interior shot via Design Indoor.

If you haven’t looked at the images of the Oscar de la Renta show, it was absolutely A TRIUMPH!  Amazing, stunning and I’m not doing it justice with this one paltry image.  His show deserves a whole post.  Thom Browne’s show deserves a whole week.  They were my two favorites by far.   Anyway, he showed some Emerald, Black and Cream – which was a combo I adored about 5 years back- and he made it fresh again by a sort of wild, but classic pattern and texture.  The key to this look being fresh is the texture and pattern… and NOTE the pops of red in both his look AND the interior shots.

Emerald, black and CreamImages: Oscar de la Renta via The Cut, Modern Cameos via Etsy, Interior via Elle Decor, Cream Anemone bouquet- Green Wedding Shoes.
Actually, back to J.Crew again! I know… a million high end shows and I post two J. crew looks, but I loved the way they handled this combo: Salmon and Burgundy. I remember this being popular 10 years ago, but what a chance to make it new again with ethnic prints!
Salmon and Burgundy
Images: J.Crew via The Cut, African fabric via African Premier, Gorgeous interior with Moroccan prints, leather and velvet! via Studio Ten25, Saipua bouquet via Pinterst.

If you missed our post with other palettes on Tuesday, check it out here.  Which color combos are your favorites?  What are you thinking of for your wedding?