We Support Marriage Equality

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Here’s hoping our Supreme Court will as well.

“If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in government to the utmost.”- Aristotle

Magic Carpet Ride

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One of my favorite parts of attracting such creative clients is that they sometimes make requests that seem, at first, unnecessary but ultimately open my eyes up to new things. One perfect example: the perfect carpet. Last fall we worked on a project at the a very large and empty mansion on the Upper East Side. The groom’s decorator was looking over our plans and said “We need at least 3 carpets don’t you think? But what styles?” We ended up with two rented vintage Turkish rugs and, when we couldn’t find the perfect, perfect rentable carpet, we just bought a patterned sisal. Now, don’t get me wrong, I hunted for months for the two perfect area rugs for my apartment when I redecorated the Dollhouse last year, but I don’t know that on my own prior to this, I had realized how much impact the RIGHT carpet and the right placement can have at an event. Of course, for a wedding a few weeks after this one was to take place, we just HAD to add in carpets all around the cocktail tent. And, early next month at the Bride’s Live Wedding…well, there will be a magic carpet or two at the reception.
So, I thought I would get your brains churning with some inspiring images of carpet use. With rugs at Ikea going for as little as $50, it’s a small cost center with big impact!

Obviously, if you are going for a Moroccan look, obviously the rugs are key! Here is a grand scale version from a blog that didn’t credit the event designer.. Sorry!
Rugs, Morrocan style.

And of course, assorted rugs can add to a laid back, bohemian feeling. I love this carpeted aisle runner (though, the practical Patty in me is concerned about people tripping and wants to remind you to please be sure to tack down your carpets, or use carpet pads in indoor spaces.)Image via
Carpeted Aisle Runner

Rugs need not always be Bohemian, of course. I love this graphic, green and white carpet in this lounge vingette. Via The Knot
Graphic Carpets, summer weddings
Finally, while it’s become commonplace to set up some indoor furniture outdoors, why not add a carpet. There is something so “finished” about a furniture vignette when it’s pulled together with the proper carpet and, of course, the juxtaposition of the area rug and grass takes that ethereal dreamy feel of the outdoor living room to the next level!. (Image via The Natural Wedding Co)

Offset your outdoor living room with carpets.
So, if you are looking to bring in some warmth or patterns to your reception decor, consider a few well selected rugs: under a dessert station, around your lounge, an outdoor seating area- any number of ways to utilize rugs to add another layer of detail to your event design!

The Perfect Gift for Destination Weddings

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Last year nearly every wedding that we worked on was a destination event: if not for the client, than for all of their guests. When you are taking your guests to a fabulous location, while it’s tempting to plan every moment of every day for them, people love the opportunity to explore… which is why City Guides have become a favorite welcome gift/ gift bag component for us here at AaB. A bottle of champagne, a box of Laduree, an unlimited Metrocard and a personalized city guide and you have just given your guests all the ingredients for a good time in NY (or any city for that matter!).

For those who want to encourage their guests off the beaten path, we love the Not For Tourists Guide. They cover about a dozen cities, including London and the more exotic Brooklyn- and they are fabulously pocket sized.
NFT Guidebooks
For the couple whose guest lists are less Hipster and more Luxe… well, look no further than the Luxe City Guides. They are available with personalized paper sleeves, or custom boxes and they cover more than 36 cities including Beijing and Stockholm and Budapest. And, they also sell boxed sets for all you international couples of mystery who want to gift guests guides on all your favorite cities.
Luxe City Guides
Remember, great welcome bags make happy guests, so gift thoughtfully!

Collaborative Efforts With Regas Studio

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It’s WPW here, but the truth is, it is blogging Monday since I haven’t had a chance to post at all this week between site visits for a wedding in Ithaca and a bit of frenzy as we prep for the Bride’s Live Wedding. But, in the spirit of it being Wednesday, I wanted to showcase one of our favorite wedding industry professionals: Regas Studio, who collaborated with us on our New York Public Library extravaganza to create not only the most amazing invitations of all times, but some really awesome out of the box paper for the event itself. The greatest part about Regas is that nothing is too crazy or weird to ask about and I’ve never heard the words NO come out of their mouths when it comes to something being possible.
I’ve shown you some of the amazing event signage that they created, but here is a look at the outrageous invitations.

Invitation by Regas Studio/ AaB Creates
It was an actual cloth bound book that we sent out in manila “interoffice” envelopes. The text was one page of a detective novel that the groom wrote where the information about the wedding was underlined.
Invite by Regas Studio/ AaB Creates
Stationery by Regas Studio/ AaB Creates
The cards for the auxiliary events were enclosed in the back where the cards would normally be in a library book.
Insert cards by Regas Studio/ AaB Creates
A last look at the invitation!
Invites by Regas Studio/ AaB Creates
Thanks of course to Dave Robbins for these photos and to Regas for always taking projects to the next level!

A Fabulous New York Public Library Reception

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Earlier this week I posted some of Dave Robbins amazing pics of Craig and Jessie’s fabulous ceremony. We had a TON of fun designing and planning this celebration with such an awesome, fun couple and their reception was almost as awesome and fun as the ceremony. To recap, the venue was the NYPL:
NYPL by Dave Robbins Photography
And here is our awesome couple, Craig and Jessie:
Wedding at the NYPL by AaB Creates/ Dave Robbins Photography
And, of course, our lovely Librarians!
Dave Robbins Photography
And now, onto the reception! If our inspiration for ceremony and cocktails was old school Library, we turned to Mid-Century modern for our reception inspiration. Melanie and her team used wild greens, lotus pods and succulents to surround a mix of ice blocks, ice cubes and ice vases all filled with graphic calla lilies. We used these awesome futuristic, linens and clean line Bellini chairs and of course the team at Regas produced the most awesome library menu cards and book table numbers. We had the idea of painting the numbers on books and The groom- committed guy that he is- hunted out books whose number was in the title. Easy for Table 5 (Slaughter House Five)… harder as the numbers went up (Note the 18 Acres). And of course the team at Luminous just killed it with the lighting!
NYPL by AaB Creates/ Dave Robbins Photography
Regas Menu Card/ AaB Creates
Exotic Blooms around Ice/ AaB Creates
Book table numbers/ AaB Creates
ice Sculpture Vases
Wedding at the NYPL/ AaB Creates
I love this shot of the couple entering the room (and we’re of course creepily lurking in the background)
Entering the room at NYPL/ AaB Creates
Library First Dance/ AaB Creates
There is nothing like having the New York Public Library all to yourself at night!
NYPL Wedding/ photo by Dave Robbins