Stationery Trends: A Return to the Classic?

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So, I will never say that Mayra and I are wedding trend forecasters, per se- we don’t see the kind of volume of clients that would require. However, what I can say with confidence is that we definitely work with taste maker types of clients: fashion designers, Creative Directors, film directors…. so I’m always curious about what it is that they are drawn to when it comes to weddings, and specifically the bold, printed, statement of “who we are and what this wedding will be about” that IS the wedding invitation.

Last year, if I could sum it up in Art History terms, I’d say that we had a Baroque into Roccocco period of stationery with our clients. Highly stylized, intensely detailed , layer upon layer of meaning and, dare I say, intense printing processes.
Some AaB Client invites from 2012
And then… there are the outliers. I’d say that Teresa and Jonny October wedding paper definitely started the trend towards a more pared down look. Below, their program and menu card- which pretty much mimicked their invitations, which were letterpressed onto a water marked linen-esque paper. It was all about typeface and typesetting, plus the quality of a thick, linen paper.
Clean, elegant paper pieces AaB creates
So, perhaps, as the restraint and elegance of Dutch Art and Neoclassicism were responses to the flourish of Baroque; Brides and Grooms are leaning towards more clean and classic invitations and accessory pieces. This season, I’ve seen our clients gravitating increasingly towards Sans Serif fonts, rich letterpress, blind embossing and even engraving on the thickest, most delicious papers. Below are three invitations that our clients have used as “inspiration” just this calendar year.
The Austin Traditional from Bella Figura with edge painting or foil edges.
Austin Traditional from Bella Figura
The Legendary Julie Holcomb, who is in many respects, the godmother of Letterpress, has never been more referenced by our clients. Especially with her mixes of blind embossing and her custom made, ultra thick papers.
Julie Holcomb
Even the classic idea of engraved invitations has a new elegance to it- as well as the heirloom-creating appeal of keeping your invitation plates with your motif or monogram to pass down to your children. Of course, no need to go any further than Dempsey and Carroll for timeless, engraved elegance.
Dempsey and Carroll Engraved Invitations

There is something elegant, regal and understated about these pieces. Is it cute? No. Is it whimsical? Not necessarily. Yet, as weddings are becoming increasingly personal, it’s interesting to see timeless stationery becoming increasingly appealing: after all, who doesn’t want their love to be timeless.


  1. Occasions In Print
    June 18, 2013

    Trends are just that – trends. Can’t help but always be drawn to the classic and clean look of these letterpress wedding invitations. It would always be my choice.

  2. Heidi
    June 19, 2013

    There’s something timeless and inherently elegant about an understated look with simple, clean lines. It’s a quality that I don’t think will ever go out of style.

  3. HandMade Wedding Invitations
    June 21, 2013

    I really do love elegance and simplicity for my stationery, invitations and cards.. These are lovely designs.. the emboss details really makes a difference

  4. The Best Wedding Blogs of the Week | I WEDDING LOT
    June 22, 2013

    […] Though we love color, cut-outs, and ribbon, there is something about a clean, classic letterpress invitation that’s so pretty and timeless. —Always a Blogsmaid […]


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