Sweet Inspirations from Amy Atlas' Sweet Designs

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I am mildly afraid of sweets: a by-product of my fear of carbs, but what I am NOT is afraid of Gorgeousness!  And, while Amy Atlas’ new book “Sweet Designs: Bake it, Craft it, Style it” is CHOCK full o’ sweets and recipes bakers will fawn over, it’s more than anything choc full of inspiring ideas for any designer, baker or planner of parties large scale or small.  It’s desserts, but it’s more than desserts. It’s a book of ideas that will surely get your mind spinning.  It’s the PERFECT gift for a young mother embarking on planning her first birthday party, and a perfect gift to yourself if you love pretty things and love to take the simple and elevate it to the sublime.  I present to you, the table “Perfectly Preppy” as photographed by Johnny Miller.

So much to take in, and find inspiring!  The Pink and Blue color combo, the use of ties in the tabletop design, the fabulous mix of solids and stripes and subtle dots.  It’s just too much fun!  Of course, the book then goes on to offer all the recipes for the cake, cupcakes, the delicious cups of moose (the ribbon is used to affix little spoons to the glass cups!), the truffles and cookies (called Pocket Squares!).  It teaches you how to make the Argyle backdrop, the “Tie” tied favor boxes.. the works!  Amazing!

But, this next table LITERALLY took my breath away:  Forever Chanel.

What to say? Again, I’m not much of a baker, but I DO love amazing tabletop, and I saw this and thought: “Oh My Goodness, why hadn’t I ever thought of that before!?  “Chanel” tweed as a table linen, wrapping flower containers in the same “family” of fabrics as the line.. GIANT bow around the table!   And of course, Amy walks you through every dessert, display and detail.

I LOVE this book. I also just love Amy, and her personality and warmth shines through the pages of this gorgeous book.  At $28,(on special right now for only $17) it’s a must add to your library.  You can buy it at Amazon now, or at your local bookstore.  Or, better yet, buy yourself a copy and a friend a copy…. you will both have a lot of fun with it, I’m sure!


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