Finalist #8: 57 Grand Bridesmaid Dress Giveaway

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We are ALMOST there Ladies!!! #8 is a double header!  I love it… especially the 2nd one.  And I now MUST get those Seychelles shoes.  If this dress can’t be worn again, what can?

Hello my name is Ann and the top three reasons I would like to win are:

1. My #1 goal in choosing a bridesmaid dress was for it to be rewearable
2. My bridesmaids are awesome and to be able to give them their dresses would be amazing and they deserve it!
3. I am making the jewelry and hair pieces for my maids and would be so excited to have the 57 Grand dresses as a jumping off point.

Our wedding is completely homespun with tons of personal touches from growing sunflowers for bouquets and writing own ceremony to screen printing our invitations.  We are having an outdoor wedding in a California beach town on July 31, 2010 with guests traveling from NYC, Chicago, Maine and Seattle.  The colors and textures of the California coastline (and the grey summertime fog) have influenced the theme of my wedding and inspiration boards!   Thank you!  -Ann


Finalist #7: 57 Grand Bridesmaid Dress Contest

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I LOVE this board… Because I love the coat.  It’s just so chic and cute. What do you gals think?   Here is her story:

I’m getting married in Charleston, SC on April 24, 2010 after a 2-year engagement. These past two years, I have spent combing through bridal magazine, bridal blogs, forums, Facebook pages, and even bridal TV shows to come with our wedding “look.” This helped me put together my own wedding inspiration board. However, it’s not just one board, it’s more like 10 powerpoint slides! I found myself being inspired by so many colors, objects, favors, shoes, dresses, everything! Since I have been so inspired, one of the hardest decisions was the bridesmaid dress. I have worn my share of bridesmaid dresses so I wanted the dress that mine would wear make them feel beautiful but also fun and flirty. Plus, I would love for them to wear the dresses again! I am in love the bridesmaid dresses from 57 Grand.  I especially fell hard for the Orchard dress in plum. This is a perfect twist on the little black dress but with color. I love it’s elegance and simplicity. I am a big fan of wearing understated clothes that you can jazz up with accessories. The accessories that you choose one day can be completely different from the next, transitioning the dress from day to day and even from day to night.

I would love to pair this classic dress with a mix of soft and edgy accessories.  For example, the necklace I choose has chunky hardware, but the ribbon softens the look into feminine statement piece. While the snake ring and earrings, and studded belt adds an unexpected hint of rock and roll. The clutch with the girly ruffles is the perfect size for all your going-out necessities, and the classic trenchcoat is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe! The look is completed with gray tights and a fun, whimsical cloth clip-on flower that can spice up any of your everyday pumps. I would love for my bridesmaids to have this dress so that they can re-wear the dress and accessorize it for many occasions. Whether it be paired with a cardigan for work, going out for drinks with the girls, or for a friend’s bridal shower, the simplicity and versatility of this dress should be a staple in everyone’s closet, especially my bridesmaids!

Thanks for your time and consideration. My fingers are crossed that I win!- Barb Wojslawowicz
57 Grand Giveaway_Inspiration Board_BWojsla

Finalist #4: 57 Grand Bridesmaid Giveaway

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Ladies, only one more day to get in your 57 Grand entries!!!  Today’s look is a chic, and sexy beach look!

My name is Crystal Kerr. I spent most my life in North Idaho amidst glorious mountains, stunning rivers, and breathtaking lakes. I now live in Southwestern Montana. Our wedding is going to consist of my sweetheart’s and my favorite colors: purple and blue. I say OUR because the both of us are very involved in the planning. I think this is unique because with most couples, the bride plays the primary role of wedding planner. We really want to have a fun and free wedding that truely reflects the two of us.  A big red barn, a candy “bar”, cheesecake, and diecast Subarus as our cake topper paints a colorful picture of our very different, but compatable, personalities. Living in the Inland Northwest, we don’t have much opportunity to see the ocean; but, I’ve always loved the idea of an elegant party on the beach. That is why I chose the dress and color scheme in my board. The long flowy nature of the York dress mixes so well with the soothing lap of waves against the shore. It gives it’s wearer the ability to look classy while still enjoying the freedom of a casual outfit, a style that I love.


Finalist #2: 57 Grand Bridesmaid Dress Giveaway

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Here is our 2nd Finalist in the 57 Grand Contest.  The winner will be chosen from this top 10!  Remember, the contest is still going on until this Friday! Today’s finalist is Beth from Dallas (I LOVE that there are so many cool readers not from NY! I love my NY readers, but it’s cool to hear from brides from far and near!)  I LOVE Beth’s boho style.

My name is Beth Anderson, and I’m in Dallas. I saw this contest, and HAD to enter. I have three fabulous bridesmaids, and I love that these styles are flattering on multiple figures! The one I chose in particular looks relaxed, comfortable, and absolutely lovely. Our wedding is in Dallas, at the Farmer’s Market. I hesitate to say laid back is the vibe, because I have visions of wife beaters and jorts, but yes, laid back. We’ve been saying all along that we’re throwing a party, and a wedding’s gonna break out. Thanks again!


57 Grand Giveaway Finalist

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And so it is FINALLY upon us!!! We begin to reveal the top 10 Finalists for the 57 Grand Bridesmaid Dress Giveaway… We’ve received TONS of responses from all across the country, but the gals at 57 Grand still want to see what other creative juices are out there and so we are EXTENDING the entry deadline until this coming Friday. Here, again are the rules. So pick a dress, hit up Polyvore and here is a last chance to knock our socks off!!!

You have some tough competition, starting with this adorable submission from Aileen of Seattle – who even planned for the Seattle weather with her cute umbrella! Check out what Aileen had to say and her inspiration board below. Congrats on making the Top 10!!!

Hi! Thank you so much for doing this contest. It would be so awesome if I could give my bridesmaids their dresses for free–they definitely deserve it!

My name is Aileen and I’m from Seattle. I am planning an outdoor wedding in late July, and my colors are pink and champagne. We are planning our wedding on the budget of two students, so we’ve been doing a lot of DIY projects (so far I’ve made: hair flower, cake topper, paper pinwheels to set around the tables, invitations/save-the-dates, and we’ll be doing the flowers ourselves too!). We’ve also been finding ways to do things cheaper. One example is, I’m planning on having my bridesmaids carry sandalwood fans with ribbons tied at the bottom instead of bouquets. I think it’s a super cute look and appropriate with an outdoor summer wedding. Since sandalwood fans are a tan color, my bridesmaids need a dress that the fans will pop against in pictures. The Riverside dress in fuchsia would be PERFECT. It’s adorable, the color is perfect, and best of all, it really is totally rewearable.

I purposely chose to do my inspiration board based around the actual dress I would put my bridesmaids in because it’s always easier to make a neutral colored dress rewearable, but some people might think fuchsia would be hard. I personally think the inspiration board I put together is adorable, and I could see my girls wearing it on a date, to church, or going shopping/out to lunch. I chose to accessorize the dress with pieces that I thought my girls would actually be able to afford (from stores where they actually shop), and I gave it a little Seattle flair with the umbrella and the yummy cupcake from Cupcake Royale.

Without further ado, here she is!