Lingerie Shower Contest Winner!

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A little delayed, but we HAVE a winner for our Agent Provocateur/ Always a Bridesmaid Lingerie Shower party!!!  In order to protect our dear, wonderful winner (because I’m sure she doesn’t need this to come up anytime anyone google’s her) I’m going to leave her identity out of this post and we will simply call her K.W.  Here is her story and you’ll see why it compelled us to select her as the winner of this sure to be fun little fete!:

I’m not sure where to begin with my ‘lingerie’ story. I guess the easiest way to explain my story is that it is tri-fold…

First, my lingerie past… My most recent ex-boyfriend (which is to say is about the only one that cared about lingerie) loved red lingerie. I by no means have a stock pile of it, but my fiancé hates red lingerie. Hates it, as in thinks it’s trashy (regardless of how nice it may be!). He’s more of a black or white kind of guy. So, there goes my former lingerie….
Which brings me to my current lingerie situation: T-shirts.  Not just any t-shirt, but the extra-large ones that you don’t want to get rid of for one reason or another… they have no use other than taking up space in your pajama drawer. As you can see from the visual aid below I have an affinity for my Georgia Bulldogs and root for them while I am both awake and asleep. Go Dawgs! This is what I look like every night when I go to sleep:
While I am discussing my ‘lingerie present’ let me also say that I am blessed, and cursed, by my figure. My mother kindly gave me genes for big boobs (34D) and a tiny waist. Now, while most people think this sounds awesome, I am so self conscious about my chest fitting into anything. I know that’s the point when wearing a sexy little number, but all those little red items from my ‘lingerie past’ are generally two piece items (to accommodate for my measurements), and it would be nice to have a few two piece items that have a little more ‘flair’ if you will. I know that Agent Provocateur specializes in flair!
I’ve covered my lingerie past & present, so now I must say a little about my (hopeful) lingerie future…My fiancé has this amazing ability to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. Most of it is due to a nagging health issue, but I am not kidding when I say that it is unnatural. He has been known to fall asleep in the middle of a crowded bar, at a friend’s dinner party, and unfortunately as soon as he lies down on the bed. So, if I have any hope of keeping him awake and, um…occupied, on our honeymoon I need some help! So, I’m asking both you & Agent Provocateur to graciously help me make my lingerie future secure!!

Anyone Up for a Lingerie Party?

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We are SO excited to announce an AWESOMELY fun opportunity for a lucky bride out there! After the success of our Fantasy Shower at the Morgan’s we wanted to give one of you ladies a chance to win a fancy pants shower of your own, or for the special bride in your life. Always a Bridesmaid and Agent Provocateur are putting together a little soiree for a lucky bride and 20 of her favorite girlfriends on June 10th at the SOHO Agent Provocateur store. We’re shutting this sexy shop down to throw you a party to remember! Champagne will abound, a very special sweet treat will be in store AND the AMAZING Mel Barlow will be on hand to document the event and, if you are up to it, maybe even get some sexy boudoir shots that you can share with your soon-to-be hubby. Because no one wants to be photographed half done, we’ll have a make up artist on site to treat you and the ladies.

What does this mean? Get ready for a great night with the girls while you get some very special treatment at Agent Provocateur including fittings and consultations. There will be a fabulous gift on hand for the bride courtesy AP, and, should you and your girls choose to do some shopping, a special discount for that one night only!

How do you Enter? This is open to Brides or Bridesmaids (to enter for their Bride friend).

Send us an email to with your name, the wedding date and location and a short essay about why you or the bride in your life needs a lingerie make-over! Maybe its for that sexy honeymoon. Maybe you still sleep in footy pajamas. Whatever the reason, let us know. Humor gets bonus points, but PHOTOS of your current sleep wear situation goes even further! Remember, don’t send us anything you wouldn’t want me to post :-)

Email your entries over to us by May 27th and we’ll post the winners on May 29th!  Get ready for a major Bra-tervention!


New York Fantasy Shower at The Morgans'

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This past Sunday, Always a Bridesmaid hosted a New York Fantasy Shower with Morgans’ Hotel in their AMAZING Penthouse. We wanted to host the event so that brides like you could have an afternoon to hang with the ladies in your wedding party, AND get some great ideas on how to make a bridal shower a little bit sleeker and just a wee bit sexier!

For starters, we picked a great theme: Naughty and Nice.  Inspired by Agent Provocateur (who provided the gift bags) We used a pink and black color scheme and ran with it.  To add to the decor, we wrapped “gifts” in the colors of the event- (hint, when hosting a shower, this is a great way to dress up the room!).  We had an awesome location…. the weather was amazing and the views were out of this world.  The Morgans’ provided lite bites via Asia de Cuba and Mark Joseph Cakes designed a cake around our theme that set the stage.  Elana and Julie of Melangerie did an OUTRAGEOUS job of creating a guestbook , favors and signage to make the whole thing seem a little more special.  For favors, they offered up a simple black scarf, but created these great display cards where it was either a “naughty” blindfold, or a very “nice” necktie.  The guestbook were little fortunes for what you’d like the bride and groom to do “in bed”.  Rather than use a paper plate hat, Anika from our team bought a cheapo Target sunhat and be-ribboned it (another simple upgrade).

We wanted to offer up some great activities/ ideas for activities, so we asked the Ladies from My Hair and Make Up to come and give make up lessons….. it’s a really fun way to do something a little different for a shower and they will come to your home to give a class.  We also asked Jessy of Fleurs to come and give floral lessons… she taught some great DIY lessons for bouquet making and more to the ladies in attendance (as well as providing the gorgeous blooms).  Here are some of the pics that Karen Mordechai took of the event!


Some of the amazing flowers AND the scenic terraces at the Morgans’ Penthouse.


No party is anything without great guests!  I was amazed to see how many great ladies came out on this gorgeous day to enjoy the party!  Here some of our guests sipping the great Pink Champagne cocktails, enjoying the terraces and grabbing up gift bags.  The ladies from Always a Bridesmaid and the Morgans’ Group were greeting guests while they enjoyed some of the tastes and treats of the shower.  For more pics of detail shots, guests and more from The Fantasy Shower, please visit our Facebook Page!


Your Invited to a New York Fantasy Shower……

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Mayra and I called this company Always a Bridesmaid because we were always bridesmaids in weddings trying to create a newer, cooler, bridal shower.  It’s a big event for a bride: you have a vision, but so little control!  So, this is our way for your to drop your bridesmaids A BIG HINT and have A LOT OF FUN!
We’re partnering with the Morgan’s Hotel to host the swankiest, most inspiring, Fantasy Shower a girl could dream of, and you’re invited!  Bring a bridesmaid and sip champagne on the terrace of the Penthouse Suite at the Morgan’s.  Get special treats from Agent Provocateur, awesome ideas for gifts and games from Melangerie, and learn how to create gorgeous, simple floral displays from Jessy Wolvek of Fleurs.  If you RSVP before April 13th with the Code BLOGSMAID, your entry is complimentary.  Register here.