How to Measure for Bridesmaids Dresses

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A while ago Mayra and I were obsessed with our new flip camera and made videos of EVERYTHING.. including this video on how to measure for bridesmaids dresses.  Mayra was going to be in a wedding and so we thought we’d educate by example (the main example being don’t wait until the last minute to do this). Actually, with so many great bridesmaids dresses available online, knowing how to measure yourself is probably even more useful now than ever before.

We made this video so long ago, actually, that not only were we both younger (and thinner) but I can’t even remember WHICH of Mayra’s friends was getting married that we were rush ordering her gown…. Enjoy!  And if you have any other “how to” topics that you’d like to see us tackle via video, please leave a comment!

Glamour Event – Hosted by AABNJ & BBF

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Don’t you think it’s about time you had a little GLAM in your life?

So excited to invite you to our Glamour Event, hosted by Always a Bridesmaid New Jersey & Bride’s Best Friends! Bride’s Best Friends is an adorable bridesmaid’s salon in Englewood, NJ with an incredible selection which includes dresses for mothers & flower girls. We are teaming up to offer you a lovely afternoon of fashion, cocktails, beauty and wedding planning rescue. Stop by next Saturday the 27th to enjoy amazing discounts on beautiful dresses & wedding consulting services. In true Glam style – treat yourself to a complimentary hair & make-up trial by none other than Model Bride. Oh wait, did I forget to mention there will also be trunk show from the lovely Liz Fields Bridesmaids Collection and a free raffle with sweet prizes? :)

Ladies, RSVP quickly on this one. Champagne and Mimosa’s on a Saturday afternoon. Love.

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Finalist #6: 57 Grand Bridesmaids Giveaway

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Um… Check out these shoes?  SOLD!  I love these friggin shoes.  You could pair the dress and the shoes with a burlap sac coat and it would still be awesome!  Plus, it uses yellow, so that’s just my bias…..

Hello ladies of Always a Bridesmaid and 57 Grand!
I am so excited about the opportunity to enter in this fantastic giveaway!  I am getting married September 18th north of Pittsburgh, PA at a 1920’s mansion.  We are having the ceremony in the sculpture garden among the trees, a swing band for the reception, and we are hoping that the day will have a very “classy Jazz-age dinner party” feel to it.  I think that the 57 Grand “Riverside” dress has the perfect demure, slightly-retro sensibility that would be the perfect complement to our wedding’s style, and, most importantly, I think it would look lovely on my ladies!  (P.S., I love the bow so much, that really, I want one for
myself!)  My bridesmaids live in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Albany, and London (UK!), and I am planning the wedding from Boston, where my fiance and I are in graduate school–as you can imagine, this has made bridesmaid dress shopping a challenge, so the fact we can order online with 57 Grand is a real lifesaver!
The outfit I made for the re-wear board is pretty versatile–you could wear it to Sunday brunch, on a date, or to a bridal shower, but I think it would be great to wear to work on a day that you’d want to look extra snazzy (hence the super adorable yellow wool laptop bag).  Other than the dress, of course, my main inspiration is the pair of Seychelles shoes that I have been pining over!  Plus, the outfit has a vintage charm to it that I think works well with the dress and with my obsession with finding extra cute things on Etsy.
Well, that’s about it, thanks for considering my board for this fantastic giveaway!  All the best,  Amanda


Finalist #5: 57 Grand Bridesmaid Dress Giveaway

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So, First, I have to apologize, because I totally dropped the ball on Friday’s finalist… which is funny, because it is personally one of my favorites.. I think I love the tights!

Hello ladies! My name is Maria Arbiol and I am a recently engaged bride-to-be who is beyond excited about planning my wedding! I’ve been planning events in Miami for 3 years now, and have helped so many other brides plan their perfect day…now it’s my turn!

I was born in Santiago, Chile, but grew up in Miami, Fl., which is where I met Luis. After 7 and a half years of being together, he finally proposed on Christmas Day! Our family and friends near and far are ready to celebrate, and the decision of where to get married is still in the works….should we do a modern cocktail reception with the ceremony in Miami and then fly to Chile for a romantic reception in a vineyard, or just make it a destination wedding in Santiago, July of 2011? We have a few details to finalize before announcing our choice, but regardless my bridesmaids need to look good wherever they are!

One of my fabulous bridesmaids, Carolina, helped me put together our inspiration board which is attached. Our vision was to take a beautiful 57 Grand bridesmaid dress from the wedding to a night out in South Beach.  This look could easily take you from dinner on a patio while watching the sunset to the coolest Miami lounge later on. Our outfit has vintage style accesories, a beautiful clutch, and some killer shoes to dance the night away!

My bridesmaids and I will be anxiously waiting to see if you choose our inspiration board…no matter what, I want to thank you for the ideas and inspirations you provide for all the brides-to-be! I can’t wait to share my dream day with you all…


Grand Bridesmaids Dresses

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I had off this weekend! But before I hung up my wedding planning hat for the weekend, I stopped by the showroom of 57 Grand to check out their stunning new bridesmaids dresses… and have a glass of wine!

If you haven’t heard of 57 Grand yet, let me tell you a bit about them: They are CHANGING THE GAME for shopping for Bridesmaids attire.  First and foremost, they are fashionable and well made, but simple enough to (YES, and I MEAN this) wear again.  I was there, I saw the dresses, they are well constructed, in stunning colors. There are silks, they are silk chiffons, they are grosgrain, they are fun. They feel like dresses you would want on your skin.


Secondly, they are extremely versatile. Many, many of the dresses are super simple with cool, personal accessory/ details that your maids’ can choose to add on (or not) Consider the strapless dress with the option to add on a single ruffle strap, or the adorable bow, OR two ruffle straps, or a belt!  They have coordinating pins and jackets. So your girls can look uniformed, but still like the unique individuals you know and love them to be.


Third, the shopping experience is FUN and unique! The dresses are sold primarily online (they do have a New York Showroom where I got the glass of wine :-) HOWEVER in an effort to take out the guesswork, you can order sample gowns to be shipped to you for $15 -you need to return the samples, obviously!  So you can send it to you MOH in Ohio or your sister in Atlanta.  Additionally, because we are all online, the site is built to chat about things with your maids! And after the wedding? The site gives ideas for re-wearing your dress OR helps you figure out how to donate the gown to operation prom.


Finally! The PRICE!  These dresses begin at $129 and go to about the $200 mark.  Not a bad price for such accessible gowns!

The site is now live, and I encourage you to check it out!  What a fun and stylish way to get the girls dressed at an affordable price.