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The most recent addition of Bride’s had a fantastic article on trends that are on the rise and fall in the world of weddings. This weekend, while I was at Meredith & Patrick’s FABULOUS wedding, it got me thinking: what have been the trends of this wedding season? We saw a lot of gorgeous weddings this year, either full service or day-of, and definitely picked up on things that seemed across the board. After work on Saturday, Mayra and I sat down for a drink and here are the things that we’ve noticed in ’09: (All pics from weddings that we planned in full or part and photo credits at the bottom of the post!)

1) Black was Back! It was the most popular color for bridesmaids’ dresses and for linens! We saw all sorts of chic and sexy Bridesmaids in black with colored bouquets to make them pop. And the same was true with table tops. trends8Lots of black linen to off set bright pink, or dramatic white or cool greens this spring, summer and fall!

2) Don’t let them eat cake. Everyone loves a gorgeous cake, right? Not really. While we’ve seen a ton of stunning cakes from Carlos’ Bakery, Ron Ben-Israel and Cheryl Kleinman this season, a lot of brides were simply eschewing cakes this season. It seemed especially true for brides who were having more cocktail-style receptions where they just didn’t think it was necessary.

2A) Cut the Cake? This year an unprecedented number of brides chose to do, what we call, a “quiet cake cutting”. This always results in a chuckle from the caterer we’re working with (“I didn’t know cake cutting was loud.” hahahaha) but all it means is that the couple DOESN’T want to pull the cake onto the dance floor and turn it into an activity. They just want their parents and the photographer to snap a shot of them with the cake and the knife and get BACK ON THE DANCEFLOOR!

3) Friends Officiating. Back in the day NYS didn’t recognize the Universal Life Ministry . It was really technically difficult to have a friend legally perform your ceremony. However, now the State of New York has gotten on board and TONS of couples are having their friends perform their services. It’s a lovely personal touch.

4) Headbands. If 2008 was the year o’ the Bird Cage Veil, 2009 is the year o’ the Headband! Gorgeous, pretty headbands in lieu of, or worn with a veil were amazing accessories this year.trends2

5) Think Pink. In a sophisticated, not Cheesy kind of way. Be it through lighting, or floral or dresses, PINK was the COLOR of weddings this summer.


6) Outdoor ceremonies. Never before have I stressed the weather so much and never before was the summer rainy-er, but this was the year of the outdoor ceremony. We’ve done more of them in parks, rooftops, seaside, gardens. It’s a stunning part of the day and, if this photo is an indicator, worth the risk of rain!trends5

7) Kids touching cakes. I SWEAR, we had SOOO many kids touch wedding cakes this year. Honestly, as a side note to parents, WATCH YOUR CHILDREN. It’s fun for them to laugh and play and run around, but touching the cake, not hygienic. Cute, but not hygienic. Anyway, makes for good photos.trends10

8 ) Small Weddings. This was the year that we worked on more small weddings than ever before. And we loved it. What initmate, warm and cozy affairs. I can tell based on my phone calls for next year, that this trend will be with us into 2010!trends6

9) Group Photos of guests! This actually started to crop up in Fall of ’08, but more and more people are trying to or hoping for a full shot of all of their guests. It’s a great thing to have. It’s a challenge for your photographer, but a FABULOUS keepsake of this special day. I suspect this is a growing trend.


10) The photo Backdrop. The old fashioned photo booth was THE THING of ’08, but this year, the photo backdrop where guests can shoot themselves with either props or just goofing off. Guests LOVE them and I think this is a trend on the RISE!

In order, photos taken by 5 West Studios, Lina Jiang Photography, 4eyesphotography, Roey Yohai, Lina Jiang Photography, Robert Wagner, Roey Yohai, (I’m so sorry to tell you this, but the photographer for Dario & Ayesiah was a good friend of theirs, and only Mayra has his URL/ Info) so the group shot and the cake are currently uncredited until I get to the office or she texts me back :-), Elisabeth Millay photography.

Do-It-Yourself Dresses!

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Hey everyone, I’m Carly and I’m an intern (and absolutely loving it!) at Always a Bridesmaid for the summer! Xochitl sent me a link to this great website, Coco Myles, and I had to blog about it because its so incredible! There, you can design your own unique celebrity-inspired gown in seconds. Sound to good to be true? Take a look at how easy it is to play around with the designs and colors. It is so easy to mix and match, and a visual representation of the gown you’re creating pops up instantly! And so does the price, so you’re never mislead! (image by Onewed)green_dress

Virtually any sort of dress is possible, making it easy to create a bridal gown or bridesmaids’ dresses (at an affordable cost as well!) (image by Onewed):


The best part? All the styles are celebrity-inspired! Take a look at these “knock-offs” that can make you look just as stunning as Halle Berry or Eva Longoria Parker!




from What’s Haute Magazine and Style.

So many styles are on this website, you must take a look for yourself! Here are some other beautiful celebrities who have inspired Coco Myles!



Image sources in order: SITV, Celebrity Wedding Buzz, and Bridalbuzz.




Bridesmaid Revisited

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I love hearing stories about how people started their businesses, but this one might be a favorite. As a bridesmaid for her friend’s wedding, Jessica Ciarla didn’t want them to wear just anything, so designed bridesmaids dresses for the wedding party. Each one  flattering the individual girl who wore the dress.  Her friend’s wedding was then featured in Brides New York and the calls rolled in and, next thing you know, CiarlaBride was born!  The dresses themselves are lovely and they solve the eternal challenge of something uniform that fits each lady.  Not only are these flattering to multiple figures, they express multiple personalities.  Her classic line is featured below, as well as some of the colors and belt options.  She also launched an Alice line, that’s a little edgier, and you can check a couple of them out here as well.


Bridesmaid Advice

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The Q: Hello, I’m in serious trouble.  I’ve been looking for bridesmaids dresses for months and I can’t find anything within budget that fits my “theme” and would look good on my attendants.  I’m wearing a Pronovias gown called “Silencio” which is trumpet shaped beaded lace.  I want something with a bit of a spanish/vintage undertone.  I like netting underneath the dress, like the look of boleros.  I’d like a dress in a very deep pink or scarlet.  Most of my attendants are pear-shaped.  Can you please help?  My wedding is in September and I have 6 bridesmaids in 5 states, so it will take a while to get organized and in order.  Many thanks for ANY ideas.

The A:
Hi!  I understand your dilemma! Finding the right bridesmaids’ dress can be super challenging, especially when you sort of have something in mind.  I think I would guide you AGAINST Bolero jackets for the girls, because I think that might, when they are all standing together, look a little bit more like a costume than just an accessory.  Since you have some pair shaped maids, stay away from imitating your trumpet dress style. And, since lace can get busy, what about using a waist accent of lace.
I liked these two dresses, both available in either color that you had in Mind. One is a dress from Dessy that I think captures the glamorous look that you are trying to capture, but is flattering to a pear. Dessy6532 The other is a two tone gown, also available in the colors you wanted. I liked this because the darker bottom creates a comfort zone for  the girl.  This is from Alfred Angelo. 6555_primary
I hope that some of this helps!

What They Did Right: Max and Mara

I had asked Elisabeth Millay for a few more pics from this awesome wedding, but I’m impatient and couldn’t wait to share this with you! There are more photos (and more to come) that are up on our Facebook Fan Page.   SOO, Max and Mara got married this past weekend at The Bowery Hotel.  Several months ago, I got an email from Mara, who I’ve known since my days as a young lass back at Brown.  We shared many, many classes together (including one where someone presented a dead animal to the professor, but, whatever. Neither here nor there) and I had worked on some theater stuff with her then boyfriend, now fiance, Max.  Max and Mara were planning a wedding, needed some invitations, some vendor recs, and wanted to see if Always a Bridesmaid could help managing the day.  Of course, we were more than happy to oblige!
It was such a pleasure because Max and Mara are such a stylish couple who don’t sweat the small stuff and they did so MANY, simple, awesome things right, I’m excited to share.  They started by picking awesome invites from Paper + Cup and took the color scheme and ran with it: Pinks and Yellows.  Mara had her bridesmaids were dresses in Pinks and Golds and the look really came together- espeically with the great accessories the bridesmaids wore.  She herself found a Diane von Furstenburg dress and replaced the black waistband with a pale pink one. The look was stylish, but effortlessly elegant.
Max is a filmmaker and Mara has a PhD in Visual Culture, so in leiu of traditional escort cards, they bought postcards of artwork and old movie posters.  The thoughtful couple tried to match cards with guest personalities.  We displayed them on these CB2 photo trees.  When it came to flowers, the only thing they really wanted (and splurged on) were these overflowing cherry blossom arrangements for the ceremony. They were a true presence at the ceremony.  When it came to personal flowers, the bride and groom didn’t get hung up in the details and were able to save some money that way.  They trusted their florist (Adal at Floristry) and gave him  a color scheme and over all idea (composite pieces for their family style meal- moveable if guests needed to pass things) and the result was gorgeous.  Finally, as a favor, Mara’s mom found these Pashminas for $2 each and we placed them on the chairbacks in alternating pinks and yellow and blacks.  They enhanced the decor of the room AND the guests had a blast wearing them.
Maxmara2 The dinner was rich with toasts from loved ones and later, we moved onto dancing.  A segue orchestrated by the amazing 1/2 scale Pinatas one of the bridesmaids created and shipped from LA. They were made in the likeness of the bride and groom circa the year they met – 1996!
It was a joy to have been part of such an awesome celebration AND I couldn’t have been happier with Elisabeth Millay. She’s always such a joy to work with and these photos look amazing!