Sneak Peaks!

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Two sneak peaks! The first are the fabulous Robert Wagner’s first images from the wedding we planned on Ellis Island this past weekend!  More coming on his blog! I can’t wait to tell you more about this awesome day. The first pic is the bride and groom in Battery Park after their Ring Exchange ceremony, the second is their Hindu ceremony and the third is what 380 people dancing up a storm at Ellis Island looks like.


Then, I wanted to give you a look at the new Bride’s New York Magazine!


We were so excited that Elisabeth Millay‘s pics of our clients, Max and Mara were chosen as a Real Wedding feature.  We were so excited that we bought, like 5 copies at Duane Reade when we saw it on the stands. And then the girl at the counter said “You realize that these are all the SAME magazine?” and I said “Yes, we’re in it.” and she said “Where?” and then I realized I didn’t have an answer so Mayra picked up our magazines and we left…. Anyway, The issue is an amazing issue with tons of tips on contemporary invitation etiquette, negotiating New York prices and WHY weddings cost so much here.


What They Did Right: Robyn and Jermaine

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First of all, I love my job. I really do. People sometimes ask me if I get tired of talking about weddings, but I enjoy it and I really love when I get to talk to friends about their weddings. So I was THRILLED when last summer I got a facebook message from my college friend Robyn telling me about her engagement. I told her to call me and, during a cross-town cab ride she told me a bit about her soon-to-be hubby Jermaine and I tossed out some referrals and some ideas. And then she was off to plan her awesome day! From the beginning Robyn and Jermaine knew they wanted a small, intimate affair and their dream was to have it Brooklyn AND to be married outside at the Botanical Gardens. They knew they were on a budget, and wanted to make some smart choices. The result was a stunning, thoughtful, Brooklyn brunch celebration whose images absolutely moved me! One of the best suggestions I made (patting myself on the back here) was to hire Elisabeth Millay, who was just the perfect person to capture this intimate celebration. I’m so excited to post this! I love seeing gorgeous weddings, but it’s even nicer when they are weddings of someone that I just adore.

The couple had a morning ceremony in the Botanical Gardens one week before the Cherry Blossom festival. I think they made a BRILLIANT move by selecting such a stunning location and what a great investment in the harpist- elegant, live music for such an intimate affair. The locaton gave them a great backdrop for photos. Their 40 guests then made their way to Frankie’s Spuntino on Court Street where they took over the stable and gardens for their brunch. The bride and groom rented a classic car, which not only gave them a great photo op, but gave them some alone time too! The bride selected a fitting springtime color palette that added a lot of life to the event. thoughtfully tied up pashminas for her guests as gifts as well as a traditional black cake- a Guyanese tradition. Their more traditional wedding cake was baked by Made In Heavenand their lovely flowers were done by Jenny Bayley . She selected delightful letterpress place cards that added an additional element to the table as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did. Many, many blessings to Robyn and Jermaine, who are just too adorable for words and THANKS to Elisabeth for sending these over.robyn_and_jermaine

Victoria & Julio Group Shot

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What happens when you have an early Catholic ceremony…and a long gap before your reception? Well, Victoria and Julio wanted to do one group shot in Central Park. When they told me about it, I LOVED the idea. They had a small enough group that it was perfectly manageable. The park was also close enough not to be annoying, but far enough to eat up some of our gap time.

So after the ceremony we headed to Central Park. Let me set it up for you. The weather was even better than we expected and was borderline hot, which was new for this year. Also, while I often wear flats at weddings, this day I decided to get fancy and wear heels, and I forgot to pack my trusty back-up pair of gold flip-flops. Oh, did I also forget to mention that while I was fluffing her dress as she headed down the aisle, one of my dress buttons popped off? Yeah, now you know why I am going to bootcamp!

So after the ceremony we all headed to Central Park. The walk was lovely, and despite some high heels and high heat, people kept up their good spirits!  Victoria and Julio lead the pack with huge smiles.


I was toward the end of the walking line. Officially, I was there to make sure no one stayed behind, and so that the photographer would know when we were all there, but honestly I just can’t walk that fast in heels. Some of the female guests also had similar problems, so we kept each other company at the back of the line!

Now, wasn’t this worth the walk?! Here is the group shot captured by the wonderful Elisabeth Millay!


What They Did Right: Victoria & Julio Part 2

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Here are more gorgeous pics from Victoria and Julio’s beautiful wedding. I loved the sparklers at the end (in theory… in practice, it was terrifying…. all that drinking and then open flame?! I was frankly a little scared. But in the end it was magical to see all these grown ups so excited about sparklers!!!). As I mentioned yesterday, many of Victoria’s relatives wore elegant hats – very traditional wedding attire in England- well, by the end of the night, guests from all parts of the world were modeling the chapeaus! The bride baked the traditional cake herself!!!!
The reception was at the Harold Pratt Mansion (holds 80 very comfortably and can go up to 150) and Gracious Thyme catered the affair. Verde handled the floral and the stunning photos were taken by Elisabeth Millay (check out her blog!!)victoria_juliopart2

A Wee Bit More Max + Mara

I just wanted to give you a better look at their dapper wedding party, and of course, the life like Pinatas! Thanks again to Elisabeth Millay, who sent these over in a jiffy and ALL the pics (if you are really into wedding porn, as I like to call it) are on the Facebook page.