Rebecca & Trevor: Parker Meridien Reception

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the transformation of a ceremony space at Le Parker Meridien. I thought I would follow up with showing you the entire wonderful event!

When we began the planning process, the couple was sure that they wanted to keep this all in a hotel. The reason? Most of their guests were coming in from out of town and they wanted people to be able to bump into each other in the hotel. We approached it as a destination wedding, only in our own city! This meant that we took great efforts to ensure that guests felt welcome. We spent a great amount of time designing guest gift bags that they received when they arrived on site. We also prepared lists of activities and places that the couple loved to do in the city and had these distributed to guests.

Rebecca & Trevor loved the penthouse ballroom, but were not as sold on the layout. They hated the chairs and didn’t like the feel of the round tables.  They also were not sure how their color scheme would look in the room.


Since we had a smaller guest count, we choose to stick to long tables in a horseshoe shape. This would ensure that everyone felt close to the dance floor and close to the action. Rebecca also the place to feel light and airy, without going all white, so we opted for a light grey/silver color with purple/eggplant accents and florals. This gave her the color that she wanted, while still keeping things light and airy. We brought in rental chairs, charger plates (that the bride fell in love with at my office), and upgraded her china and champagne flutes to make the table setting a little more interesting.


Rebecca wanted a little height in the floral arrangements, but was afraid that large tall arrangements would steal the thunder of the view (the reason that they loved the place in the first place!). Jessy from Fleurs created a floral design that gave us some height, but also have us tons of color throughout the long tables in the colors that Rebecca loved. LOVED the cool silver containers!

Reception2The lovely couple on top of the world. What beats these views?


Rebecca & Trevor: Parker Meridien Ceremony

I was going through some past emails today and I came across an email from a client who walked down the aisle earlier this year. It made me miss her! From the first day that Rebecca & Trevor walked through our door, I was in love with them. They wanted something small and romantic, and since most of his family was going to be traveling from England they also wanted it to be in a hotel to make it easier for people.

After looking through a few venues we decided on the Parker Meridien.  They fell in love with the small and intimate ballroom…with killer views! Rebecca’s one hesitation was the room used for ceremonies. The bright orange curtains, industrial style chairs, and bright lighting scared her a bit. She wanted the room to feel soft and romantic, but still have a clean and simple look. I assured her that we could achieve that!


Although their color palette was grey and purple, we decided to keep the ceremony different and go all white. Lighting, rental chairs, and fabulous florals by Jessy at Fleurs,  helped transform the corporate ballroom into the romantic setting the bride had imagined.


My favorite detail were the mercury lanterns hanging from the white draping. It created the light and romantic candlelight effect that the bride wanted without using open flame, which the venue didn’t allow. Oh, the wonders of LED lights!

ceremony4Thanks to Robert Wagner for these wonderful photos!

What They Did Right: Lisha and Jessy

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Last month, on seemingly the only gorgeous Saturday in June, our dear friends  Lisha and Jessy (of Fleurs)  tied the knot under a tent on Fire Island. The irony of having a Saturday off and going to a wedding didn’t escape us, but with Mayra’s boyfriend in tow, we boarded the Ferry excited to be guests!!! I may have made mention of the fact that Mayra and I are The WORST WEDDING GUESTS EVER…. literally, we are always JUST on time, we usually are writing our cards out WHILE sitting at our table. Once we were out buying outfits to wear just HOURS before the event…. For some reason, when it’s time to look cheerful and not fade into the background, we have brain farts.  Anyway, I’d love to say it was different it this case, but that morning was a cluster@#k to the ferry!

Jessy and Lisha are the kind of couple that makes you excited about love and it was apparent that their friends all felt the same way. The event was held at a private home of a friend in The Pines, with cocktails around a stunning pool and the ceremony and dancing in a gorgeous tented deck set against the ocean. The drinks were flowing, the company was wonderful and we were so excited to celebrate their love!
So, if you were ever wondering, this is what a florists’ wedding looks like, this is it! They turned the tent into something stunning by adding gorgeous draping, a floral chandelier and lovely lanterns. The filled the pool with tons of peonies and roses and selected a stunning contrasting color scheme of Aqua and Red. It was beachy, but sophisticated. The food was a lovely buffet of their favorite foods and guests mingled over mojitos! Jessy wore a gorgeous vintage gown and Lisha wore Armani.  The very lovely and talented Angela Jimenez took these stunning photos! jessy

Congratulations to the wonderful couple!!!

New York Fantasy Shower at The Morgans'

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This past Sunday, Always a Bridesmaid hosted a New York Fantasy Shower with Morgans’ Hotel in their AMAZING Penthouse. We wanted to host the event so that brides like you could have an afternoon to hang with the ladies in your wedding party, AND get some great ideas on how to make a bridal shower a little bit sleeker and just a wee bit sexier!

For starters, we picked a great theme: Naughty and Nice.  Inspired by Agent Provocateur (who provided the gift bags) We used a pink and black color scheme and ran with it.  To add to the decor, we wrapped “gifts” in the colors of the event- (hint, when hosting a shower, this is a great way to dress up the room!).  We had an awesome location…. the weather was amazing and the views were out of this world.  The Morgans’ provided lite bites via Asia de Cuba and Mark Joseph Cakes designed a cake around our theme that set the stage.  Elana and Julie of Melangerie did an OUTRAGEOUS job of creating a guestbook , favors and signage to make the whole thing seem a little more special.  For favors, they offered up a simple black scarf, but created these great display cards where it was either a “naughty” blindfold, or a very “nice” necktie.  The guestbook were little fortunes for what you’d like the bride and groom to do “in bed”.  Rather than use a paper plate hat, Anika from our team bought a cheapo Target sunhat and be-ribboned it (another simple upgrade).

We wanted to offer up some great activities/ ideas for activities, so we asked the Ladies from My Hair and Make Up to come and give make up lessons….. it’s a really fun way to do something a little different for a shower and they will come to your home to give a class.  We also asked Jessy of Fleurs to come and give floral lessons… she taught some great DIY lessons for bouquet making and more to the ladies in attendance (as well as providing the gorgeous blooms).  Here are some of the pics that Karen Mordechai took of the event!


Some of the amazing flowers AND the scenic terraces at the Morgans’ Penthouse.


No party is anything without great guests!  I was amazed to see how many great ladies came out on this gorgeous day to enjoy the party!  Here some of our guests sipping the great Pink Champagne cocktails, enjoying the terraces and grabbing up gift bags.  The ladies from Always a Bridesmaid and the Morgans’ Group were greeting guests while they enjoyed some of the tastes and treats of the shower.  For more pics of detail shots, guests and more from The Fantasy Shower, please visit our Facebook Page!


My New Roomie

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Without boring you all about TOO many details about our lives, I wanted to share some quick photos from our wedding this past Saturday at the Pegasus Suites at the Rainbow Room.   I sort of loved this space and was thrilled with what Jodi from Christian Oth Studios did with the photos. Sharing a couple of pics from Saturday (literally, just a couple)

It was an eventful weekend.  It started on Friday.  Mayra’s boyfriend has been doing a stint working in London for the last year and had been visiting for the last couple of weeks.  Me, being so nice :-), told her to start a little later at our wedding the next day since the rest of our team had Sam’s big day under control.  Anyways, I shared a quick farewell drink with the happy couple and our friends and hit the hay while Mayra and the BF hit the town.  They got home a little late, tired and ready to go to sleep only to find Mayra’s roommate and her boyfriend in Mayra’s bed, well, in a compromising position.  Taken aback, to say the least, Mayra, BF and their suitcases hit the road.  Only no one was awake to take them in, so I arrived at the office on Saturday morning to find them making our less than comfortable office a little home!

To be totally honest, the sleeping in the bed, while gross, was really the last drop off water in an  already full glass of a bad living situation, so I was unsurprised when Mayra and BF announced that, well, Mayra would be living with me until she found something new. Thus we have been officially thrust into the Heavy Weight Competition of "Weirdest People Ever".  I literally can say now that, while very happy to have her, I spend nearly every waking moment with Mayra.  And since we often can’t help but talk about work, I speak about weddings and Sarah Palin more than it’s probably healthy for any one person to. Here, my couch surfing buddy/ roommate/ business partner.

Anyways, I have to say thanks to our amazing team on Saturday, which included Jessy from Fleurs NY and her staff and the wonderful people at the Rainbow Room.