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I am so enamored by Ketubahs and have been since my very first  encounter. For those of you who may not be familiar, a Ketubah is essentially a marriage contract between a husband and wife – a tradition among Hebrew marriages dating back to ancient times. Typically the document outlines various responsibilities of both the bride and groom and formalizes the groom’s commitment to protect and take care of his wife, though more modern Ketubahs may reference equal rights and protection for both the husband and wife.

While many conjure images and thoughts of the familiar prenuptial agreement – and while there are a few similarities, the two documents do not run parallel. Quite the opposite of a classic pre-nup – which is typically not so pretty to look at much less display in your home, more often than not Ketubahs are beautiful hand written documents which are very often looked upon as works of art. In fact, it is not uncommon for a Ketubah to become an heirloom and be passed down to future generations. However, those who wish to partake in this long standing tradition may wish to tailor the process and design, and even the text of the standard Ketubah.

Ketubah Ketubah – now,  is an online gallery that features over 750 fine art limited edition Ketubahs and offers a wide variety of themes, texts and many other customization options.  A big fan of the road less traveled, I love the fact that gives couples the tools and options to tailor a Ketubah to their personal aesthetic, budget and religious preference. It is becoming more and more common for even those not of the Jewish faith to partake in the Ketubah tradition.

In celebration of Ketubah Ketubah’s re-branding to, this company which has provided more than 45,000 Ketubahs since its inception 14 years ago, will be giving away one Ketubah a week for the next 14 weeks, effective immediately. The 14 winners will be able to choose from 200 hundred Signature Collection Ketubahs up to a retail cost of $350. With prices starting at $100 this is an amazing giveaway that reaches much deeper than the usual freebie.

To enter and for more information, please visit: If you’d like to keep up with the contest – winners will be announced every Wednesday on’s Facebook page through the close of the giveaway on August 18th.

In the interim, here is just a small sampling of these stunning documents…


And yes, thanks to this post I am 100% sure that I will be compelled to type the work Ketubah at random on pretty much any document I create for the foreseeable future.  But it is absolutely worth it if one of our fantastic Blogsmaid followers walks away with one of their very own.



Nina Shoes Giveaway! Fashion + Footwear = Fabulous

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Girls, get your thinking caps on STAT!

Let’s cut to the chase – it’s about shoes, it’s about fashion and being fabulous 24/7! Nina Shoes & Always a Bridesmaid are giving you the opportunity to win not only 1, but 2 pairs of shoes! Not sure if you have checked out the Nina Shoes site, but if you have not – you must. If you have, swing by again! So many beautiful shoes and not enough feet :( … Not sure about you, but anytime I see a great pair of shoes, I instantly begin to think (daydream) about the multitude of outfits the shoe would work with. But actually, I’m really thinking about what outfits would work with the shoe. Yep, more often that not it’s about building from the bottom up.

So here’s the 411 – Nina Shoes has a huge selection of drop dead gorgeous footwear. In fact, if you have a shoe fetish you may need supervision when visiting the site. They have a great selection of bridal footwear, but also fabulous selection of shoes for any other time of the day or night that you want to look and feel like a hottie. This doesn’t automatically have to mean heels girls, many a chic outfit has been rocked with a pair of great flats. If you love shoes, styling, or just like playing with inspiration boards – this contest is for you!

It’s simple – Visit the Nina Shoes site, pick a pair that inspires you, and go nuts! Build an inspiration board designed around your chosen shoe. Would you pair the shoe with an outfit for a fun and flirty daytime date or a swank weeknight hotspot? And of course – who can resist the perfect shoe for the perfect night out with the girls. Hmm…



PAPINA_LIGHT-MOCA_large1. Select your shoe from Nina Shoes

2. Style your outfit – whatever it takes, whatever moves you. Mix and match a pair of heels with a sundress, a barely there dress, the perfect jean and to die for top, you get the idea. Let us know how how you would wear your Nina Shoe. Accessorize as needed, gotta love a great bag, the perfect bracelet – maybe a scarf? The sky’s the limit. Do what you gotta do ladies, just make it fabulous and remember – free shoes are at stake!

3. Build that board – we love for the ultimate in inspiration board building. Don’t forget, your board must have an image of your favorite Nina shoe along with your other goodies.

4. Send it over – your inspiration board should be submitted in jpg format and should include the website and name of each item on the board. Email entries to

*Please also send us your name, where you are from and where you would wear your wonderful creation.

The contest starts TODAY and will run through Thursday, April 8th. You have 3 weeks so get that outfit together!


1st Place: 2 pairs of free shoes

2nd Place: 1 pair of free shoes

3rd Place: 50% off a pair of shoes

Here’s a sample Polyvore board from our lovely Mayra… but just remember your boards are all about the shoes :)

57jpegYAY! Free Shoes!!

57 Grand Bridesmaids Dress Give Away!

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I have been BURSTING at the seams to share this giveaway with you brides out there!  Mayra and I have both been bridesmaids tons of times… I mean, that’s why we named our company Always a Bridesmaid.

Let’s face facts Brides, sometimes being a bridesmaid is a thankless task.  They have a lot of grunt work to do (stuffing envelopes), a lot of prepping (shower planning) and a LOT of expense (travel, dress, shoes, lodging, and more).  All for the privilege of wearing a dress that they over-payed for.   I mean no one wants to see their girlfriends blow a bundle on dresses they can’t re-wear or that they won’t look stylish and lovely in. Wouldn’t you love it if you could GIFT the girls you love with gorgeous dresses?

Well, now you can because we are teaming up with 57 Grand for a fabulous Bridesmaid Dress Giveaway!  You can enter to win THREE (3) FREE Bridesmaids dresses of your choice from the 57 Grand Collection!  Imagine if you win:  Then, not only would you be a beautiful bride surrounded by gorgeously chic bridesmaids, BUT you would also get points for being a heroine protecting their fashion sense and dollars!

57 Grand offers a collection of beautiful, modern dresses meant to be re-worn and reasonable ($200 or less) and sold on an VERY easy to use website.  And, like me, these dresses are native New Yorkers- the collection is designed and manufactured here in NYC and each dress is named and inspired by a New York City street.  And trust me, they have NYC Attitude… in a GOOD WAY!  With over 4o colors and fabrics you and the girls will have a variety to pick from. Waverly---ShamrockMulberry---NavyRiverside---FuchsiaBeekman---Grape-Juice

So how can you go about winning this FABULOUS prize??? You are going to help us show just how Re-Wearable 57 Grand dresses are by creating an inspired, fashion infused Bridesmaids Dress Re-Wear Inspiration Board.  Take the 57 Grand Dress of your choice, pair it with shoes, bag and accessories of your choice to create a NEW, non-wedding look for the dress.   We will be taking our top 10 Re-Wear boards and posting them here on Always a Blogsmaid.  The top Re-Wear boards will be featured on the 57 Grand website in their “Re-Wear” Section and the creator of the absolute favorite will not only be a part of the 57 Grand Site, but will also be able to select their favorite dress (in any size or color) for 3 of  their bridesmaids.


For full details on how to enter as well as an ENTIRE gallery of ALL of the 57 Grand dresses that you can possibly use, please visit . We want your most inspired creations, so we are going to give you a while to work on this!  We are closing the contest on January 29th, 2010 and we will begin to post the best boards on February 1.

So watch some Project Runway, bust out the new Vogue and take some time while you are on your holiday vacation to get your style inspiration on! I can’t wait to see some great boards AND most of all to make some happy bridesmaids out there!

Name Change Express Giveaway!

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So, I don’t know how many of you out there are considering changing your name, but let me tell you that it is NOT an easy task!

First you have to decide WHAT you are doing with your name. Are you taking his last name? Are you hyphenating? Are you making a new last name that is a hybrid of your two last names…. something that can be a challenge to do well, to say the least.  And then there is getting the word out there.

I have a past clientfriend (that’s what they are called, btw, once the wedding is over- Clientfriends) who months later still needs to end every email with “Please Note my new last name….” and that’s just inter-office.  There is the DMV, passport office, bills, and more.

All the reason to consider using a name-change service.  They make it easy and tend to gather and consolidate all of your information giving, and sending into one convenient place…. well at least that is what Name Change Express does. And as a plus, they don’t require you to submit tons of personal information online, minimizing exposure to your identity. NameChangeIcon200

So, we are giving away 2 Name Change Express packages worth $30 each.  Simply leave a comment below, and the person who leaves the 10th comment will automatically win one of the packages.  The 2nd package will go to the commenter with the most unique hybrid name of your first and last names (whether you intend on using it or not… you know I’m always open to a good joke!)   I’m going to keep this contest open until Friday… so you can ponder what new and ridiculous last name you can create together over Turkey day.  Or you can just try and leave the 10th comment. Please don’t comment more than once ladies!namechangepostcard

Trash the Dress!

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Hi Ladies, Nasilele Photography is giving away a couple of Trash the Dress sessions for some of you fast acting readers out there.  If any of you want to take up on a day of photos and frivolity, shoot her an email at   Here is some of her lovely work.

Her wedding rates are pretty reasonable as well, for those of you who are on the hunt!