Couture Itineraries with Sonar Travel

With all of this wedding planning, are you having a hard time planning your honeymoon? Just trying to sneak away for a weekend to relax from the stress of planning…or maybe just stress?

For all of you that know exactly where you want to go, but just don’t know what to do once you get there, then Sonar Travel is for you! In a nutshell, they  create detailed travel itineraries based on your preferences and budget. You then take the suggestions and book on your own. This saves you the time researching destinations, where to go, what to do etc.

Love rolling green hills and wine tasting? No worries, as Sonar has all of the info you need for both Italy and the Napa Valley. Click here to see a sample itinerary of the Napa Valley! Don’t get too excited, it’s got fictitious locations, but it will give you an idea of what you would receive!

Napa Valley travel ideas by Sonar TravelItalian Honeymoon ideas by Sonar Travel                      

Since they want to steer you towards the best activities for you personally, they currently only offer cities that they have explored and know like the back of their hand. So no outdated information!  That means a lot to me, as I usually select activities based on random web reviews and Trip Advisor recommendations from people that don’t really sound like they like the same type of stuff I do. It gets tricky, and why waste time when you are on your dream vacay? Make sure you are hitting all the right spots. And doesn’t Monaco seem like the right spot?!

Monaco Travel Ideas by Sonar Travel.   Lastly, Sonar Travel is all about transparency. Even these photos are photos they have taken! No fancy photographer needed to show you how amazing these places really are. So you can be sure that they aren’t sending you to a restaurant simply because they are getting a cut from the place (side-eye to the hotel concierge who had me eating questionable fare on a recent vacation).  Nice IF

In addition to your itinerary, you will receive a custom map with all of you activities on it so that you can find your way. You also get documents to help you with local culture and customs, transportation and important things to take care of before you go. Is this the type of thing that you do for yourself when you travel? I didn’t think so, If it is, then do you want to be my friend and travel with me? :)

IFThe truth is that I have taken so many vacations and only worried about getting myself there, and been a little lost upon arrival. Why not invest the money to make sure you maximize your experience?

Check out Sonar Travel if this sounds up your alley! Bon Voyage!

Blush of Summer

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So, I may have mentioned having had the opportunity to visit Grand Cayman earlier this month as I attended Engage 10, a summit for luxury wedding vendors.  Obviously, with that tag line it had to have  a great schwag bag.  One of the items we received has turned out to be a new staple for me: the Smashbox O-Glow intuitive cheek color (aka, blush)

OglowI find in the sticky summer (or on your beachy honeymoon) I have about goose egg desire to wear heavy make up and have it melt off but I also have no desire to not look adorable.  I think this O-Glow may have completed my summer make up routine and I’m pretty excited to share.

Basically, it’s a clear gel that, through the magic of chemistry, tints your cheeks the color that you would blush naturally.  And it’s true! I somehow have the exact look of having been given a flattering compliment or caught doing something embarrassing. It’s as light as Bene-tint, only without the fear or “overdoing” it and going “clown”.

I personally am pairing this with Chanel’s Eclat Lumiere highlighting face pen in lieu of foundation and some mascara (and some sunscreen).  So far, so good. It’s 88 and humid today and I think it’s working!  Worth a trip to Sephora to check it out as a Honeymoon must have.

NJ Bed & Breakfast Spotlight: The Southern Mansion

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When I think of Bed and Breakfasts in New Jersey, I instantly think of Cape May. Nestled between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape May is New Jersey’s “queen of seaside resorts” and is renowned for it’s many charming Bed and Breakfast Inns.

Built in 1860, The Southern Mansion is the largest, premier luxury Cape May B&B. The Southern Mansion has it all… rich in history, architecture and with award-winning gardens, it provides the ideal backdrop for a romantic weekend getaway.



The Southern Mansion is also perfectly situated with only a 5-minute walk to the best beaches, shops and restaurants in Cape May’s historic district. I was instantly captivated by the grandiose suites. The King Premier Suite is 700 square feet with 15′ high ceilings. This bi-level suite boasts an artfully decorated downstairs living room, large private bathroom and a large soaking tub – always a crowd pleaser. If antiques are your passion, you will love this B&B…each room is accented with old armoires, classic paintings and has an unmistakable Victorian vibe.

main-ballroom1-300x199king deluxePicture4Picture3

And of course a Bed & Breakfast pre-req… a full gourmet breakfast and afternoon tea (hm, crumpets?). Rates for this beach-side beauty are of course higher in the summer and availability is slim, but if you are looking for gourmet food, luxurious amenities and the utmost privacy, The Southern Mansion is sure to suit your needs (& wants) quite well.



Honeymoon Hideaway: TC Villas – Turks & Caicos

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Yesterday I found myself reminiscing about honeymoon days gone by when I realized I had never let the cat out of the bag. I truly adored the spot we choose and thus decided it was a “must blog”!

Not exactly sure why, but I left the task of researching honeymoon spots solely to my fiancee – though of course, I retained full veto power. Needless to say, he was wonderful! We discussed our likes and dislikes, strong and weak points of our vacations past, must haves, don’t minds and of course budget. I also had to breakdown the whole hurricane season thing to him but that went over pretty smoothly. He pretty much left no stone unturned given our search criteria, and came up with… TC Villas on the Providenciales Island of Turks and Caicos.

Though a few of our friends had visited T&C and shared rave reviews, we were initially hesitant since we wanted something very private and more low key than an all inclusive resort or mass occupancy hotel. We also did not want a bed and breakfast,  so we decided to go the private property route. Best decision ever, we LOVED it! First of all, I am a gal who likes options – and TC Villas has MANY. All the properties are owned by one family and the business is run by Henry Moog and his daughter Shandon. They actually live in Atlanta (love it) but have assembled a stellar team to manage their properties on the island.

There are over 25 free standing villas ranging from cozy and adorable one bedroom cottages to palatial seven bedroom estates. For your HM, you may opt for a 1 or 2 bedroom property, but you would be hard pressed not to make a return visit with friends for a getaway in one of the larger villas. Even though some of the pics you will see below resemble grand 5 star hotels, they are all TC Villas properties – all private & all yours. From the moment we walked through the doors, we literally felt like we were home – just with nicer appliances ;-).

Our villa was extremely clean and well kept. The decor of the many properties vary – some are sleek and modern, while others have a more beachy and rustic vibe,  but all with unmistakable charm and comfort. Most offer private swimming pools and many are just steps away from the absolutely breathtaking turquoise waters of the Caribbean. TC Villas has a great website with awesome pics and is chock full of info on booking, amenities, helpful island hints and nearby restaurants and activities!


Ahh… Calgon, puleez take me away!



ps – if you are thinking of keeping it a little closer to home, believe it or not there are actually a few really cool places to have a staycation honeymoon in our very own New Jersey. Hang tight, we’ll get to those soon!

Wedding Web Roundup 3

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While seemingly, ALL I do is write about weddings and work on weddings and go to weddings, I’m ALWAYS so surprised when I find something wedding related that I didn’t know…. though, they say, only a fool thinks that there isn’t more to know.  So, all of this is to say that I had NEVER been on the Man Registry before!  I feel embarrassed because we guest blogged on the Savvy Scoop blog. He has like a mazillion twitter followers, so clearly I’m slow on the uptake about this site, which in addition to providing wedding advice to grooms, has a registry feature for the man in your life (electronics, etc).  Additionally, a portion of the sites proceeds goes to “Save the TaTas”…. I love irreverent breast jokes!

Speaking of registries, this week the Hyatt announced a Hyatt Registry!  Often I work with clients who have been living together for years, OR, just already have a tons o’ stuff.  This Hyatt registry was DESIGNED for just this kind of couple.  Like a Honeymoon registry, you can use this to design amazing travel experiences together including hotel stays, scuba diving, spa treatments, etc. at ANY of the Hyatt properties around the world!  Amazing. (Also the site includes one of the most amazingly romantic and practical lines of copy “Start your registry. Collect memories from experiences that will last a lifetime.” Sign me up!)photo_lg_seychelles

If you are trying to figure out where that Honeymoon or Destination Wedding should be, you will love this next link.  OneWed has just launched a slew of features for Honeymoon and Destination wedding planning. They’ve partnered with Sandal’s, iExplore and Weather Channel to create a fantastic home base to explore and plan your fantasy trip!