Introducing… Kendra Scott's Color Bar

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Check out this ingenious invention! Jewelry designer Kendra Scott has come up with a fabulous invention called the “Color Bar” on her website. The Color Bar allows brides to design their own pieces in color arrangements they prefer!  These beautiful pieces would also be great for bridesmaids & mothers – who wouldn’t love custom jewelry!

The Color Bar is extremely easy to use. First, you can select your jewelry silhouette from the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the screen.


After you choose from one of the many earring designs, you can then have fun and choose different stone combinations by easily dragging and dropping the swatches onto your silhouette.


What’s nice is that you can see the cost of your piece as you design it. You can also share your designs with friends and family!


Considering what you can create, the levels of customization and ease of the process this is a great little find at a potentially great price. By the way, fun and addicting is an understatement! I literally spent hours designing a few different pieces for some summer parties I have coming up! You can see some of my designs, and some of Kendra’s suggested designs below!




I hope to see this become a growing trend. Maybe necklaces and rings next Kendra?



Borrowed Bling

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Yet another awesome “wedding related” company/service that I plan to add to my 2010 must-do list. Adorn Brides is a great company with a great concept, perhaps you have heard of them or even read about them here on the Blogsmaid ?? They specialize in jewelry rental for weddings and other special events. Actually, let me rephrase that – special jewelry for any event.

The process is simple, the prices are reasonable, and the product is stunning. I’ve pulled a few pics below of my favorites but there are many more options to peruse. Its a very organized system and all pieces come fully insured so yes, please feel free to party like a rock star. As long as the pieces you desire are available on the date of your event, you can borrow beautiful jewels for your special day. Whether it’s the perfect bracelet to compliment your grandmother’s antique earrings, a jaw-dropping statement necklace or a simple, delicate diamond pendant, Adorn Brides has you covered. Not only do they offer single pieces but they also have jewelry sets which are perfect for those of us who want to take the guess work out of it but still want to make sure we look put together and fabulous!

Great options for bridesmaids too! If you want your girls to have the same look, why not go the rental route to be sure they will all be looking pristine in their identical or complimentary jewels. Have a lot of ladies to tend to? No worries…discounts on orders for multiple bridesmaid sets :).

Check out these beauties below…

Sapphire & Diamond Jewelry Set

Brighton Wedding Jewelry Set


Rental Price: $1,050 (Retail Value: $51,000.00)

Princess Bridal Jewelry Set

Denton Bridal Jewelry Set


Rental Price: $590 (Retail Value: $22,850.00)

Vintage Diamond Jewelry Set

Waverly Bridal Jewelry Set


Rental Price: $590 (Retail Value: $22,000.00)

Classic Pearl Jewelry Set

Fairford Pearl Jewelry Set


Rental Price: $440 (Retail Value: $20,800.oo)

Diamond Chandelier Necklace

Lockwood Necklace


Rental Price: $490 (Retail Value: $24,000.00)

Fancy Yellow Diamond Necklace

Crestwood Necklace


Rental Price: $1,900.00 (Retail Value: $17,500.00)

Pearl Diamond Bracelet

Riley Bracelet

Rental Price: $290 (Retail Value: $10,000.00)


Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Chadwick Bracelet


Rental Price: $490 (Retail Value: $21,000.00)

AND, the lovely crew at Adorn Brides are hooking up our readers once again…style savvy Always a Blogsmaid readers please use the code 20FSBLOG to receive 20% off AND free shipping, for all orders placed before January 31st 2010. Budget friendly beauties!!



Hazel & Harlow Giveaway

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Thus far this holiday season, I’ve purchased 4 gifts for others and probably 5 gifts for myself.  I have an addition to jewelry and accessories, so this time of year- with everything all sparkly and pretty, it’s challenging to say to myself “Just walk away Xochitl… Just. Walk. Away.”  And I do… most of the time.

So with the spirit of giving to yourself (and to others) in mind, I am pleased to announce a Hazel & Harlow Giveaway!  On Monday the 21st, we will be gifting this stunning Hazel and Harlow Love Bird pendant away to one lucky reader.


From the hazel & harlow signature collection; absolutely stunning design, completely deco, completely unique! These precious love birds have been hand crafted, hand carved in 24K gold vermeil over sterling silver, with both white and green topaz stones to create a beautiful and romantic piece of jewelry.    The Pendant is hung from 18″ 24K gold vermeil chain.  Who wouldn’t want this??

How can you win? First, check out the Hazel & Harlow collection. (only the Hazel & Harlow colleciton, not the entire site).

Note which piece would make the PERFECT gift for someone special in your wedding party (or for you!) and why.  Then, come back here and leave us a note in the comments section about a) who you would give the Love Bird pendant to and why and b) what piece you would want for yourself and why?  Please link to any pieces in the collection.  As you know, with all contests on Always a Blogsmaid, humor is of the utmost importance, but sentiment goes a long way too.  The winner will receive this amazing Love Bird pendent….

And if you happen to see something you simply CAN’T wait for while you are on there- Hazel & Harlow are offering 30% off of the ENTIRE SITE (not just the Hazel & Harlow Collection- using Checkout Code Brides09.  If want to get the inside scoop on how to get deals on the other pieces, you can sign up for the Hazel & Harlow Facebook page, where they announce special offers, promos and sales.

We’re announcing winners on Monday!!!!

Bridesmaid Baubles

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As I was flipping through the latest issue of New Jersey Bride the other day, I stumbled upon a fun article about bridesmaid’s gifts. I know I was truly tortured by this decision when I was in the bridal driver’s seat, so I am now forever on the hunt for fun, cute, slightly functional but also meaningful gifts – always up for a good challenge! Seriously, it’s a tough gift to give since you really want to get your gals something special, but you also may not want that to be the reason you completely blow your budget. That is why I think this idea is genius and so chic. Cocktail rings for your ladies-in-waiting! You can select different rings based on your friends’ personalities and style- classic, conservative, bold, funky, etc., or you can select the same ring for all the ladies in a style and color that you feel would compliment their wedding day wardrobe. Love it! To top it all off, many of these beautiful baubles would look fab with a pair of jeans and your favorite T or tank – the possibilities are endless…

Check out the selection below, hopefully this will inspire you to begin your own hunt. By sheer coincidence (I SWEAR!), by best friend is getting married in May (@ the Liberty House in New Jersey-LOVE). I have a feeling this post will be making it’s way into her inbox any minute now. :)

Banana Republic Jeweled Flower Ring $35

Banana Republic Jeweled Ring Flower Ring $35 – Banana Republic

Kate Spade Damask Ring $145 comes in 2 different colors

Kate Spade Damask Ring $145 Comes in 2 different colors – Nordstroms

Kate Spade Marmalade Mushroom $145

Kate Spade Marmalade Mushroom Ring $145 – Nordstroms

Kate Spade Park Avenue Ring $125

Kate Spade Park Avenue Ring $125 – Nordstroms

Marc by Marc Jacobs Owl Ring $88

Marc by Marc Jacobs Owl Ring $88 – Nordstroms

Brielle's Designer Style Cocktail Ring $92

Brielle’s Designer Style Cocktail Ring $92 – Emitations

Calliope's Faux Pearl Cocktail Ring $75

Calliope’s Faux Pearl Cocktail Ring $75 – Emitations

Illuminada's Dome Cocktail Ring $315

Illuminada’s Dome Cocktail Ring $315 – Emitations

Cara Accessories Cyrstal Ring $75

Cara Accessories Crystal Ring $75

Rachelle's Bow Cocktail Ring $149

Rachelle’s Bow Cocktail Ring $149

Rici's Curved Cocktail Ring in Rose Gold $189

Rici’s Curved Cocktail Ring in Rose Gold $189

Tabithas Tear Drop Canaray Ring $85

Tabitha’s Tear Drop Canary Ring $85

Raine's Stimulated Aquamarine Ring $159

Raine’s Stimulated Aquamarine Ring $159

I Heart Hazel & Harlow

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a good, quality jewelry post, which I absolutely love for bridesmaids gifts or as funky accessories for brides on their wedding day or at their rehearsal dinner. So I was excited to get the heads up on Hazel & Harlow!  This lovely company hand carves all of the designs and they are all made out of sterling silver or 24K Gold vermeil. AND I love the price point- $25-250 per piece. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.