Flattering Moi!?

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I feel compelled to write about bras and panties every few weeks, so with that in mind, all the buzz amongst brides lately has been over the Flattering Me collection of long line bras! If you have ever had to deal with a low back/ backless gown or a strapless bra in general, you know that they are beyond a pain.  This gets kicked up a notch when dealing with taming the girls in your bridal gown, especially if you are wearing a silk, silk satin or think weight net gown where the boning and start and finish of the corset tends to show through the dress.  Apparently (and I will soon investigate this in person) the Flattering me has managed to eliminate ALL of these issues, while keeping you tucked in, lifted up and not pulling on your dress all night long. Moreover, it goes up to a size F in the cup and is carried in standard and Petite sizes.

In other great news for the bigger busted out there, I got an email about a new line of lingerie for C, D and UP Cups called Good Night Gilda.  They are all vintage inspired and cater to the “buxom” girl…. They are really QUITE vintage inspired, reminding me a bit of granny’s “bullet bras” , but those had fabulous support, so I think they must work.  Interestingly, the founder describes herself as a former D cup, leaving me to sit around and uncomfortably wonder about a total strangers boobs and if and how she changed bra sizes… No matter.  They are fun!

Speaking of vintage, I have been just going GAGA over turbans!  I just love them. I have been pondering their fabulousness for several months and waiting for the right moment to wear one, when lo and behold in the latest InStyle I saw that Jennifer Behr (of wedding headband fame) is now making Turbans.  Vanessa Hudgens rocks a couple of her designs while styled as a dead ringer for young Bianca Jagger.  If you don’t feel like forking over $118 for a turban, get a scarf and watch this adorable video on how to tie your own.  I will never listen to this song without wanting to start turban tying again!  If you aren’t sure how this look can translate into wedding, think 20’s vs. 70’s and check out this look from a Ralph Lauren runway show about a year back.


Is Donna Kicking Spanx Butt?

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A strange and unusual part of my job is that I see a lot of girls in their undergarments…. And outside of the locker room/ dressing room scenarios.  But on the wedding day, as we help brides get into dresses, or run to the restroom or change into that second ensemble, we are privvy to the “inside information”.  This occurred to me when this morning, I ran out to buy a pair of Spanx and thought, ACTUALLY… Why don’t I try those new Donna Karen Body Slimmers?  I couldn’t figure out what put that thought in my head EXCEPT that I realized that so, so, so many of my brides this year seemed to have chosen Donna Karen over Spanx on the day of their lives when all eyes were on them.

Now that Spanx has stepped onto DKNY turf by makes literally everything in “slimmer” .. (even the cleverly named Bod-a-Bing! Pant)bodabingpant I suppose it’s only fair that Donna Karen is jumping into the “body slimming” space.    And, frankly, a dozen of my brides can’t be wrong!  So, I started perusing what she offered and my favorite are her thongs! After having lived in a 4th floor walk up for 5 years, my issue is NOT my rear, but I do have tummy trouble, and I was thrilled to see her “power panties” and thongs that pay attention to that front area.  676008dknShe of course also has “Spanx” style thigh shapers and camisoles, among some other things.  And they aren’t hideous.   Nearly hysterical to me is the official “language” from the brand: “DKNY captures the fast-paced, cosmopolitan spirit of New York. It’s not just lingerie. It’s a lifestyle.”   Great.  These aren’t hiding my stomach and slimming my thighs, they are doing so in style!

With the prices practically neck in neck, I’m wondering if Donna Karen might start kicking some Spanx butt?  Have any of you

Personalized Panky

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So, my little walk from Union Square to Print Icon this morning KEEPS yielding blog worthy topics!  I passed Journelle on 17th street and saw this amazing offer for Hanky Pankies.  As you know, I LOVE me some HankyPanky panties. (is it gross that I just used the P word… sorry). I’ve blogged about them, my clients have talked to me about their love of them. Ladies Love Hanky Pankies (LLHP?). SO, how do you top yourself when you are already the most comfortable, un-seeable undie on earth? Well, you go to Journelle in Union Square and you offer them up PERSONALIZED!  I love this! So fun, and yet, really comfortable and, of course, chez sexy!

If you aren’t in NY, FRET NOT! Journelle orders online shopping.


Personally Intimate

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First, let me just say that we had the Lingerie Shower for Kerri last week at Agent Provocateur and it was a RIOT!  I won’t say more, because pictures are forthcoming, but I will say that it opened my eyes to how COOL instore shower events can be.

Obviously, you’ve probably figured out that I’m mildly obsessed with lingerie… I think it’s something that we really does make you feel better, more confident and blah blah blah.  So, I was intrigued when I heard about eloveintimates.  Started by Jenny Dombrowski, who loved lingerie and grew tired of corporate America, this site and retail shop allow you to customize your lingerie pieces with fabrics and mix and match designs.  If you are in Chicago, where they are based, you can have a Design It Yourself Lingerie Shower at home for up to 20 of your lady friends. There is no cost to host the event, but you can pick various silhouettes and fabrics and in 3 weeks, your custom made lingerie is shipped right to you!  Pretty impressive ladies!!!! I’d like to design my own panties. (BTW, you can’t even IMAGINE the filthy spam comments these lingerie posts atttract…after I typed the p word, I just started to think about my spam filter…). Here are just a couple  of their adorable offerings, check the site for the full line:

blue dotPant-Green

Lingerie Shower Contest Winner!

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A little delayed, but we HAVE a winner for our Agent Provocateur/ Always a Bridesmaid Lingerie Shower party!!!  In order to protect our dear, wonderful winner (because I’m sure she doesn’t need this to come up anytime anyone google’s her) I’m going to leave her identity out of this post and we will simply call her K.W.  Here is her story and you’ll see why it compelled us to select her as the winner of this sure to be fun little fete!:

I’m not sure where to begin with my ‘lingerie’ story. I guess the easiest way to explain my story is that it is tri-fold…

First, my lingerie past… My most recent ex-boyfriend (which is to say is about the only one that cared about lingerie) loved red lingerie. I by no means have a stock pile of it, but my fiancé hates red lingerie. Hates it, as in thinks it’s trashy (regardless of how nice it may be!). He’s more of a black or white kind of guy. So, there goes my former lingerie….
Which brings me to my current lingerie situation: T-shirts.  Not just any t-shirt, but the extra-large ones that you don’t want to get rid of for one reason or another… they have no use other than taking up space in your pajama drawer. As you can see from the visual aid below I have an affinity for my Georgia Bulldogs and root for them while I am both awake and asleep. Go Dawgs! This is what I look like every night when I go to sleep:
While I am discussing my ‘lingerie present’ let me also say that I am blessed, and cursed, by my figure. My mother kindly gave me genes for big boobs (34D) and a tiny waist. Now, while most people think this sounds awesome, I am so self conscious about my chest fitting into anything. I know that’s the point when wearing a sexy little number, but all those little red items from my ‘lingerie past’ are generally two piece items (to accommodate for my measurements), and it would be nice to have a few two piece items that have a little more ‘flair’ if you will. I know that Agent Provocateur specializes in flair!
I’ve covered my lingerie past & present, so now I must say a little about my (hopeful) lingerie future…My fiancé has this amazing ability to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. Most of it is due to a nagging health issue, but I am not kidding when I say that it is unnatural. He has been known to fall asleep in the middle of a crowded bar, at a friend’s dinner party, and unfortunately as soon as he lies down on the bed. So, if I have any hope of keeping him awake and, um…occupied, on our honeymoon I need some help! So, I’m asking both you & Agent Provocateur to graciously help me make my lingerie future secure!!