What They Did Right: Rachel & Noah at the Metropolitan Building

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I have been sleeping on photos of Rachel and Noah’s wedding because for the last few months we’ve known that they were going to make their debut on the Bride’s Guide by Darcy Miller over at the Martha Stewart Website.  Anyway, now that they’ve officially been posted, I can share with you what was one of my FAVORITE weddings last year!  What did they do right?  Well, I think establish a really clear vision, find a venue that went with that vision and ROLL with it..  I should say that Rae and Noah (who recently opened Mile End in Brooklyn) both have very clear sense of style in their day to day life, which made translating that into wedding all the more simple.  Here are a couple of pics that weren’t included in the Martha Stewart piece, please visit their site for more.Thanks to Dave Robbins for these amazing photos.  The floral was done by Saipua, Rossi of The Raging Skillet handled the catering and the venue was the 2nd floor of the Metropolitan Building.



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We did a site visit to Wave Hill on Friday and as I was wandering through the gift shop (in search of the Restrooms- so much traffic!!!) I saw these adorable Eggling Favors.  Crack them like an egg and a little plant grows in each one.  Only after we got back to the office did I realize that Martha Stewart had them in her latest issue as a favor at her featured wedding.  They are totally adorable and bring something a little green into the world when your wedding is over!



Marvelous Martha (and Delightful Darcy!)

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I often feel like I have a blessed little life (the stresses of owning a small business keep me feeling alive:-) but yesterday was just BEYOND. One of those FANTASY days where just really cool stuff happens. From start to finish, a great day.  This post I’ll limit to the fabulous Martha Stewart.

Really early in the A.M., we went to the taping of the Martha Stewart Show in the morning, which was tons o’ fun. We were able to sit right up front, and Joey, the warm up guy, was so much more fun than he even appears on TV.  Actually, one of the personal highlights for me was the MUSIC that they played before the show started and during breaks.  I don’t know what I was expecting to hear at Martha Stewart, but it wasn’t Rihanna, Usher’s Love in the Club or T.I., all of which were played.  I can’t help but dance to dance music, so Mayra had to remind me that we weren’t at Ellen, we were at Martha. 

So, onto the Wedding Nitty Gritty.  So much of this is featured in the new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, but seeing Darcy really go through the ideas was so great.  They had a lot of VERY easy, and economical ideas.  As well as some fun favors.  Darcy Miller, who we got to met after the show, really does know her stuff and couldn’t be sweeter. 

Here are some of my favorites.  I thought that this cake was a fantastic idea.  Ribbon like this can be bound on any simple Fondant cake as a great cost-saver in lieu of pricey piping.  The photo is a great touch, and this was printed on a simple HP printer. Ribbon like this can be found at Tinsel Trading
Mwd104142_fal08_photo_cake_xl_2Speaking of reasonable cakes, the guest yesterday was actually Emeril Lagasse.  I’m not an Emeril-phile, but I do love his Italian salad dressing (OMG, it’s delicious) but he was a great guest.  It was his birthday and as a surprise they brought out this golf themed Rice Crispy Treat Cake.  I thought this concept would make for a FABULOUS groom’s cake!  First of all, it is so reasonably priced, but also, it offers a totally different flavor from your typical cake.  This one is a golf theme. (Photo courtesy Anders Krusberg/The Martha Stewart Show)

My favorite idea, because it was both cute and subtle, were these photo embellished Hershey Kiss favors.  We’ve given out kisses before, but never with this little photo detail, which I loved.  Directions for how to can be found on the Martha Stewart Weddings site.

All in all a totally awesome experience.  Here is a shot of Martha and Darcy and the favor cake that graces the cover (how to can be found in the magazine) and (fingers crossed) we should be posting some more photos of us at the show a little later today. 

Set your TIVO: Martha Wedding Episode

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So, I’m extremely excited because I will be a live studio audience member for tomorrows Martha Stewart show (In NY, 10AM here on NBC).  But, don’t TIVO to catch a glimpse of us in the audience, TIVO for Darcy Miller going over all the latest wedding ideas and trends as featured in the latest Martha Stewart Weddings.  She’ll showcase a lot of the great DIY tips as well.   

This will probably be, I don’t know, part 3 of my Martha, Martha, Martha saga.  I just can’t get enough of her……  I will have be posting a "tell-all" of the experience.