Vendor Love

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While helping couples plan their wedding day we are often asked, “Who would you hire?” The truth is that who you should hire depends on who your personal style, personality, and budget. However for me, the choices were simple. Let me tell you about who I hired and why…

1. Hair & Make-up- When it came to this, I knew that the choice for me was simple. The ladies at My Hair and Make-up have been a part of the A.a.B family since we started our business over 9 years ago. They have seen us through 3 offices, bad relationships, and career highlights. Because of this, having them do my hair is  like having your cousin dolling you up. I knew that the most important thing for me was to look good, but also feel calm. So, the choice was simple. Also, they knew me well enough to know that “natural” meant Latina natural, which is not that natural at all:) So we spent the morning jamming to WBLS on the radio and laughing while we beautified. It was exactly the morning I had hoped for.

Mariachi- My family is REALLY Mexican. That means that they thought that 4 person mariachis were a joke. My mother wanted a 7 piece band to play for the ceremony and throughout cocktails and dinner. I thought 7 pieces were a bit much for a 35 person wedding. We settled on 5 players for ceremony and cocktails. A bit unsettled by the casual style of a few of the mariachis I spoke to, I knew I could turn to Gretchen at Elan Artists to find me the perfect (and reliable) mariachi. They showed up on time, learned all of my special requests, and sounded amazing!

Yummy Food!  I am spoiled in that I get to live in a city AND work on weddings with amazing food and wine. I had a meal at a wedding (a hamachi sushi course) that made my heart sing and I declared then that Creative Edge was the best caterer in town! Through the years, they have been able to perfect my diverse clients special menus, while make them all equally awesome. So the choice was simple. Carla worked with us on creating a menu that was yummy, but simple enough for our some of our less adventurous family members palettes. Walker who works on so many weddings with us was as amazing as always and helped us get everything right. My family raved at the food…and here I thought they would be upset that it wasn’t Mexican food!

Dancing in the Streets (or at Creative Edge)- For years I have been singing the praises of DV JVC. We first met Jimmy years ago when we first started our business. We were working on a Day-of client at the time who had hired Jimmy. It was one of those days of work that didn’t feel like work. Xochitl and I danced and sang along to his fantastic music. Over the years he has worked on many weddings with us. No matter how specific the couple’s music tastes have been, he has always been able to nail it. So when it came time to choosing someone, there was really no choice. I have seen so many people micro-manage a DJ, but the truth is that you should give a little direction so that they understand what you want, and then let them do their thing! Xochitl had the music conversation for me and told him to play like it was a club…10 years ago. While not playing Rhianna or Katy Perry might not be for everyone, it was exactly what our crowd needed. Let me just say, HE HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!! Guests came up to me DURING the party to rave. He gave us the perfect soundtrack for a great time! Amazing!!!

All photographs by Heather Waraksa Photography & Dave Robbins Photography  In case you missed it, you can see the FULL wedding on Style Me Pretty here and here.

In an effort to not bore you I will follow up with Part 2 tomorrow!

My Hair and Makeup

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So, I’m back! It seemed like the worlds longest move (especially if you follow me on Twitter), but I am in the new place and have already had my first house guest! It is HEAVEN and I got a new mattress. And did I mention that I basically only moved down the street? Imagine if I actually had to go somewhere far what kind of production that would be!

We were so excited to open up the Daily News today and see our good friends Debbie and Claudia at My Hair and Makeup in the paper with their adorable selves. This sister duo and their glam squad come to you on the wedding day and descend on you with their beautification skills and also, they provide me with my eyelash extensions :=) Here’s the article and here’s a link to their site if you are shopping around for hair and makeup pros!My hair and makeup 4

Lucious Lashes

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You can file this one under “what will they think of next”, but I have to tell  you that my new, favorite “Must Have” wedding related beauty treatment are eyelash extensions!  I know, I  know, how over the top can you get…… but seriously, they are absolutely amazing.  I saw my friends from My Hair and Makeup months ago and noticed Claudia and Debbie had the most AMAZING lashes. They were absolutely captivating!  Because I live to blog about these things, I set up an appointment to try it out.  Two hours later, I was out the door and  I was HOOKED. For six weeks, I was complimented again and again on my eyes, and I pretty much ran out of the house without make up, because, well, who needs makeup when you have AMAZING eye lashes!!!! (Mayra called them RIDICULOUS eye lashes, but WHO CARES what Mayra thinks).  Eventually they all fell out, like your regular eye lashes would- they are bonded to your real lashes with surgical glue, and for about a week I went around with my puny, normal, human lashes.  Then, in a panic, I realized that my college reunion was coming up and I could NOT show up without my super lashes.  Here is the before.

eyesbeforeAnd here is the after!

afterWOW, right?!  Anyway, I think it’s a great way to add a little something to your look and it will last through the honeymoon and into the weeks when you are back in the office (at least after all that excitement is over, you can take comfort in the lash envy your co-workers will feel).  Mention the blog post when you call My Hair and Makeup and the ladies will give you 10% off your lashes! As for my reunion, A BLAST!  I literally partied like it was 1999.  Rah, Rah Brunonia!!! Here’s a pic of the lashes in action with my friend Cathryn at out 10 year tent- btw, those seem to be her real lashes…. not fair. :-)


New York Fantasy Shower at The Morgans'

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This past Sunday, Always a Bridesmaid hosted a New York Fantasy Shower with Morgans’ Hotel in their AMAZING Penthouse. We wanted to host the event so that brides like you could have an afternoon to hang with the ladies in your wedding party, AND get some great ideas on how to make a bridal shower a little bit sleeker and just a wee bit sexier!

For starters, we picked a great theme: Naughty and Nice.  Inspired by Agent Provocateur (who provided the gift bags) We used a pink and black color scheme and ran with it.  To add to the decor, we wrapped “gifts” in the colors of the event- (hint, when hosting a shower, this is a great way to dress up the room!).  We had an awesome location…. the weather was amazing and the views were out of this world.  The Morgans’ provided lite bites via Asia de Cuba and Mark Joseph Cakes designed a cake around our theme that set the stage.  Elana and Julie of Melangerie did an OUTRAGEOUS job of creating a guestbook , favors and signage to make the whole thing seem a little more special.  For favors, they offered up a simple black scarf, but created these great display cards where it was either a “naughty” blindfold, or a very “nice” necktie.  The guestbook were little fortunes for what you’d like the bride and groom to do “in bed”.  Rather than use a paper plate hat, Anika from our team bought a cheapo Target sunhat and be-ribboned it (another simple upgrade).

We wanted to offer up some great activities/ ideas for activities, so we asked the Ladies from My Hair and Make Up to come and give make up lessons….. it’s a really fun way to do something a little different for a shower and they will come to your home to give a class.  We also asked Jessy of Fleurs to come and give floral lessons… she taught some great DIY lessons for bouquet making and more to the ladies in attendance (as well as providing the gorgeous blooms).  Here are some of the pics that Karen Mordechai took of the event!


Some of the amazing flowers AND the scenic terraces at the Morgans’ Penthouse.


No party is anything without great guests!  I was amazed to see how many great ladies came out on this gorgeous day to enjoy the party!  Here some of our guests sipping the great Pink Champagne cocktails, enjoying the terraces and grabbing up gift bags.  The ladies from Always a Bridesmaid and the Morgans’ Group were greeting guests while they enjoyed some of the tastes and treats of the shower.  For more pics of detail shots, guests and more from The Fantasy Shower, please visit our Facebook Page!


Modest Bacheloretes

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The Q: I’m planning a bachelorete party for my sister and I’m totally at a loss for what to do.  My sister does not drink at all and she’s not at all into the stripper thing.  However, her bridal party is made up of my other sisters and cousins, who are a hard partying crowd.  I Know  can’t do the usual girls’ night out, running around town and drinking thing, but at the same time, I don’t want to do something so serene that  the other girls are bored.  Any suggestions at all would be super appreciated!

The A: That is a quandry.  First, you should know that bachelorete parties are NOT mandatory, though it is nice to get the gals together without the formalities of a shower.  That said, you need to remember that the most important guest is your sister, so while you want everyone to have fun, it’s mainly about what you think your sister would like.  Does that mean that you need to do pottery painting or something like that? No, not at all. But I think you should consider the degree to which you accomodate your more wild family members.  But enough with the scolding, how about I give you some real suggestions?

My first thought is to do something home based, with an activity around it. This way you can create a comfortable setting for the drinkers and non-drinkers a like.  Why not have someone come in and teach a cooking class?  THat’s a great treat for a new bride to be and everyone else will get a kick out of it.  The DJ Chef services the Northeast and looks like a ton of fun.
Bachparties Or, how about a make-up class from a make up artist.  The woman at My Hair and Makeup can come to your home here in the NY area and teach 6 or 8 women at a time all the tricks of the trade.

I think the best tip is to come up with an activity that has a class leader, this way it gives room to showcase your personalities, but it isn’t centered around an activity (like drinking or clubbing) that your sister wouldn’t be comfortable with.  Best of luck!